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  1. "The Golfing Machine" by Homer Kelley

    Homer Kelley was a very methodical, almost OCD guy and "The Golfing machine" is simply an encyclopedia of the Physics and Geometry of every possible way to move a Golf Ball with a legal Golf Club, powered by a human being. Whether a book or a tip in a magazine, nearly everything you read about Golf can be confusing. I was certified as a STAR SYSTEM Instructor in 1983 by Tommy Tomasello, one of the first 6 PGA members to work with Homer and Ben Doyle. The book has been with me on the lesson tee for thousands of hours. I have NEVER found anything between it's bright yellow covers that wasn't true. I have over 100 books of instruction in my library and each one contains some aspect of the perception, feelings, or ideals of the writer?teacher, that is arguable or can be disputed. There are many great teachers in the 21st century and every one of them owes a debt to Homer Kelley for giving us a a method of explaining the Physics, Geometry, and physiology of our great game in a truthful, consistent and accurate manner.
  2. "The Golfing Machine" by Homer Kelley

    I was Certified as a STAR SYSTEM Instructor in 1986 by Tommy Tomassello, one of the first Golf pros to study "the Golfing Machine." with Homer Kelly and Ben Doyle. "The Golfing machine" isn't an instruction manual, it is an encyclopedia of all the ways to move a Golf ball from where it rests to some other place, using the human body and a golf club, as prescribed by the rules of golf. It is deliberately complex because the subject matter is complex, It is about.. PHYSICS, GEOMETRY, CALCULUS, KINESIOLOGY, REASON and EMOTION. It is about the human mind and how we understand and interpret the laws of the universe we live in. Sadly, it has never been properly edited and illustrated with modern graphics and photography to make it more marketable in the 21st Century. As it is currently published, it's not particularly interesting to a casual Golfer or even to a teacher who uses some particular "method." HOWEVER, nearly every great teacher of golf knows and uses the FACTS and TRUTHS within it's pages, Bobby Clampett's "Impact Golf" is a direct offshoot of Mr. Kelley's work and Martin Hall's Golf Academy on the Golf Channel is largely based upon the book. I have taught and coached players from raw beginners to PGA and LPGA players for over 35 years and once I was exposed to the Golfing Machine, I became far more effective as a teacher for a very simple reason... I can see what is causing any problem very clearly and I understand what part of my student's "Golfing Machine" isn't working correctly. I consider my Dog-Earred copy of the first edition of "the Golfing Machine" to be responsible for my growth and reputation as a teacher. BUY it.. Read it.. Study it.. and gain it's knowledge and wisdom. KEEP it next to your toilet for a couple of years, you may be surprised how much your own game improves as you leaf through and slowly absorb the contents of "the Golfing Machine." LOL MY BEST John Baker PGA