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  1. Sounds like we may need a “Drone Hunter” achievement badge here... 😜
  2. Totally agree that they were pushing each other yesterday. For that reason I think today may tilt heavily in Reed’s favor as this sets up like Match Play - Reed’s wheelhouse. He usually slips back a bit Sat/Sun but I think today he’s thinking “me vs him” not “me vs the field” and if Leishman stays on track it’ll stoke Reed’s fire and he’ll put his foot on the gas. I have a feeling the only way the gap closes is if a few players make a big move today and gain ground from behind. I'm actually really interested in today’s round as I WANT to like Reed but just havent been able to yet. He rubbed me the wrong way when he came on the scene with his “I’m a top 5 player” arrogance with no results to back it up. (I know / like he gives a $hit what I think...) Love him on Ryder Cup teams though because his arrogance works and he delivers. Hey - I’m from Philly and we’re bred to hate any opposing player with a vengeance until they play for one of our teams so I can’t help myself...?). LET MOVING DAY COMMENCE!!
  3. The music accompaniment, though... ?
  4. I just laughed out loud - well played, sir. It’s easy to like him.
  5. If I could like this 100 times I would. Hysterical.
  6. Wowzers!! They just announced that - can’t wait to see the highlights/lowlights from that one. Bravo on the Tin Cup reference.
  7. Tiger just doesn’t have it today (like a number of others who are surprisingly scrambling). Just needs to finish the round with minimal damage and regroup for tomorrow.
  8. Huge put right there. Hopefully he can capitalize it a little and keep his mind straight enough go gain a little ground on the upcoming par 5s.
  9. Rumor has it they saw this guy sneaking out of Finau’s house last night...
  10. Annnnnnnd Opening Day was just canceled for this weekend - rescheduled to next weekend thanks to the adjusted forecast that's now calling for 3"-5" of snow Saturday. ??
  11. Backwards...downhill...on wet grass... They showed him on the next tee and his wife was looking at him with a "I'm gonna beat your a$$ when we get home" tilt. It is. He qualified for the first three majors of the 2018 season by making it to the Tour Championship in 2017. He's played in the US Open, The Open Championship, and the PGA Championship but this will be his first Masters.
  12. That was scary to watch. Fingers crossed he didn’t just jack up his first Masters.
  13. We're in that "makes you want to scream" stage of the year. Today - 58* Friday 60* Saturday (opening day at our club) - 38*/snow Whoever pissed off Mother Nature better step up and apologize right quick!!
  14. I assume the comment above was in reference to my post so I'll try to get us back on track. I struggle a little bit with Ian Poulter. For the longest time I didn't like him at all and thought that he was pompous, arrogant, and just not fun to watch. No matter how well he played in team events. That said, I found myself having a bit of an appreciation for his struggles. He was on the cusp of losing his tour card (or did lose it perhaps) after his medical exemption was expiring but appeared to become a little more humble and in my opinion fought hard to earn his way back. Did he whine or does he still whine? Yeah probably but it doesn't seem as evident as I recall in the past. To that end, I find myself following him more and rooting for him to at least contend when he earns it. And absolutely no way does that condone the behavior that the original poster described. Potter has to learn to keep the emotions and his historical arrogance and check if he wants his fans and the golf karma gods to remain on his side. That's part of being a professional and in the spotlight. If you want to make noise and be in the center of attention you have to take the good with the bad and know how to handle it.
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