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  1. I use a Ten Finger. I wouldn't call it a baseball grip as both V's point at my right ear. Started with a ten finger. Was told that wasn't corrent. Did the overlap for about a year, didn't progress well at all. Went back to ten finger and right now my handicap is 8. I would suggest trying Jim Furyks double overlap for pitch shots. I use this for high pitch shots.
  2. Thanks man! Any golf lately? Played a new course yesterday. 46 front, 39 back. Can't wait to play it again.
  3. Played my first round yesterday. I've played a few practice rounds but wasn't counting them towards my handicap. Shoot a 77. 40 on the front, 37 on the back. Great day, 72 degrees and sunny.
  4. Peela, I've been thinking about that. Playing just for the score is wearing off for sure. I need something on the line to keep me going through 18.
  5. Both good points. With the higher bounce the front edge of the wedge sits off the ground higher. Personally, my eye doesn't like that. Looks like I would catch it thin, resulting in fat shots. Not the clubs fault, all on me. My 56.12 sits nice to my eye, so the thought of hitting it thin doesn't enter my mind. Quiet the mental game we play.
  6. For my swing, I prefer less bounce from the fairway. I bought a 56.14 and countiously hit fat shots. With a 56.12 and 60.8 , I make solid contact from tight lies.
  7. Dan, I found a set mp-62s for around $200. I absolutely love them. They are extremely close to the 64s.
  8. High 70's to 85 is currently my zone. I'm hoping to shoot a 75 by the end of the year. Knowing my numbers on all shots has made a huge difference. I've practiced so much that I have every yardage in my game from 4 steps to 270 yards. I've created a chip shot that is the same motion with my 60, 56, 52, PW, 9i, and I know exactly how far each will go. I have 3 shots with all my scoring irons, full, arm level to the ground, and choke up level to the ground. I have pitch shot numbers on my wedges that sit and stop on the green. I know my punch shot numbers from a 7i to 3wood. Your last round of 79 sounds so familiar. I do everything possible to focus on each hole as a separate hole instead of a round of 18. When I can do that, I get low scores. When I fire a 37 on the front and start thinking about shooting another 37 for a 74, it goes down hill. Walked 9 today. 41. 4 pars, 5 bogeys. The muscle around my left shoulder blade is bothering me. I guess I need to take a few weeks off. Boomer!
  9. Congrats Tefunk!! That sounds like a pretty tough course you are playing. Chipping/pitching is what does it for me also. Your confidence level at that course should through the roof! Next up, 75! My best of the year is a 77. Handicap is currently 9. I need to put my last round in, 84, and see what that does to it. Walked 9 today, 39.
  10. How's the golf going fellas? My last few rounds have been low 80's, handicap is currently at 10.2. I recently did a golf ball fitting with Bridgestone. Swing speed was averaging 111. They recommended the e5 or 330s. They gave me a few of each so I'll see how I perform with them. Tefunk have you taken your daughter out yet? Sounds fun! Enjoy it
  11. Hello, I've been playing golf with this mindset and it has produced some pretty good rounds for me. Most recent round was an 80. While playing I have 18 holes to battle. 18 separate holes. I need full dedication on every shot, every hole, to post a good overall score. If I think about my total score I'm losing focus. I use an app to post my score on each hole. After I post it I start thinking about my next tee shot. After #1 is posted, it's gone from memory. I now have to think about #2 and I've got 17 left to give my best effort. Don't dwell on a bad shot or a 3 putt. It's going to happen. Tell yourself you are better than that and move on. Focus on what each shot is giving you. Wind, lie, angle, staying out of OB, etc. After about 4 or 5 holes it is mentally exhausting to maintain a high level of focus. You have to just keep telling yourself to stay focused on each shot. Golf requires a lot of practice. It has for me anyways. I practice 2-3 days a week and play once.
  12. A few things I've noticed since recording my swing; My left foot comes off the ground a little. My last few times at the range I have made sure to keep that foot planted and it helps a ton with accuracy. My hands are just over the ball at impact instead of being just ahead the ball. Today at the range I focused on compressing the ball. I used an overlap grip instead of the 10 finger, and I used a strong grip instead of neutral/weak. The range session went great. I was hitting nice draws with the grip. I faded a few by changing my grip to weak. I'll get some video up soon and hopefully my swing will look a little better :).
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