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  1. Yeah his swing looked real nice today. Good stuff.
  2. Hey David, what do you use to hit those?
  3. Somebody already mentioned this before, but yeah everything going on with all these suggestions here in this thread are blind luck unless you know where you are actually aiming your putter. And by this, I mean with a piece of mirror and a laser. Otherwise, you have no idea what you're doing.
  4. Is the Velocity even a 3 piece ball? Whatever it is, it's massively overpriced. Edit: I guess I'm trying to say that the Velocity is a crap ball.
  5. 104°… Yikes... European Tour allows players to wear shorts for first time Golfers at this week's Alfred Dunhill Championship in South Africa will give...
  6. That's fair. I guess some people are different.
  7. Haven't we all had rounds where we sucked and quit also? I know I've walked off once or twice when things weren't going right for some reason or another
  8. Get rid of the lob. Mine's been sitting in the garage for 4 years now and I don't miss it
  9. If by "ejected" you mean "shot" then I am with you brother
  10. Piped drive. It's the most rare of the shots for me.
  11. Someone remind me not to pick up the bedding or sheets at @Vinsk's next garage sale...
  12. Wrong. Playing faster is completely in their hands.
  13. DeChamblows Anyways, if they allowed JB Holmes eight minutes to hit a layup, then nothing is going to happen.
  14. Definitely a shank off the hosel. No question about it.
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