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  1. I have posted three 44's, but cannot seem to combine it with a second
  2. Sound waves travel in all directions unless blocked. Though, you'll hear them in a lower frequency that someone standing in front of you due to the doppler effect. With that said. I generally don't hear the hiss with my driver because of the ringing of the impact, but I hear it clearly when I hit a good 5W and sometimes with an iron.
  3. 8", but I can crank it to 10" if I try really hard. Though I have a tendency to pull and yank it left. I think I'm coming over the top and don't get the head connecting properly. I'm just glad I never sliced it....
  4. ~95-100 and I outdrive pretty much everyone I play with... How odd judging from the polls on these forums...
  5. Mid-year update: - Break 100 consistently Check - Break 90 at least once Getting close (92) - Bring handicap below 23 Check (20.5) - Reduce blow-up holes to one per round or less (blow-up = par+4) Check (last round no triple+ !) I'd like to change/add: - Fairways hit > 45% - GIR > 30% - Handicap below 21 by end of the year
  6. Shot another 93 this morning. Just can't seem to get below 90 no matter how hard I practice. Nothing stood out as being bad today.. Driving, chipping and putting was all distinctly mediocre. Good news is that I managed to get up&down; a couple of times and I didn't have a single blow-up hole. Even my worst hole I managed to squeeze out a double. 5 Par, 5 Bogey, 8 Doubles 6/14 Fairways hit 4/18 GIR 36 putts (meh) 1 penalty Still having trouble with hitting shots fat, very fat at times. Driver has straightened fairly well, but I should reshaft my 3W so I can use that on tight fairways.
  7. You mean on the golfer's ego or the actual difference in results? Sorry, couldn't help myself
  8. When I first started playing my first real chance at par or even birdie got thwarted when my 120y shot, going straight at the pin, hit a sprinkler head at the edge of the green and bounced over the green, over the bunker behind the green into the deep rough. Thus a sure 5 (was a Par5) turned into a 9 as I struggled to get over the bunker. This game is brutal.
  9. Join the club. I'm Tiger Woods on the range and look like an idiot on the course. I agree with the suggestions above. Turn the range into a course and be honest with yourself. Would that ball you just 'pured' down the range really have made the fairway or did you quietly pull that ball a little too far to the left and would that have been disastrous on Hole #5 on your regular course? That PW shot you just hit straight at the marker, was that not two yards short and would it not have plugged itself in that greenside bunker on Hole #7? I switched to just hitting balls to hitting specific ta
  10. 165y approach shot on long Par4. Hit a perfect 7I, landed at 165 and stopped dead at 170y a little left of target. Doesn't seem like anything special, but this was my first GIR from 150+ yards out.
  11. Ha!.. I guess I am. When I got my new irons I put the 4I in my bag, not realizing that was #15. I never use my 3W (wrong flex) or my 3H or 4I anyway. I should probably take out the 3H because it has the exact same distance as my 5W.
  12. The craziest shot I've seen was on the driving range. Two guys, a lefty and righty are facing eachother. The righty somehow shanks the ball badly straight into the board between the two stalls, the ball hits the top of the board, shoots straight up and is hit by the lefty's driver in the follow through of his swing. The ball careens into the lefty's head leaving a nasty gash and a trip by ambulance to the local hospital. He went down like a ton of bricks.. His legs just gave out when that ball hit him.
  13. For me the Par 3's determine what tees I play off of, not the total course length. I don't like 200y par3's with 180y of water to carry. The game just gets too expensive that way. Today I played a 6300y course which was fun, but left me with a lot of 8I-GW to the green. My regular course is 6600y from the blues, which feels a bit long, so i'd say 6450y should be about right.
  14. A'ight.. I am finally dialed in with my new Irons: Driver 9.5* - 240-260 3W - 230 5W - 210-220 3H - 210 4H - 200 4I - 190 5I - 180 6I - 170 7I - 160 8I - 150 9I - 140 PW - 130 52 - ~110 56 - ~90 No wind, 80 F, sea level
  15. The benefit of using a good stats tool is that you start to notice the lesser known stats and they can give you some interesting information. For example my GIR FWY hit is 50.0%, while my GIR is only 27.8%. That by itself does not mean a whole lot, but if you take the FHit scoring average of +0.83 and the Not Fhit scoring average of +1.75, this means that I almost lose a full shot when I don't drive well. I drive about 240-250 yards and I am comfortable with 8I up to the green. On a 370y hole I really shouldn't be hitting my driver if there's trouble left or right.. A solid 3W/5W gets me in
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