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  1. Thanks for the help now I understand the numbers a little better, I think I will be able to find info on how to get the numbers to move in the proper directions
  2. The app gives us a pro's swing plane its the red lines ... mine are the blue, so my angle of attack is a little steep ... the plane is a little flat that was why I was getting stuck behind me, and for that we adjusted my take away ... moving straight back and less around me
  3. I find it interesting that you say my swing is a tad steep, in the 3D rendered version it is still slightly under the optimal plane they show
  4. Yes to help keep the ball in play I was setting up face open pointing right of target and it was helping to keep in play, now I need to find a way to correct the club face
  5. I have been struggling with a pull hook, I was told to adjust my takeaway and it has helped bring my swing plane higher less around my body, I have loads of swings recorded, so I need to get the numbers closer ?
  6. It's a swing talk http://www.swingtalkgolf.com Any help would be appreciated
  7. Hi guys can someone help me understand the numbers better , I was told Swing plane and face to path are the critical data
  8. I would say also, go with what works and do not buy too many clubs right now, practice and work on that swing and you will develop a more repeatable swing, after that you will need to know are you a long iron player, a hybrid player or a wood player? I am a wood player never met a hybrid I can't hook out of bounds and will split a fairway in half with any wood, so my setup is 1 wood, 4 wood, 5 wood, 7 wood, 9 wood, 5,6,7,8,9,pw,gw,sw,putter so it is not hard at all to have a 7 and 9 wood. Greens and Fairways !!!
  9. I am in the process of getting the SM for my ping G20 driver, not because I am all over the place but because after reading all over the WWW about the SM I just need to give it a try. Looking forward to giving this a go.
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