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  1. No argument there :) Will disagree with what you are saying to the extent that athleticism will, in my opinion, define the upper limit of what is possible with a well choreographed execution (mechanics etc). Athleticism can limit what is possible with excellent mechanics just as poor mechanics limits what is possible as a result of excellent athleticism. We can argue in circles all day about this one.. these two factors are inexorably interrelated when it comes to distance. I should have also mentioned that I am 6'3" / ~215lbs and have a lot of flexibility in my shoulders - I have a great mechanical advantage over people who are stronger than me. I just happen to be decently strong, have lots of fast twitch, am tall and also have good flexibility. Clever use of expletives.. If you ask me, the only thing validated here is that you are probably suffering from small man's syndrome. Do you still wear Nike Air Max with the 1" heels to parties? I should have worded that differently.. my 3i sometimes hits the fence on the fly, in which case I would be looking at something more than 255 yards. Sometimes I roll into the back fence.. I have absolutely no trouble with the statement that a 3i stroke wherein I make solid contact will travel 255 yards on average. I'm done with this thread.. I have been suckered into an argument over e-penis size with a bunch of anonymous people on the internet. I lose on that basis alone. Although it might have been interesting to have my gf film a few swings at the range.. I don't think I would actually get any constructive comments on how to improve, based on the commentary in this thread. Shocking as it may seem, that would be the only reason for bothering. Take it easy gents
  2. Some perspective for those who care, whether you believe it or not makes not one iota of difference to the reality that I am speaking the truth: I'm in my mid 30's.. within the last five years, I was doing deadlifts with 315lbs for sets of 15. In university, my time in the 100m was in the 10s. It is amusing that some of you feel that PGA golfer's are in any way an athletic bunch.. Tiger and a few others excepted. Golf is a game of extremely precise hand-eye coordination and judgement - it is entirely possibly to be a very un-athletic person while scoring very well. Clubhead speed, on the other hand, is mostly a function of athleticism (flexibility and power). Your perspectives are predictably from the point of view of your own levels of athleticism.. thinking that I am somehow similar to you and therefore lying. My local driving range has given me a friendly option of either not using my driver/3w or not coming to their property anymore.. the back fence is 250 yards on the money via laser (the kind you hunt with, accurate to more than 1,000 yards). My 3i catches the fence on the fly.. 3w and driver sail over into the farmer's fields behind. Thinking more critically, I don't think I can say 340 yards is an average drive for me.. that would definitely be a good drive, but they happen often enough. Yes, I stepped the distances down in even 15 yard increments as an average.. based on weekly visits to a driving range for the past few years where verified yardage markers are posted every 25 yards. The distances are an approximation.. your non-belief is a dead giveaway of how athletic you are / were. Every single time I play with a new group of clients, I hear the same thing.. "I have never seen anything like that". "I have never seen someone hit the ball that far". "What club did you say that was?!" "Why don't you hit already, they are out of range?" blah blah blah lol. It is actually quite a novel way of meeting new clients at networking tourneys. Putting a video up of myself, for your entertainment and sure criticisms, is hardly a compelling proposition when you are offering nothing. If you are local to the Lower Mainland of BC, I would be more than happy to meet in person and give you the opportunity to put your money where your rather large mouth is.. I'll happily buy you a beer afterwards, with your money of course. Flame away gents, flame away... I'm mildly embarrassed I actually spent this much time writing a reply. Cheers
  3. I have never figured out a formal handicap, I don't play often enough.. maybe 12 rounds per year or so. I do go to the range a couple of times a week though, on my way home from the office, as a way of relaxing. My score, when I keep it, is usually in the mid 80's at several local courses (Mayfair Lakes, Northview Ridge Course, Quilchena).
  4. I'm guessing that either you don't know or perhaps you don't remember what it's like to be athletic. My average swing speed over fifteen swings was 122mph last week with the driver, at the local big box. Never said I was a good golfer, but yes, I hit the ball a long way.
  5. Driver 320-340 3W 285-305 3i 255 4i 240 5i 225 6i 210 7i 195 8i 180 9i 165 PW 150 56 lob 115 All of the above are full swings; I would definitely trade some distance for a better short game. There is nothing like bombing a drive 100 yards past your buddy, only to 3-jack the putt and lose the hole. Unfortunately, I'm pretty familiar with that feeling!
  6. 125 mph Swing Speed Driver Help!

    I realize that the OP has likely resolved his driver issues by this point, but thought I would throw my own 2c in and bump an old thread, since it might be helpful to others reading this thread as a result of a Google Search (like me!). *Puts flame suit on* I am 6'3", 210lbs, played football, track, hockey etc etc growing up. My driver swing speed hovers around 120mph, consistently. (I am not guessing). Swinging at 100% puts me just north of 130mph but the results are very obviously erratic. I don't think a 125mph swing speed is that "out of this world" although I would agree that anyone swinging close to 100% will have trouble being consistent. As another fellow mentioned, if you took a college baseball team out to the range, you would see a whole lot of people swinging 110+ and I'm sure the sluggers would have little trouble exceeding 120. There are a lot of comments about slowing the swing down, scoring better etc. The OP came here for advice on a driver, not his score. People enjoy the game for different reasons and not everyone is fixated on score. Personally, I played several seasons with only irons in my bag. Didn't seem like a big deal, a solid 3 iron put every par 4 into easy reach on my second. I then picked up a 3 wood and rather enjoyed the boost in distance over the irons, particularly on par 5's; I played with only the 3w for about 3 seasons, again I never felt short of distance. I eventually started looking for a driver merely for fun and as an ego boost. I hit several shafts on various demo days.. what I realized is that, for me, low torque was just as important as having a stiff shaft. Two shafts that stood out were the Pro Force V2 75g in extra stiff (2.2 torque) and the Aldila RIP Alpha 70 in extra stiff (2.4 torque). The V2 was the firmer of the two, lower torque etc, but it also felt too "boardy" to me.. a very wooden feeling contact. The ball flew well, but in terms of feel, the Aldila was the ticket for me. Very nice launch, nice feel and low torque for those slightly off centre hits that make the entire driver head wobble on lesser shafts. I would recommend going to a demo day and then trying to find something on ebay if you are strapped for cash.. I picked my driver up hardly used, with my preferred shaft and saved about 50% over new prices. I have a bit of a sickness with always needing to find a deal :) Cheers!