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  1. if i felt like she INADVERTENTLY botched marking her ball, i would feel much differently, and i would NOT call her a cheater. however, this is not what i saw on that replay. she did it on purpose. also, has anyone else notice (maybe its just a confirmation bias) that it seems like the TV coverage is cutting away from players just as they mark their balls?
  2. good lord, i hate that song. the girls absolute beauty does nothing to help the song, unfortunately.
  3. Just keep your head down, you'll be alright.
  4. Actually, when I look at my clubs, most of the mass is low on the back of the club head, pretty much on the other side of where that third groove would be. Hmm....not sure? I don't think the ball would pop up that quickly. If anything I would think it's from the club head descending at too steep a rate.
  5. You could always try setting up to the ball with a slightly open clubface and see how that works. Or just be aware of how forward the hands are, maybe set them just left of your fly instead of all the way out at the hip?
  6. That's a clubface issue, not a path issue. Come further from the inside and you'll just hit bigger hooks left. Deliver the clubface slightly open to the target, with the path a little farther to right of the clubface, and the ball will start to the right of the target and curve back to it. Example - Clubface 2° right, path 4° right.
  7. Actually, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that most of the pics here show contact that is a little high on the face. I could be, and prolly am, wrong. But I seem to remember seeing the wear marks on pros irons being much lower. Like between the second and third groove. Example
  8. This doesn't make sense. If it starts straight and curves left, you're coming from the inside.
  9. Effing sexy!! Is that first one a PRS also?
  10. Might be urban, but he's still got money. Golf isn't really a sport for the poor. Money is a great equalizer in many cases.
  11. I really really wanted to like the interlock because that's what Tigs uses, but alas, tis not for me.
  12. You asked for it with that avatar LOL...welcome to the site.
  13. You could just take a pic with your phone and then select "click to choose files"