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  1. Gross Misrepresentation of Truth

    Hi GolfingDad, I've very happy to share. I started playing Golf 15 years ago and Dalton's videos where the first thing I ever watched (or read) that actually got me off the sofa and made me look in the mirror at my golf swing. I had zero hand eye coordination skills and even to this day I am still a 'Golf by numbers' man rather than a 'feel player', but if I can do it anyone can, trust me! At the time (like most) I had a picture in my head of my swing looking like Tiger Woods. and of course when you really see it for the first time it is nothing like that! :-) I will try my best to give you my take on the first videos, my favourite thing about them is that Dalton manages to get you to drop everything you think you know about Golf at the door so you start from scratch by telling you some stuff about the Golf industry, club fitting, etc... I remember before I watched the videos asking someone for some tips for my swing and they said 'start again', I took that as a real insult and it made me very angry at the time, but he was right! the point is Dalton said it in a way that made you happily start at the beginning as you felt you would come out the other side hitting straight shots. I haven't watched PureStrike, but I have never seen any instruction on Golf that manages to de-programme you and then re-programme you with a whole new swing like Dalton's. I often wonder why more coaching videos haven't followed suit as this to me was the real key. (Learn one technique from scratch, rather than just adopting bits from different stuff). The fundamentals he teaches are pretty much 'Hogan's Five Lessons' and he references this in both the old and new videos. The 'Big Key' to why so many people get and love his teaching is the way he teaches it and the why he words stuff. The best way I can describe it is like the lyrics of a song, He takes something that would take me 4 pages to describe to someone and does it in a paragraph, therefore it is so much easier to understand. Rather than your brain trying to retain loads of information as someone talks 'at' you, he explains it very simply and often uses little 'key saying' that you will just remember for the rest of your life. So when you go to the driving range and you are working on stuff the 'saying' pops in to your head rather than trying to remember everything your 'Pro' told you at your last lesson. He is probably not the first to do this, from talking with him, he is a massive fan of Harvey Penick's Little Red Book and again he references this in the new video. The best example of 'meat' I can give you from the first video is the way he explains the grip. before watch the video I was using and interlocking grip and I'd had a couple of lessons where the Pro changed me to an overlapping grip and it took weeks/months to even feel right. When I watched Dalton's old video for the first time he didn't just explain the grip, he explained how the muscles in my arms work. He explains that your little finger, ring finger and middle finger control the inner muscles in your arm and these are the controlling muscles and your index finger and thumb are connected to your outer muscles which are your power muscles. He was the first and only person in 15 years to teach me that! Within 3 months of watching the videos I went from never breaking 100 to shooting in the mid-low 80's In the interest of be constructive, the issue I found with the tapes was hitting my Woods, I became very good at flushing my irons, but would often leak my Woods right (I later discovered I had a very steep swing plane) , while trying to improve my tee shots I started having lessons and my local Pro totally ripped my swing to pieces. I spent the next 10 years going from reading books, to watching videos, to having different lessons with lots of different Pro's and watching my Golf go up and down. A couple of years ago I decided to embark on another swing re-build (which I have done many times!) as I wanted my swing to look picture perfect on camera as I was going to be doing a lot of club testing. The guy I ended up working with for about six months (I'm guessing) taught some of the principles of "The Golf Machine". He had my clubface closed at address, my first move was up and out, rotating to a 70-80% rotation (if you consider the club head parallel to the ground at the top 100%). On the down swing I was trying to hold my wrist angle as long as possible to a low and left finish. I got to admit is was super straight! the biggest problem I had was a little block right if my timing was off. There were a couple of "alarm bells" over the six months I worked with him, the main one was "The Long Thumb", he wanted my grip very strong with my left thumb as long as I could make it which lead to a couple of strains and pains in my left hand. Later that year I played in a Charity Pro-am with the Senior European Tour. I was paired with a guy called George Ryall, who I have played with a couple of times in the past and we get on really well. So we used the day as a bit of a catch up, he told me about the Tour and I told him about the stuff I was up to. I said I was finally getting more confident with the level of Golf I play and will probably look to do more Golf stuff next year and that I may even finally do my PGA, to which he replied "not with that swing". After a long conversation with him and