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  1. Right going right? Or right going in a straight line? Video would help. Reverse-revving the throttle on a motorcycle feel might help.
  2. Yes, there's both hip and shoulder rotation going on from P2 and P3
  3. I agree. I don't think brake checking is ever a good idea. Nether is tailgating, but two wrongs don't make a right. Brake checking is extremely dangerous. If not for the possibility of causing an accident, you never know who's behind you or what kind of road rage monster they might be. Tailgating doesn't solve anything, and neither does brake checking. My big thing is, if you are in the left lane and aren't passing anyone, GTFO and pull over. People just seem to find the left lane comfortable for some reason and just park it out there.
  4. Huh...His hips are fully open from the topic the back swing...
  5. All I know is that I watch in awe when he's on the tee...DJ too for that matter.
  6. Who the eff is paying $5 for a ProV??? Nobody pays $60 a dozen...
  7. Is Rory the best driver in the game?
  8. I just saw some of Tigs on the GMA recap, Holy smokes he's balder than I thought...
  9. Wow, really good question...ima have to come back to this one.
  10. I know my putts are going to go way up inside 5 feet. But if they change the rule, then I have no problem with it. It'll be the same for everyone. If you want to hurt your chances by taking out the stick then that's your fault.
  11. Question - is there any kind of supernatural element? I'm not really down with that.
  12. hmmm....i will have to contemplate doing that. my wife is black and shes always big on supporting films made by black directors and producers, but shes even more of a scaredy cat than i am.
  13. Woah woah woah...who's saying I'm not lining anything up?? Lol jk....I flip worse than a politician...but yeah, I feel @bankquant's pain....
  14. True, but there are times that you look at a dead center strike on the tape but the smash says 1.42 and you're like
  15. Omg I love that video...priceless