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  1. I'll redo the videos with better angles and check out some of the links regarding hip turn. Just got a net for the backyard so that I can practice daily! I'll try and get the videos up in the next few days.
  2. Hello! I'll start by giving some background on my golf journey. I started playing golf in 2010 just for a random hobby to have every once in a while. Around Spring 2013 I got serious about the game, joined a local country club, and started playing 3-4 times per week. I managed to develop, what I thought was, a decent swing and worked my way down to a 9 handicap. November 2014 I suffered a back injury and had to step away for a while. During that time my wife and I welcomed our first of two kids in a 14 month window and Uncle Sam moved us across the country; so golf became the least of my worries. After 2.5 years away from the game, I finally stepped back on the course last week and gave it a shot. To my surprise I somehow pulled a 90 out of my hat, but my swing feels like crap and I'm hoping for some help. The videos aren't that great (IPhone), but I'll be using a different camera for the next set. I've been Playing Golf for: 7 years My current handicap index or average score is: still calculating My typical ball flight is: light fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: push and thin shots DRIVER DTL DRIVER Face On WEDGE DTL 7-IRON DTL 7-IRON Face On
  3. Finally got my first eagle today! It was on a par 5 dogleg right that was playing 505 from the blues. If you hit the ball far/high enough, you can cut the corner a little bit by going over a few trees. I hit a great drive right over the corner and left myself 186 to the flag. Took out a 6 iron and put the ball about 12 ft past the hole. It was a decently fast downhill left to right putt. Looked at it from every angle I could and then sank the putt. Hopefully the next eagle won't take 3 years to get like this one did!
  4. Went and played the front nine at Bentwood CC in San Angelo, TX today. I shot a disappointing 42 today. I say disappointing because I played the first 5 holes at 1 over and the last 4 holes at 5 over. Bentwood CC front nine - par 36 42 (+6) 15 putts 2 fairways hit 3 GIR I couldn't seem to get it going off of the tee today. I was pushing my driver and 3 iron quite a bit, which got me into trouble and forced me to recover around and under trees. My recovery shots were decent and putting was a little better than average for me today. Im going to go out tomorrow morning and try to rid myself of that damn push.
  5. I went and shot 9 today at my new course. This was the first time I went through all 9. I ended up shooting a 45 due to some inconsistent driving and having to scramble. My iron play was great though. I used this drill for a little while warming up on the range and it made a huge difference. Thank you very much for the advice, I am going to implement this drill into my warmups before every round now.
  6. I will work on this drill today or tomorrow and post an update. Thanks for the advice.
  7. First off, I am going to try and start a swing thread in the next month since I know the advice is harder to give without a visual. Over the past 3 months I have golfed 5 times with random trips to the range. The scores for those 5 rounds were 85, 80, 87, 91, and 86. Last week I finally got a membership at a course here in town. Since joining I have been to the range twice and today attempted to play 9. I only made it through 3 before walking off to just go putt and chip. Both times at the range at least 80% of my swings created just about every messed up shot you can think of. This is ranging from SW to my driver. Has anyone had this happen to them and does anyone have any advice as to why my swing has randomly turned to crap.
  8. I pledge to create a golfer in 2014. Target - My wife! We went to the driving range today for the fourth time. It is amazing how fast she is picking up the golf swing. Hoping to do a lesson with a teaching professional soon. Once we got home she started asking about getting a golf club set within the next month or two.
  9. 3 mile run followed by back/bicep/ab workout
  10. Thank you! Have you gone and played Longaberger yet? That is my favorite course up there.
  11. Nice! Goodfellow is one of the unlucky bases with no golf course.
  12. I live in San Angelo which is about 3 hours west of San Antonio.
  13. Also still use the SW from my Walter Hagen starter set.
  14. Hello everyone. My name is Chas, I'm 23 and I've been playing for almost 3 years. I've browsed around TST for a little while now and finally decided to join. Originally from Columbus, OH but I currently live in Texas. I am in the United States Air Force and work in the medical field. I don't know my specific handicap but I usually shoot in the low to mid 80's. I just broke 80 (shot a 79) for the first time ever a couple weeks ago (Hit the best 7 iron of my life on the 18th to secure a 5 foot putt and my birdie for the 79). My current clubs are: Adams Speedline Driver 9.5 degree Wilson Staff Pi5 Irons 3-pw Crappy starter set putter
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