some of the other Tour guys (All Senior)at the dinner table I ended up spending three days with him doing a 12 hour a day boot camp. What George wanted to teach me was effectively "Clock Face Golf" (which undone the other technique), as we went over the fundaments again and again, everything he was saying just reminded me of watching Dalton's videos, when I got back the first thing I did was re-watch them (first time in 8 years), which is where I'm at now (with a slightly flatter swing plane). I think the reason I find the original technique works so well for me is it is the first technique I learnt and that has created "natural tendencies" in my golf swing, when I rebuild/change my swing I find myself fighting these tendencies, which I can do on the range no problem, but "coming down the straight on Sunday" is sometimes a different story. To give you an idea of the differences between 'The Golfing Machine' swing and 'Straight Talking Golf'. With the Golfing Machine I was always fighting to try and keep my right foot planted to allow space for my arms on the downswing, with STG that is not an issues for me I can just let my body turn as it wants to. Also as I am not trying to 'Lag' the club anymore and 'hold off' my release I generate a lot more club speed with a lot less effort. The other technique may work really well for some Tour players but I am nowhere near at strong as those guys, Tiger is like (He-Man). I also find that the STG swing allows me to hit the ball 'dead straight'. Which means I now find it al lot easier to shape the ball both ways (with the Golfing Machine it's very hard to hit a draw). As I said before I am a 'Golf by numbers' kind of guy here are some of my Stats: Golfing Machine Swing: 3 iron, Club head speed 87mph, Ball Speed 120, Distance 192 6 iron, Club head speed 83mph, Ball Speed 115, Distance 165 Straight Talking Golf: 3 iron, Club head speed 92mph, Ball Speed 130, Distance 210 6 iron, Club head speed 88mph, Ball Speed 118, Distance 180 *the distances do not really matter so much as I have several different sets of clubs, but these numbers were taken with the same set. (I have several sets of blades and cavities and they all launch at different angels so travel different distances, but I I'm guessing this is a discussion for another thread). So my friends, this is the geneses for 'Straight Talking Golf', I contacted Dalton last year and after a lot of discussion we decided to work together and we set about re-shooting the old tapes. I have spoken with a lot of very happy students this year as I was trying to figure out how we could improve them. I also had an input I on the things I found hard to understand the first time and hopefully the new version is an improvement on the first (If that is possible). The reason people are reluctant to share information with you is simple, it works! :-) .
  2. Hi All, As some of you may have seen over the last few days there has been some discussion over two different types of instruction. The owners of this website (also own Purestrike) challenged us to provide them with a Swing or some Methodology behind Straight Talking Golf as they are tired of people posting on here how good STG is. Well guys, who are we to disappoint! I look forward to seeing some healthy discussion :-)
  3. As this was a good question I will leave you guys with a list of the chapters in the new Series: The Game of the Golf Swings Agreeing on a Philosophy Club Check The Grip The Grip Drill Posture The Posture Drill Weight Transfer The Weight Transfer Drill The One Piece Takeaway The One Piece Takeaway Drill The Club Release The Club Release Drill 'One and Roll' The 'One and Roll' Drill Impact The Impact Drill Peripheral Vision The Peripheral Vision Drill Timing The Timing Drill Routine
  4. This will be the last message I post on this forum. Everyone has their own 'ideas' on the golf swing regardless of being a 28 handicapper or Tiger Woods, which is based on the things we see, read and hear. We all have our own journeys regardless of how good at the game we get, but the point is it's a game! and games are suppose to be fun! If people enjoy discussing Golf, swapping stories, knowledge, etc.. if that's what you enjoy doing then great! It seems to me the problem we have is the first few people who posted here did so not knowing the inner workings of this site. They were then faced with by people who 'believe' or 'follow' something different. As in life 'ideas' are great, ideas can change over time but 'believes' are accepted as truth and are very hard to change. If this forum is independent then anyone should be able to post, share and learn and if that's what you intend to offer to this community then great! You have asked Dalton to respond and he has done so now twice with genuine answers and both posts have been met with responses that do not make sense, they make a point of trying to say he is wrong but then in their explanation they agree totally with what Dalton is saying. This could have been an interesting place for people to swap 'ideas' which we both could learn from, but sadly I think it will just be two camps with two sets of 'believes' slinging mud, I would not like to be involved in that. Different methods can help different people in different ways and that's what we are both hear to do, help people! Please shut the Thread down if you feel the need to do so. If anyone would like to discuss this further, our door is always open.
