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  1. I agree that feel is something different for everyone ... but in that context we're talking about apllying physical movement with desciption of the feel&intent.; I guess this picture represent 3 different positions with somehowe SAME feel/intent :-) So yes for everyone is different :-) and in that case feel is more or less something like this : Cheers, M
  2. Hi, For those who searching for more swing knowledge/expirience here is new approach based on very old school (Abe Mitchel, Hogan, Snead, ...) http://www.mostpowerfulmoveingolf.com/ http://www.facebook.com/secretinthedirt Disclaimer : This swing is so ass backwards from everything everyone else has taught, give it time, practice often and results will come Cheers, M
  3. What's wrong with OTT move ? Cheers, M p.s. Erik : +1
  4. Yes you're right It's hard to express in other language. However I'm using TGM terms CF and CP are often used to refer to the release type. CF has the clubhead working away from the center of the circle. This is pulling the club through impact. CP has the clubhead working with and around the center. This is pushing the club through impact. The CF (pulling) release can be a down-the-line release or a low and left release. The CP (pushing) release is a low and left release. The Golf Machine (TGM) book addresses golfers as hitters or swingers. A hitter (slinger) of the golf club has to consciously make the clubface square up at impact. A hitter uses a CF type release. A swinger of the golf club squares the clubface naturally/passively. A swinger uses a CP type release. Ben Hogan is an example of a golfer that uses a CP type release. Moe Norman is an example of a golfer that uses a CF type release. Cheers, M
  5. Hi, Like I said before somewhere pushing forward and/or pushing left forward depending on CF or CP release School example o full push forward and left (Left knee down and then knee&hip; full left rotation). Cheers, M for CF release is more like Eric described (more forward and somehowe less left)
  6. Hi, Like Eric said .. our feels always cheating on us. Here is my "strugle" with CoG shift (hip slide) and rotating hips left ! On that video swing rotation is where I want it to be..however it's too small CoG shift(secondary axis tilt is too small.) first before rotate hips left&up; (45 degrees). Results are solid .. but not enough compression of the ball. Cheers, M
  7. Right knee preset is for building a firm right side and preventing swaying (instead of turning) Cheers, M
  8. Hey re #3 because in those paragraph are the most important lines (in swing, to this thread) : So which direction SHOULD your front hip move first? Straight back away from the ball or toward the target? Well if our goal is to make the clubhead move toward the target, it seems quite logical the first move is to get the front hip moving toward the target as well and I didn't want to disect and/or opose because of first part. It would look like I don't support that ! re #6 and slo-mo videos : my point was : you can clearly see that transitions and downswings begins with a lot of players with move hips forward (transfer into left leg) and rotation to the left (clearing hips to the left) And some players do that first move with right knee towards left. As I said my (personal) view is that right knee forward is same/more dangerous fo AM's as is left hip left and up (which is problematic only without going left first) ! Cheers, M
  9. that's one (dangerous) way to do it ! Most AM golfers will drive towards the target line /ball. And that is a dead move for all one/on plane swings. true for some and false for others (sean o'hair, anthony kim, hunter mahan,tiger woods, scott mccaron, matt kuchar,...ben hogan, ...) OK - that part with optional right knee is true you lost yourself . Obviously don't understand much about grip and nothing about hips.. and confusing type of releases with hip motions ( push release, crossover and slap release). For one/on planners : Ideally the left hip moves behind the golfer while the right hip comes along the target line never moving towards the ball. You need to get all the weight below the waist up on your left leg before any turning of the left hip = slide are you sure ? Are you watch any slow motion video ???? Totaly false/wrong statemen
  10. Hi #2 While I 100% agree with hip slide (and Iacas theory/observations around that with amateurs) I can't agree with " Pros hips are slightly open to the target line at impact, but only slightly " at least not in general ! That's only true for CF release and NOT!!! for CP release. The best example is Tiger Woods 2009 swing and even better Sean O'Hair (hips are very open and even shoulders)
  11. Hi, I presume you talking to me Yes I know my "lag" issues (or casting). The problem for me is multidimensional .. at first i don't beleive in lag "per se" but on other hand ... my distance vary very much (for same club) because i don't get in desirable position with my right elbow. I can do "lag" thing .. but not in "one plane" style. So for now i'm learnig how to connect everything together (Lag is byproduct for correct body and arms motions) and focusing on separation. Maybe I'm on wrong track here/now but thanks for pointing out obvious fact (at least for my iron swing video) ...during practice one thing .. other areas can suffer and it' good to know/be reminded what are the basics principles (for me your second description). Cheers, M
  12. Hi Thanks for kind words ! HCP is not my concern (yet) because I'm building swing I can play way bellow my HCP and sometimes spot on to contribute to topic : As you can see .. 1. video is to small or NO separation and in 2 video is decent separation Explanation : - I want to have active legs - my goal is separation between arms and body - i'm working on "One plane" swing Separation between arms and body should (for me) be achieved because I tend to start (downswing) with a small bump with left hip and then rotation (upper body and arms together) But I should turn my upper body faster and arms slower to get with a body ahead of arms. Cheers, M
  13. Hi, Talking about that ? I'm affraid (for myself) that's not working all the time for me yet. But when it is ... feeling&shot;'s are superb ! My problem is ... when I don't think I can achieve it (most of the times .. but not that good all the times) But When I want to practice it's like lotery Cheers, M
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