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  1. Hey everyone, I have been so busy the past year I haven't had time to play golf or log on, but I am on vacation now and finally spending time at my new house and I am facing an issue that I am sure someone here can help me with. some pictures first I have 6 zones each with its own thermostat, and only one of them is connected to the Furnace and Air conditioner. The issue I am having is that the batteries run out quickly and since I'm not here most of the time I can tell be continuously changing batteries. The idea of connecting each to the Furnace or AC is out of the question, so I was looking it up and the idea of having an external transformer for each of them seems like a great idea! problem is I don't know what I'm doing. Is this even an option that would work? If I found the transformer where would I connect the two wires on the thermostat? what is the best transformer? where do I go get it? should I just get them and have an electrician do it? Thanks guys!
  2. ummm. who cares what they do as long as they don't ruin the round right? They want to go? well, they can coordinate between themselves. :) Nope, but you could always do a dinner at a nice place and a movie at night? This I guess would end the buddies trip thingy and become a couples trip. Could be fun though as long as you got to enjoy the golf without any worry! It all sounds fun by the way, I'm happy for you!
  3. The only way to eat a steak in my opinion is on a black stone.. eat it while you cook it, just amazing!!!
  4. I tried this last Friday and realized I suck at putting in or out.. ugh. Good luck all.
  5. This test isn't really telling me much. Hit those same exact putts without the flag and does the ball not go in? Did those putts really go in just because the stick was in?
  6. So, no timeline but next possible start in four weeks? He is going to go from horizontal to star in 4 weeks in a pro golf tourney huh?
  7. I picked A, but I'm going to change it if I can.. he might make a cut maybe, just saying that he is done and will not make a cut is just too hard to believe.
  8. Thanks Erik! Oh, and great bday guys :) my wife sent me an email this morning actually wishing me a happy birthday.. totally not on the mind.
  9. Well, according to the information I quoted it says "muscle spasms also may signal injury or damage to an underlying spinal structure such as the vertebrae, discs or ligaments that connect the vertebrae" and with the news that he is still suffering, I mentioned there is a probability there is something they aren't telling us.... Maybe he injured something new and he doesn't know it? I don't know, I'm speculating like everyone else.
  10. I looked up backspasams for the heck of it and this caught my eye. There is a probability there is something they aren't telling us.
  11. Great Job! Just one thing, I noticed that you only vloged one hole, I read it that it should be 3 holes.. maybe I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong. VLog a Par 3, Par 4, and Par 5. Talk as little or as much as you want. Narrate your strategy, describe the hole, tell us about your best shot ever there, whatever you like. Anyway, nice job and good luck.
  12. Abu3baid

    2017 NFL Playoffs

    Just admit that your point was torn apart and let's move on :)
  13. Abu3baid

    2017 NFL Playoffs

    I have to admit you are sharp! A special supplemental draft was held in 1984 and SY was drafted first overall by the Bucks.
  14. Abu3baid

    2017 NFL Playoffs

    What an amazing comeback..
  15. Abu3baid

    "Holed Out"

    Playing with my buddy a couple years ago and hacking it up good up and down a course we were playing for the first time.. we are both on the other fair way with the tallest trees I have probably ever seen.. maybe 80/90 yards out.. open up the pitching wedge a little bit and tell him I'm going to go over those darn things (of course I know I'm totally bullshitting, but what the heck).. hit it crisp and we hear a crack and that's about it.. after about 5 minutes of looking for the ball I decide to take a look in the hole and there it was with a broken cup.. it must of just nailed the edge, broken the cup and stayed in.. saved a par lol!
  16. wow.. what could have been going on in her mind the moment she said he class I don't have any underware, and I'm going to do a cartwheel. Video tape me and then promise not to tell anyone, plus destroy it afterwords. Ok. Here I go.
  17. looking forward to the final chapter of resident evil http://m.imdb.com/title/tt2592614/videoplayer/vi3891508761?ref_=m_tt_ov_vi I really enjoyed this series a lot and I'm glad they've are going to finally conclude it. Milla is awesome!
  18. Yeah, haven't picked up a club in 6 months probably just came down with the golf fever.. I'm loosing it. Feeling better now though, man what a stupid thing to get riled up about lol.. but hey, if they can have a pr intern or whatever put a tweet on PGA tour account, surely it can't be surprising that Eyad's alternate ego ca get a post or two in on his tst account? wait, am I talking about myself in the 3rd person now?
  19. I am going to go ahead and say no. For me anyway. The last time I was in the states I thought I am going to go and test new irons, but a new drivier ect. Then I realized that it's all just superficial wants that wouldn't really improve my game at all.. i.e. What's the point of going from an R11 to an M1 or M2 or what ever is out there? Its probably just a personal preference once you get to a certain technology.. nothing might change in the next 5 years, but in 10? Who knows?
  20. Yeah, that will help remove the idea that golfers are elitist who think they are better than everyone else, especially the ones associated with the PGA. The above post really just pissed me off, and I will never buy, participate, or defend the PGA in any way shape or form. If it wasn't for me actually liking golf I would quit if I thought it would do harm to the PGA financially.. unfortinatly it won't and I like golf. But f*** them.
  21. The thing is, this does nothing for slow play and I'm not sure why you think it does. Here is an example. Group tees off, with 5 groups behind them. The first group is on a 4:30 hour pace. Guess what? All the groups behind them are pretty much on a 4:30 hour pace. The first group goes in and pays for that extra 30 minutes, but the other 5 groups behind them refuse because they were all delayed by the group ahead of them. You probably already know this, but one slow group will kill the pace of place for all the groups teeing behind them. You did nothing when you charged by the hour, by the hole or by the round. Now, the groups behind can easily walk off at 4:00 before they finish 18, but then again, might as well make it a pay by hole played rather than time at that point. I'm not being pessimistic as you mentioned, I'm questioning the idea and testing its legitimacy. Not every new idea is a good one, so let us please not pretend that they just solved the pace of place issue.
  22. What's that's 24 number you're dividing by? Anyway, so you really think that $6.75 is what's going to make the difference? I don't. When you set a play by the clock you willl have so many issues to think about it won't be funny. when does the clock start? If starts after they tee off then who keeps track? If it's at the check in then what happens if they go to the tee and the group hasn't teed of? I can go on. when does the clock stop? Same as above. Is it after you putt out on the 18th? Is it when one of the group members runs to the checkout? Does the whole group have to run to the check out? notice, I haven you started asking questions beyond the checkin/checkout. the article didn't give any details on the logistics of how they plan on doing i, so at this point everyone is just guessing. I guess this conversation probably won't go anywhere. Oh well.
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