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  1. No he isn't. He's one of the most widely known examples of basketball players being listed higher than their true height.
  2. I listen to Swedish death metal, so out of consideration for others I don't play it on the course
  3. It's the old guys at my course who play from the white tees, using driver on 130 yard par 3s and still not able to reach. @David in FL is NOT your typical 78 year old.....
  4. They're a huge nuisance (to me) at my local Muni. I honestly can't stand them
  5. If I owned a golf course I'd prolly give serious consideration to offering a student rate. I would prolly also eliminate the senior rate.
  6. TooL - Fear Inoculum Possibly the best album of the past decade
  7. I still can't find the strokes gained stats....any help?
  8. Does anyone know where I can find the strokes gained stats for this Masters?
  9. He looks like a gas station attendant and his head and neck are about 17x bigger than would fit his body Love DJ. He might be the dumbest badass in sports.
  10. Some of these shots of the course we're seeing for the first time are just stunning. This course is so beautiful...these drone shots! Chef's kiss. Not a fan of Im.
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