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  1. jbest


  2. I find 10 balls a round because I know where the kitty is at my club and no one else will brave the woods to get them...that said, I get to try a lot of different balls (BTW I find V1 &V1x; balls more than any other). I found one of these Soft Feel balls and couldn't believe how much I liked it! I used it for a couple rounds before losing it and was very disappointed. If I ever have to buy balls I would definately not hesitate on these...
  3. All good fitters have a ping and titleist cart...do yourself a favor and hit them both. Don't let others make the decision for you.
  4. I would never invest in a set of titleist without a fitting. It's like buying a suit without tailoring...that brings the price of a new set of AP2s to about $1200. That set should be relevant for at least 5 years and that's the way titleist markets clubs. Simply the best if it can be afforded...
  5. Very little difference between the 712 & 714 - mostly the bounce is modded on the 714 which is undetectable by most of us...get teh 712s cheap when you can. Honestly, I haven't even felt the need to up my 710 AP2s really.
  6. Try a couple things : 1> Don't keep score for a few rounds. You'll be amazed how much more relaxed you'll be - and hitting better. After you feel more relaxed at address, keep score on holes 6-12 just as a sampler...then progress from there. I know that the days I feel relaxed and less tempered I score better. 2> Try a half PW instead of the normal wedges 40-100 yards in. I will have days where I skull wedges and immediately make the decision to go to a half PW - almost chipping it in rather than trying for high spin. Again, it's about relaxing and being less te
  7. I was having some trouble during the end of my round today when I realized I was really tensley shrugging my shoulders at address. Once I relaxed them and let everything hang down, made a firmer grip, I hit it well. Now I notice a lot of play by others where the shoulders are very tense and shrugged at address and they hit well... Anyone have advise about this? What do you see yourself doing during address?
  8. jbest

    Formula 1

    The season is a wash w/Vettel - boring...reminds me of the time Schumacher won every race. Can't even get a bad pit stop to shake things up. Sterile races are not going to keep Americans entertained IMO.
  9. I do the course sim a lot...I feel like I see so many on the range concentrating on one or two clubs - then an hour on the driver. For me, it better to hit a driver>6 iron>wedge (or similar) with 10 reps. It really helps before a round IMO.
  10. YES! I hate the app at this point. Too convoluted and seems to stall/freeze when changing screens. Their reviews are getting worse online. I just use a yardage GPS app now which uses very little battery...
  11. jbest

    ManU or ManC?

    Who is your pick for the Derby Sunday?
  12. I don't think income brackets are the only way to justify splurging on a favorite hobby...
  13. +1 - I live near TPC Sawgrass and play a couple times a year, anywhere from $150 to $300 (off season they have a locals special). It's worth it to test the long game and saves. I also play Mayakoba in Mexico once a year which runs about $230 - it's like golfing in paradise. I would definitely pay $700 for PB without a second thought...
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