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  1. I can ABSOLUTELY tell the difference with the weight. I will never use a Clicgear due to how they feel like a tank when pushing them. Sure, they might outlast my SM Speed in the long run but the SM isn't gonna fall apart anytime soon. Not worth it in my book.
  2. I think it's great. I think it adds an element of "interesting" that golf lacks. I love when famous people talk trash reflective of the true feelings they have for one another.
  3. I feel like there are a few pros who line up with the ball way outside...Webb Simpson and Kuchar perhaps? I might be misremembering...
  4. Too far for me, but thank you for thinking of me 👍🏽
  5. I compared his swing speed to his ball speed on a couple of drives the other week and on a few holes it wasn't stellar, like 1.43ish. I think his wedges are too long. He looks awkward with them at that length
  6. colin007

    Google Ads

    Lol so you're saying it really doesn't make a difference? Ugh. It's really an inundation.
  7. Hit partial shots with the PW? I use my PW from 80-130
  8. "Insufferable gobshite." Sounds about right. Eamon Lynch: Bryson DeChambeau berating a cameraman reveals true brand It’s one of life’s more...
  9. colin007

    Google Ads

    I do most of my browsing on my android Google phone. I keep getting ads for something I won't specify, but I always report it as either "not interested" or "seen multiple times" - this is on many different websites including this one. What's the point of giving feedback and reporting these ads if it's not doing anything to help me from seeing this garbage any less?
  10. Looks like he hit the ground 18 inches behind the ball... 🤣
  11. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Golf: Hosung Choi whiffs with driver during event in Asia Rising PGA Tour star...
  12. I was gonna call BS on those figures for calories burned but I looked it up, I'm honestly very surprised it burns that many calories.
  13. And I thought if you wanted to you could mark the ball with the toe of your putter?? Or is it only because these are not actually "ball markers"?
  14. Really?? Most of the time I just stick my Scotty Cameron pitch mark fixer thingy in the ground behind the ball, are you saying that's no bueno?
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