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  1. I think what @iacas is getting at here is that when it comes to putters it is a combination of both the Indian and the arrow. There is a putter out there with the correct combination of weights in the right spot that will work for you and you don't have to rely on being "on". Also, unless you have verified by using a mirror and a laser, you have no idea where your putter is actually aimed.
  2. And you slice because of your swing. A more forgiving driver just means higher ball speeds on off center hits.
  3. First group was around in 3 hrs. Love that.
  4. Back to the thread topic That's what she said....
  5. Just got this text from my buddy who is a golf coach at a small upstate NY school. This is what high school golf is like for many of us - "First day of golf practice today...had a kid ask how many holes do we play...cheered when we got done with 9. Thought I was going to drag him in haha"
  6. Hey @Gytaryst man it makes me sad that you've given up guitar ... I've never been in a band type scenario, I'm just a bedroom shredder and I love it. I play along to YouTube backing tracks and have a blast.
  7. Too many chances given. If you get put on the clock and then take more than the allotted 40 seconds, it should be an immediate penalty.
  8. I like DJ, he's cool.
  9. IDK, I still see a difference between that and causing actual damage to a green and a tee box/ground.
  10. Is this not building a stance?? I kid, I kid....
  11. He's always be a tool.
  12. I know this is a bit late, but....he literally hurt no one, he didn't damage the course, how is this even a thing??
  13. I know nothing about shafts, but Wilson makes good irons.
  14. They're actually a hollow body construction. P nifty. The JPX line from Mizuno would be a great GI club for a better player.
  15. Eh, I may have. Not sure, but possible.
  16. There's no indignation like righteous indignation. Let's go full on Old Testament - death by stoning. They've got rocks everywhere.
  17. Is death by fire ants an acceptable suggestion for a penalty?
  18. So in all seriousness, what happens if you leave the guy on the green and go to the next hole? What if it's Thursday or Friday and BOTH of the other guys leave him on the green? Then he's the one who isn't keeping up, that'd be hilarious.
  19. Could you assess that penalty in match play? If so and I'm playing against him in a Ryder or a Pres Cup, I'm calling that on the first tee.
  20. Durrr You're correct, I was mistaken
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