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  1. I don't think any of us has as much info as we'd like based on the photo. Is it possible this ball is both embedded and resting against the stick?
  2. This certainly seems to be applicable here, no? So it's holed?
  3. Thing is, I've had the same experience with multiple (4+) Clicgears. I'm not knocking it as a quality unit, it's just that I feel it's clunky and heavy compared to Sun Mountain Speeds. Subjective, but to me very significant. Loooool
  4. I know. I have no idea why it feels so much heavier, it really is harder to push. I have no doubt they weigh virtually the same, but they don't push the same.
  5. colin007

    Swing Speed

    Swing speed and where you make contact are totally different things. I think someone who's young and athletic can easily generate swing speed, but only hit the center of the face 1/100 swings.
  6. Are you hitting it low on the face? It's weird to be hitting it that much down and not have it balloon more than 70 feet...
  7. I agree with this. A few of my buddies have the Clicgear 3.5 and while I agree that it appears very well made, durable, tank-like, it's just too heavy and hard to push and steer. I have a Sun Mountain Speed V3 and it's so much easier to push. We all have lightweight stand bags and the same number of clubs and nothing extraneous. Every time I push one of their 3.5s it's horrible compared to mine. No thanks.
  8. I would ask to see that policy in writing. Leaving a gaping divot is ok but pushing my cart across the tee is forbidden?
  9. Huh??? There's people who have a problem with push carts on a tee box??? That can't be for real....
  10. They look good to me. I think you'll be fine 👍🏿
  11. Did people actually think that?? Jesus...
  12. colin007


    That's veeeery little bounce
  13. Lolololol I voted 2-3 wins and 1 major. Honestly, after last year everything has been gravy for me and Tiger. We are so proud of what we accomplished and we're just enjoying the ride right now.
  14. Another anonymous interview, oh well. Michael Collins is a world class suck up. Player confidential -- The truth about slow play in golf and how to fix it Slow play is one of the biggest issues in golf. The Tour is trying to fix it. We...
  15. Get PURE grips and you won't have to do this every year. Honestly , this doesn't sound right. I have had my PURE grips for probably six or seven years now, and they still feel like new, and there are no worn down spots. Again, these grips are supposed to be made from almost 100% rubber, as opposed to virtually every other grip out there that has polymers which are not as durable as straight rubber. PURE grips FTMFW.
  16. Lawyer warns Brandel Chamblee: Stop calling Patrick Reed cheater Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee received a cease-and-desist letter from...
  17. I hit myself last year with a ball that ricocheted off a rock I didn't see partially buried in front of my ball. Anyways, that didn't feel as bad as 4-putting for bogey. Which I've done twice. FML.
  18. I played the Cut matte yellow and they were very durable. Not a ton of spin, so I play them in the spring and fall when it's wet
  19. Why 18? Go for a year flat. I'm absolutely positively sure that you will do it. Actually, I would be shocked if you didn't.
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