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  1. GingerGolfer

    My Swing (GingerGolfer)

    No not at all, would increasing my shoulder turn make it easier to drop the club inside?
  2. GingerGolfer

    My Swing (GingerGolfer)

    My swing so far this year...different more control
  3. I recently just played a course designed by Robert Trent Jones and was amazed at how much visual deception there was. There were greens that looked like they were 10 yards deep and when you got up to them they were actually 30, bunkers that looked short enough to carry and were actually 300 yards, areas that looked completely dead from the tee but were actually fairway, so many different "illusions" almost, I just thought it was very interesting. Luckily I had my laser or I would've been screwed. Anybody played similar courses or find this type of thing interesting as well?
  4. Money wise I guess it just depends on how picky you are. Some people can only use one golf ball and others can use multiple, the lower you go with your handicap and better you become it will be more noticeable in the differences in balls, I think you should really buy a sleeve of balls and test out different brands and balls to find out what suits you best, if you find there's not a whole lot of difference than buy the cheap ones, but if you really like the expensive ones, buy them, you always want to be comfortable. That's also why you hear a lot of tour players playing a very specific ball I believe Rory Mcilroy plays the 2009 titleist pro v1 (or did when he was with titleist)
  5. Angle of attack on driver especially can make one lose tons of distance
  6. I think it's all personal preference. To me it comes down to how soft the ball is usually. When I putt I really like a ball that is soft feeling so I usually go with a softer ball, which in some case can be cheaper, they usually are more control oriented and spin more than a harder ball.
  7. GingerGolfer


    Yes I agree with all of this, I was just saying in a perfect world where you hit it perfect every time.
  8. GingerGolfer


    Ok a shallow divot doesn't always mean shallow angle of attack, it depends on how the clubface enters the turf, opened or closed, and if all of the club is touching the ground evenly (lie angle) but generally if you come down steeper the ball will come up the club face faster and ball will roll of the grooves with more spin
  9. GingerGolfer

    Chunking everything lately, HELP

    I fixed it today, thanks guys. It was on mainly full wedge shots and I just popped my left knee in a bit to help me transfer a bit better, (i'm a lefty)
  10. The past few days, which have happened to be matches, I've played terrible because I've chunked about every wedge shot possible. I shot a 52, my worst nine in months, and a 44, another poor round. I am in danger of missing high school playoffs and that is not cool. Today I was killing my driver but I would just chunk wedges, nearly every one. The guy I was playing with said that I was leaning back a little and just getting behind the ball. The weird thing is the driver was the best its been in weeks, has anybody experienced something similar or can anyone give me some advice? everything is appreciated thanks.
  11. GingerGolfer


    I completely disagree. 100%. I've seen so many people say I'm spinning it too much with my driver, they go on trackman have a negative angle of attack and are spinning it around 4000. They learn to hit up, with a positive angle of attack and are spinning it around 2500. How does angle of attack not affect spin?
  12. GingerGolfer


    It's hard then you could just be swing your wedges hard without realizing it, the softer you swing the less spin
  13. GingerGolfer

    When do you upgrade your driver?

    I don't think there's a big difference. Your driver is still relatively new, and the 913 wasn't a drastic change. I know a lot of titleist tour pros still use the 910. If you do end up getting a new driver though I would definitely try out the new callaway optiforce.
  14. GingerGolfer

    Mizuno JPX-825 and JPX-825 Pro

    I have the regular version. I definitely don't need the help but it is awesome to be able to pull out a 9 iron when you used to pull an 8 or 7. I really like them.
  15. GingerGolfer


    If you're spinning it too much, you want to get the feeling that your angle of attack is a little more shallow, do you take a big divot after the ball?

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