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  1. Is My Improvement Proceeding at a Reasonable Rate?

    I started playing again around 3 or so years ago as well and you and I seem to be tracking the same as far as scoring. Good day for me is mid-to-low 80's, but more often then not I'm in the upper 80s to low 90s, can just as easily throw a high 90s round in there when I'm off (although those days seem to be getting fewer and farther between). Finally bit the bullet and joined a golf club this past fall. Tougher course then I'm used to playing and expecting to play more often so should do some good things for my game. Good luck!!!
  2. How much time do you need to maintain...

    Usually twice a week at the range, once at the short game practice area (chipping and/or putting), and 1 round a week is what it takes me. Finally bit the bullet and joined a local club so hoping to get out more next year.
  3. Breaking 80 Thread

    Thanks and here's to many more boring future rounds!!! Honestly, I knew I had a good front 9 but I was a little shocked that I finally broke threw when I added up my score at the end of the round. Hopefully it wasn't just a fluky round and is a sign of good things to come (not that I suspect I'll break 80 again for some time, but it'll be nice to start playing in the low-mid 80's consistently for a change).
  4. Breaking 80 Thread

    I broke 80 for the first time yesterday with a 78 at my home course. Good (not great) day off the tee, I've hit more fairways in the past but my misses were all long and still playable. 7 GIR's and the putter was in control for the most part. Honestly, there was nothing "spectacular" about the round itself, just stayed out of trouble for the better part of the day and dropped a few longer putts then usual it seemed. The only real odd thing about it is I was coming off what was probably one of my worst rounds ever not too long ago, crazy game for sure.
  5. "GolfNow" starting to run its course?

    I still use it as there are still a number of decent deals on a handful of area courses that make up for the fees charged. There are still some good courses on it, but most of them are a little out of the way so it would make sense for them I suppose to still have a few heavily discounted slots to offer. I still use it as there are still a number of decent deals on a handful of area courses that make up for the fees charged. There are still some good courses on it, but most of them are a little out of the way so it would make sense for them I suppose to still have a few heavily discounted slots to offer.
  6. Listening to advice from a higher handicap

    In response to the original post, I'll admit it, I do take into consideration the individuals posted index when I read through the forum responses. Not that I ignore others, but I tend to focus on those replies from people who are around my own handicap figuring they are probably going through the same things I am for the most part.
  7. Gripping down on every shot

    I've been experimenting myself with gripping down on the driver at the range with some fairly decent results. Haven't had much of a chance to try it out during an actual round so the jury's still out but I do tend to get far less dispersion without any noticeable loss in distance. As a side note, one of my biggest swing flaws is I tend to over-swing and gripping down (along with a narrower stance) seems to help. My instructor had me doing a drill early last season which basically consisted of me swinging with me feet together and choking way down on the club. After a few reps, I would take a slightly wider stance and reduce the amount I was choking down on the club until I eventually got to a "normal" stance/grip. I always seemed to hit the ball 10x better with the narrow stance and lower grip so I figured why not make that my "normal" swing.
  8. Can playing too much make you worse?

    Too much play definitely negatively effects me but it's more physical vs. mental. I find as I get more fatigued I lose all fundamentals and my swing gets very vertical, long, and "armsy". With my schedule I usually only get to play once a week on the weekends but the wear and tear from the range sessions in between do add up. I find I play my best golf early in the season after my body has had a chance to recover over the winter, by the time the fall rolls around the swing starts getting a little sloppy (doesn't stop me from going out, but I can tell the difference). As @iacas noted, the key is finding the right balance.
  9. Favorite Brands Ranking

    Driver/FW/Hybrids/Irons - Ping Wedges - Cleveland Putter - Odyssey Ball - Titleist
  10. Tennis elbow problem

    Nothing to add but good luck, I had a bought of golf elbow myself 2 seasons ago and fortunately stretching and icing were enough for me. I also wore a forearm wrap that I purchased at the local pharmacy that seemed to lesson the impact and helped during play. Not sure if the later truly helped or if it was just mental but it did allow me to play/practice without the pain flaring up. Again, good luck.
  11. Driver fades and irons draw?

    For me, it just seems like part of the issue is the driver set up almost lends itself to a fade swing. Having the ball just on the inside of my left foot with the driver makes me feel like I have to open up my body on the downswing to make contact, result is an out-to-in swing and fade/slice. I've tried moving the ball back in my stance with mixed results at best.
  12. Driver fades and irons draw?

    Over the last few years I've been working on a more inside-to-out swing path with my instructor and, for the most part, it seems to be working with my irons with my now reworked swing being more of a draw with a hook for a miss. It hasn't seemed to translate yet to the driver as my "better" shots tend to fade slightly and my misses end up being wicked slices. It's something I still need to work on, I know, but just wondering if there are those out their that play their driver one way and their irons another and, if so, should I just go with it.
  13. What are Your 2017 Golf Goals?

    My overall goal for 2017 will be to get down to a 10 HI (from 13.5 now) and break 80 (which I'll probably have to do in order to get to the first goal). I don't see me doing a whole lot different versus last year (I took a good number of lessons throughout the year and kept a pretty decent practice regiment) but my primary focus next year is going to be on my driver...it's KILLING me. I'm averaging around 33% in fairways hit with no consistency at all. Going to really try to be more disciplined on shortening my backswing and spending more time with my driver in hand at the range (usually spend the lion share of my practice time working on fundamentals with a mid-iron only). Also plan on finally getting fitted (Merry Christmas to me!!!) which I'm hoping will also help.
  14. Recap Your 2016 Golf Goals

    Not too bad, got close to my main goal and finished the season with an HI of 13.5, more importantly though my overall play felt vastly improved compared to last year. I did stick with the off-season flexibility/strength training and kept up with the lessons (both of which helped tremendously) but still ended up playing the lion share of my rounds on the home course.

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