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  1. CBD=/=THC My biggest issue is with people who use "whom" when they are trying to sound smart.
  2. Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On
  3. I hate this frigging rule. Golfer's dreams dashed with DQ after self-reported rules violation One of the most despised golf rules is in the spotlight again, and Its latest...
  4. Are these long shots flying lower than you'd expect? Higher?
  5. colin007

    Pace Problem

    So is he playing worse than he used to when you played in 3:30? Or he's playing better but more slowly?
  6. I thought everybody here hits it that far? Or if they don't, their nephew who played minor league baseball for a week back in 2001 can fly it 310 but can't hit a chip to save his life.
  7. Reminds me of that kid that got caned in Indonesia (I think?) for spitting on the sidewalk
  8. What are the lowest lofted hybrids and who makes them?
  9. Should have been using one of these. Maybe his drive would've gone farther.
  10. This is in part why Tiger and I were able to separate ourselves in the majors
  11. Most of them are munis so yeah, I guess local taxes help? I'm not actually sure. Most 18 hole rates are in the mid $30s
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