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  1. I can get down with Sevendust!!
  2. Lol no, not even the sweet dulcet tones of Morbid Angel or Bloodbath could soothe my soul...
  3. Do they still use "demand" as one of their metrics?
  4. Thanks bro, much appreciated 🙂
  5. Oh man so much better. The headache lasted about 40 hours but I'm glad I got it
  6. Lol lol lol this sub forum needs reactions, why don't we have reactions up in here??
  7. That's interesting, I never thought that sponsors would care. I honestly don't think anyone would stop watching if the lads started wearing shorts. I still think they look better in shorts.
  8. Thanks guys. Trying to stay hydrated, feel terrible about missing work. At least I know it'll pass eventually
  9. So I got my second shot Wednesday night. Yesterday, almost exactly 18 hours after the shot, I started feeling the onset of chills. I stick it out for two more hours at work, go home, take my temperature and it's a slowly rising fever which I NEVER have. Then comes the body aches, skin hurts, and one of the worst headaches I've ever had. Last night was horrible, between the pain of the headache and the frustration of not being able to sleep it made me want to cry lol. Fever broke overnight, body feels ok, only thing left is this unrelenting headache.
  10. I'm neither a scratch, nor do I know what I'm talking about, but my driver game is shakier than a newborn deer's legs, so I'm laying up. Also, the first two responses I see on the Twitter. SMDH.
  11. If you want to go back to pleated pants and saddle style shoes, IDK what to say...those pictures are disgusting.
  12. I'm really shook. IDK what else to say. Not in control of my emotions right now.
  13. Just so I understand correctly - do you feel there's a correlation between a player's handicap and their slow play/lack of etiquette?
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