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  1. Nah, it's just that people calling it "The Open" grate on me like Ohio State players calling it "THE Ohio State University". It's a *me* problem
  2. Did you not see the 😎? But yeah, Murica!!! 😋
  3. They just played it!! The British Open is next month 😎
  4. That's so weird because I saw him on the front today putting with it out from about 8'
  5. Why has Adam Scott stopped putting with the stick in on all his putts?
  6. Has he given any indication that this will happen this week? It's scary how bad some of these shots/putts are.
  7. This is just laughable.
  8. In my book, DJ has two majors.
  9. You watch Big Little Lies? It's set there. Hopefully the people aren't really like that.
  10. Deep water off the coast right there cools the air significantly.
  11. JFC Tiger, hit the GD fairway if you're gonna lay up!!!
  12. Amateurs are like children, they shouldn't be seen OR heard.
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