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  1. colin007

    2020 Masters

    How is the grass that green when everywhere else it isn't? Is it because it's a different type of grass than the surrounding areas? It looks painted lol...
  2. Literally? Swing hard in case I hit it.
  3. colin007

    Food Thread

    "Sit out" like on the countertop overnight????? Or do you mean on a wire rack in the fridge uncovered?
  4. colin007

    Food Thread

    Anyone else like the Lao Gan Ma spicy chili crisp? I'm freaking addicted to it
  5. I apologize for bringing this a little OT, but my point wasn't what sounds better - that's subjective. I happen to have a tube amp and love how it sounds, but tubes add distortion, and to many people it sounds good. BOSE and Beats add distortion to their headphones to make people think they sound warmer or fuller or whatever, but in reality it's just different. Studio monitors don't sound like BOSE for a reason. Anyways, that's irrelevant. Not gonna wade into "tone electrons" other than to say omg lol ygbfkm. My point is about performance. Ease of playing, speed, comfort, consistency, these things come with newer instruments. A newer guitar is built for speed and comfort. What you think sounds better or looks better is subjective. Swap out the pickups. Run it thru a different amp. Whatevs. Take this with a grain of salt. I listen to death metal. I think The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty etc suck wet greasy diarrhea ass. That's me.
  6. I completely disagree on vintage guitars. Newer guitars are made with tighter tolerances and can be set up to play so much easier than vintage stuff, and with today's amp modeling and fx processing technology it can be made to sound like anything to want. With your driver, you prolly hit it in the center of the face. With perfect contact you're not gonna see a huge difference between drivers anymore, it's more about how you get fit for it and how it looks and feels to you. Personally, having seen the sweet spot of my driver as often as seeing Scandinavian twins in my bed, I need all the help I can get.
  7. Wait...for a tournament like this, do they remove all the other tees? Or is there a special color tee that they use?
  8. Thanks @Vinsk!! Still low-key chapped at you for bailing on golf last month...but I understand And that brings me to @David in FL and @GolfLug for being two of the most fantastic and generous forumerists when I've visited Florida and Virginia
  9. I think the initial uproar was regarding his use of the term "bitch slap". Had he not used that phrase I don't think we'd be hearing all that much about it. Anyways, I'm sure there are many who are ranked in the top 50 who shouldn't be.
  10. I'm guessing it's a combo of the range balls and poor contact due to swinging out of his kicks.
  11. I feel like most amateur golfers are in the high 1.3s aren't they? Honestly for me a good SF is like 1.43.
  12. I agree. Tiger's loss to YE Yang was eye poppingly shocking. If I saw that midget out on the street today I'd punch him in his trachea.
  13. colin007

    Love and Hate

    I love playing fast with my buddy, running up on a slow group and having them wave us up on a par 3, both of us hitting good shots and putting out for pars all in about what seems like 90 seconds. I'm losing my vision rapidly, I'm only 40 yrs old, so yeah.
  14. I'm a big believer in par 3 courses for beginners to cut their teef on
  15. Might have been straight downwind. Just saw Rory hit a 7 iron from 204 but it was with a healthy tailwind. Nobody is hitting a 9 iron that far without extenuating circumstances.
  16. On flat courses at sea level? Who?
  17. Wait, I'm confused...I thought the stats support the advantage of being closer to the hole even if you're in the rough?
  18. Looked like a slight pull?
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