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  1. I kinda like this Mitchell guy. Nice swag.
  2. Saw a blurb about Rors switching over to hitting a cut exclusively now with driver
  3. Lifting the left heel is the iron covers of swing fixes.
  4. I'm an alcoholic, but I can't really rail against the alcohol companies' involvement in every major sport in the planet, can I?
  5. Tour pro is Venmoing money to gamblers who lost bets on him at Valspar Championship | Golf News and Tour Information | Golf Digest After a missed cut at... Lol
  6. Get the 7 wood bent a few degrees stronger.
  7. Where's the freaking like button in this sub forum?? 🙂
  8. As hard as I can in case I make contact.
  9. Why would your issues have anything to do with the "mental side"? You've clearly become less precise with your approach shots and chipping. It's got nothing to do with your head.
  10. For me, there's the Titleist Players glove and then there's everything else.
  11. One cannot be reasoned out of a belief that they didn't reason themselves into.
  12. Have you seen Mori's GF? What trumps that??
  13. I mean, I kinda get what he's saying...when was the last time Charlie Wi was mentioned? Lol
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