  5. Dear Erik, It isn't my place to post here as that would be promotional as I do have an agenda and when Dalton posted here I didn't have enough knowledge about the inner workings of your site. All I ask is for any of our members to be respectful of your site as I would expect the same. I appreciate more than most how hard it is to build anything in this industry! If you are happy for people to continue to discuss these products here as an independent forum then great as we may both learn a thing or two if people start posting 'Meat'. But if you feel that is not possible then please close the Thread and that would probably be better for both parties.
  6. Dear Birlyshirly, I completely understand what you are saying and it is also very clear from just looking at the footers that this site is used to promote other DVD products either by the owners or by paying advertisers, so I can understand how this could be viewed as an attack. This Thread was created over two years ago and we only started looking at resurrecting this project at the end of last year and as Dalton was retired I can assure you there was no hidden agenda and even now we haven't got around to marketing anything yet. This is a project that is very dear to my heart as it was Dalton's videos that actually got me to start thinking about the 'Golf Swing' and without them I would probably have no interest in Golf at all. Over the past 15 years I have gone from a 'hacker' to a plus figure golfer. Over the years I have tried a lot of different instruction including Stack and Tilt, The Golfing Machine and Even Leadbetter Interactive. I have learnt under Driving range Pro's all the way up to a guy Called George Ryall who has won on the European and Seniors tours. I am happy to share 'My story' with anyone that is interested as I am in anyone who wants to share their story with me. If you are happy for that to take place on your site, if it has any benefit to you then great. If this kind of discussion will have any kind of negative impact, I completely understand why you would not want it on your site.
  7. Hi All, My name is Richard Greening and I am the Managing Director of Straight Talking Golf, the posts on this forum where brought to my attention yesterday which was when Dalton made the decision to post here himself. We are currently a small team with a goal of bring Dalton's teaching to the digital age and have been working towards this goal for the last 9 Months. We launched the new version of "Straight Talking Golf" over The Masters weekend and are currently receiving very positive feedback. I believe this Thread was created by a person asking a genuine question as back then Dalton was retired with no interest in returning to the spotlight, until April of this year Dalton was not involved with selling any Golfing products for over ten years. My best guess is there are a lot of people around the world who have found Dalton's teachings to be the easiest to understand and remember, therefore from time to time you Google his name to try and find out more. I think this because I was one of these people a year ago and as Dalton wasn't selling anything there was very little information about him on the Web and this was one of the sites that pops up top of Google when you do. I know for a fact there are a lot of people who feel like they owe Dalton something for helping/transforming their golf game as I have spoken to a lot of them in the last year while we were re-vamping/re-shooting the videos, I am also one of these people. I have now seen all the posts on this page and have to agree with GolfingDad that the posts are now appearing seem to have an agenda. I have spoken to everyone in our team and they have assured me they are not posting under different accounts to try and provoke an argument. I have even had our I.T. guy track some of the ip addresses to make sure. Guys, please use this forum in the way it is meant, for discussion! If you have an opinion on Dalton's old videos or new one's please share your findings here or on our Facebook page, Website or anywhere you feel fit to. I appreciate as does Dalton that he has some very loyal followers, but guys please don't feel the need to post anything other than 'your journey' the only story we are all interested in is your 'honestly', you can even post your swing on our Facebook page and that's the best advertising you can do for us! If there were things in the original videos you struggled with please post them as it will help us improve the product and this is all the Admin's here are asking for. As Dalton said earlier, when I first met with him, his main frustration the first time around was not being able to talk to the Golfers watching the videos and the thing that excited him the most doing it again was the ability now with the internet and social media to communicate directly and see Golfers improve. Please focus on improving your Golf game and helping others to do the same, If you consider yourself to be a 'Straight Talking Golfer' then please conduct your manner in a way that's fitting. We need our members to be proud of what we all stand for. Thank you to everyone for your interest and hope this Thread continues to grow in the right way and I look forward to seeing some of the posts.