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  1. I just can't believe this on top of everything else has happened to him, he was supposed to win 25 majors and at least 10 green jackets and everything just derailed in 2009 and just setback after setback. We got a brief taste of his greatness at Augusta and then the world has to stop and just before we can see the second encore this has to happen.?When he had it all clicking in the early 2000's no one has ever played this game better than him and I don't think we will see anyone ever at least in our lifetimes dominate professional golf like he did ever. When I heard the news I just felt an emp
  2. Giuliani is a classic example of a buffoon and a sexist one at that. In his twisted brain he probably thinks Michelle wie is an exhibitionist also.
  3. This is really getting old to say but I just wish l could start making time again to play, now that the virus may be becoming less burdensome on our lives I really need to make a real effort. I love this game so much simply because I feel it parallels life on so many ways, its just you against the course no other teammates to make up for your mistakes or hide from. I love the realization of improvement meaning you suddenly start realizing your seeing scores drop and how your playing certain holes different than say 3 months ago. I really miss posting my scores and watching where my index chang
  4. 3 wood, my 2 hybrid is only 20 yards shorter and more easier to control.
  5. I dont know if anyone brought this up but Audi some years back had a breathalyzer key as an option. I think if it works reliably I have no problem with it, seatbelts and helmet laws were debated as infringement but the bottom line is driving is a privilege not a right so if something can be done to make the roads safer then I'm all for it.
  6. I remember you reminding me about this on more than one occasion, I certainly have no problem flaring the left it's the right foot that I have to remind myself about. I have lost about 25/30 lbs over the past year but haven't been playing nearly as much as before, I think having my favorite course close a few years back and there was a range just a mile down the road close about the same time just really discouraged me but I'm going to get back into the swing again this year.
  7. I think it's going to be the same as last year and that's to try and play more, all I did last year was 2 or 3 casual rounds with my neighbor and 3 tournaments with my union but they are only scrambles but I did play pretty well in the last one. I know my index isn't near what's on my profile probably more like 7 or maybe even 8 but I can still feel myself being able to swing the club like before its touch and consistency that are off right now.
  8. It's really great to see these threads back on top of the first page, I haven't posted much as of late but I do believe Tiger woods is the greatest player of all time. When and if he simply ties Jack's professional majors record should settle it for everyone. Tiger will at least have 84 PGA tour victories at that time which will be the most passing Sam Snead at 82 also Tigers 3 US amateur titles gives him the edge over Jack.
  9. My former course used to be plagued with long slow rounds, because the course conditions were difficult beyond other public courses players new to the track would be overwhelmed and spend excessive time searching for lost balls, 5 hours would be considered ok and 6 would be normal on weekends after 10am, the afternoon would get ridiculous to the point of why bother.
  10. This is exactly what Ridley was referring to the other day how distance is changing the game far too much, the USGA and R&A have to do something. Koepka by no fault of his own is clearly at an advantage over a large portion of the field, the ball needs to be designed to require more skill than just sheer power.
  11. Glad to see Tigers feeling better, nothing worse than nagging injuries after overcoming what he has so far.
  12. I have not been as active in this forum as in the past a few unfortunate events caused me to not play as much as I used to namely my course closing, but I'll see if this summer I can reestablish my index and add my name.
  13. flopster


  14. Roddy Ranch, this was heartbreak, Shadow Lakes, another nice course gone Delta View, not a favorite but sad to see an older course gone Bethel Island, a pasture for the most part but ok.
  15. After watching the ESPN special and getting an even better look at what he went through just shows how impressive his comeback is. It really got me thinking Tigers talent was more than what his body could handle if that makes sense to anyone here. The full swings from incredibly awkward stances ripping through heavy cabbage had to cause wear even he wasn't aware of during the younger days.
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