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  1. Anybody use a Chipper?

    Hey @David in FL, what's the smash factor on your chipper?
  2. League Players vs Regular Players - Etiquette

    Ok, maybe harsh. I apologize. There are no coupons at any of the muni courses near me other than resident rates. And I'm not joining a league because I don't really fit in with the demographic of all the leagues I've ever seen in my area.
  3. League Players vs Regular Players - Etiquette

    So then you agree that leagues don't have to follow the etiquette that the rest of us try to follow?
  4. League Players vs Regular Players - Etiquette

    Yeah, this is what I'm talking about.
  5. League Players vs Regular Players - Etiquette

    I guess what I'm really railing against is the sense of entitlement these assclowns seem to have. They really do act like they own the course. And another point, most of the leagues around here play at reduced prices. At one course they play $10 for 9 holes while the rest of us schmucks pay $18.
  6. League Players vs Regular Players - Etiquette

    In the quote you use, I mentioned that there are holes open to play thru to.
  7. My lame-o attempt at a putter with a laser pointer

    Yeah this is what I did and then realized I needed an Edel.
  8. League Players vs Regular Players - Etiquette

    Yeah, pretty much this. A few times recently we have come up on the last league group, and can see that they have fallen behind and there's room to play thru, but they act like they own the course and won't allow people to play thru them.
  9. My lame-o attempt at a putter with a laser pointer

    That laser is about as straight as a politician's promise.
  10. League Players vs Regular Players - Etiquette

    So basically, if I am in the first group that goes out after the leagues go out, and we come to the back of the league and we ask to play through, and they tell us "we can't let you go because we are a league" and I called the pro shop and the pro shop says "it's a league there's nothing we can do", I'm SOL?
  11. When leagues go out, are they expected to follow common etiquette and pace of play? Or do they basically have free reign? Should they be expected to allow faster players to play through who are following and are NOT playing in the league?
  12. Mizuno MP 18 Irons

    Not saying this is always the case, but just being tall doesn't necessarily mean you need longer clubs. And those 18s? Pshaw!! Who wants to play with shovels like those??
  13. I agree. He looks so late with the driver...
  14. Pulling the Handle Inward

    Yeah this makes sense to me. I had such trouble with the driver thread trying to get the feel of having the handle moving in and up after impact. I just could not do it.
  15. Carts in your yard? Suggestions

    WTF for real??? That's unbelievable....I would think in that scenario that removing him physically from your property would be within reason.