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  1. You should think about replacing your 4w with a 3H. At 18 degrees you wont sacrafice any distance but maybe 5 yds and youd have more control and straighter shots off the tee or carpet.
  2. Ive,been smoking my 3W lately however with a straighter, more controled ball flight so I only hit driver on a wide par 5 anyways..maybe 2 or 3 times a round is all. Thats how great I am hitting 3w right now.....but its a hot 13,degree custom built 3w......stainless steel has a better feel than titanium to me anyways.
  3. Lol meant to say most drivers are,45" in length but try hitting a 43.5" driver with a more forgiving, regular flex.
  4. A game improvement driver would have a higher loft like a 12,degree and a regular to senior flex....also shaft length. Most drivers are appx 4 inches. Get one a couple inches shorter ensuring more control and higher pure ball striking consistency.
  5. Bplewis with all your talk of distance youre probably a "ranger rick"...soo into hitting bombs off the tee yet post a snowman or worse on a straight 415 yard par 4 lmbo Its pretty obvious with your whacky figures that youre new to the game Happy G.
  6. How far does your Army buddy hit a 4 iron? My guess is he cant even hit 4 iron. I hit my 4 iron around 220 when perfectly struck which is considered longer than the average golfer. In high school I played with a kid that hit 6 iron on every shot from par 3 to a par 5 aside from putting as that was the only club he could hit with so my guess is your buddy probably isnt highly skilled. I have a lot of shots I can pull off due to years and years of practice. Post a vid of this incredible feat and shut us all up.
  7. There is no way your Army buddy is hitting 8 iron 200 yds. Lmao......Im 6-3, 240 pounds with wide shoulders. I was an all state QB and pitched in college. I can smoke my 3 wood about 275 but an 8 iron 200 is physically and geometrically impossible unless you blade a skully and hit a line drive on a hard fairway with another hundred yds of worm burner roll. Lol.....no way
  8. Since back surgery in 09 Ive had to completely break down my swing. I dont hit it nearly as far but as a result IM not swinging from my ass anymore. Its a much slower, compact swing resulting in better control and ball striking.
  9. This is no shit.......went to goodwill today and walked out with a sweet old school king cobra mallet putter 35" and a 24 degree v series hybrid, both of which were in mint condition. Spent a total of 4 bucks. Hit the hybrid in the backyard when I got home and it felt, sounded and struck pure...perfect stripe. I already have an 18 and a 21 degree but in all honesty I still prefer my long irons but hey........4 bucks is 4 bucks right? lol the putter is straight and well balanced...its a computerized face balanced mallet by king cobra. [VIDEO][/VIDEO]
  10. 50 degree Adams 1208....it came standard in he iron set 4-GW....its a good stick but my SW is a 54.5 deg Adams A7OS....an equally good stick.
  11. Sweet you guys are awesome. Between the drills and vision track Ive almost solved it. Turned out my,swing was correct with head down but im hitting the ball straight now instead of the natural cut ive had for years so it was an aiming at address issue.
  12. Need some advice. Ive been hitting left lately. Its not hooking it just goes left in a straight line like a pull but not drastically only like 10yards or so. Am I using hip rotation to early and less arms?? Any advice would be appreciated. Not every shot but more with my short irons. Thanks
  13. Cast with 431 steel and then machined aand milled (cut and ground) so its not like cast iron is poor quality its just a less expensive way of manufacturing the iron. Forged clubs such as pro style blades use the same 431 steel 90% of the time yet are forged which cost more to produce custom made to fit a pro style or scratch golfer. The forged will give pros more control because of the displacement of weight with a thin top line and sole.[SPOILER=Warning: Spoiler!][/SPOILER]
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