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  1. After a few rounds I can conclude that replacing my 3-wood with 15* hybrid, 3-iron with19* hybrid and 4-iron with 24* hybrid has been great for me. I hit the hybrids more consistently (with respect to both contact and carry) from a variety of lies. I have sacrificed a bit of distance off the tee box by retiring the 3-wood but gained accuracy and stopping ability.
  2. I played pretty good golf up until I left my boyhood home at age 17. After a 45-year hiatus I am back into golf in a big way in my 60's. I have been playing with the following clubs in my bag: 57* Wedge, 53W, 49W 44W, 40 9I, 36 8I, 32 7I, 28 6I, 24 5I, 21 4I, 22 Hybrid, 15 3W, 9.5 Driver, Putter. I like my club spacing, but I hit the 22* Hybrid better in all circumstances than I hit the 4-iron or the 3-wood. I am thinking about replacing the 4-iron, 22 Hybrid and 3-wood with 3 Hybrids - a 24*, a 19* and a 15*. That will preserve my good gaps in the 53wedge to 5-iron, but give me 20 yard gaps between the 5I-H24 and H24-H19 and a 40 yard gap between the H15-Driver. Is there good logic in this alternate plan?