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  1. I mean, I kinda get what he's saying...when was the last time Charlie Wi was mentioned? Lol
  2. I'm more miffed by the likes of Adam Scott and Bernhard Langer
  3. I'm not only the student....I'm the president of the student association!
  4. Most of the handful of guys here that I've played with are better than average golfers. That being said, I think the average golfer is much worse than whatever the average handicap is that is publicized by the USGA or whatever
  5. C'mon V, us baldies gotta keep together in solidarity 🙂
  6. He's too short, he looks all stumpy. Also, his clothes don't fit well. 🙂
  7. I don't like Brian Harman.
  8. I felt like I had gotten hit by a dump truck after my second Moderna shot also. Would I get the vaccine again? In a heartbeat.
  9. Baggy straight legged highwaters....barf
  10. What the heck pants was Adam Scott wearing today? They were disgusting.
  11. Big fan of the Vice lime green Pro+ here
  12. Lol I literally said this! Yeah tongue in cheek, but send them out first ahead of everyone else on the first two days and they'll eventually feel miffed enough to quit and die.
  13. 🙂 I'm hoping to die in my sleep at the age of 59 with all of my faculties intact
  14. Yes. I don't like old people. My solution is to make past winners play together as 6:30 a.m. tee times both Thurs and Fri starting on 10. Problem solved.
  15. Did you check out Sun Mountain? I think their Speed Carts are the best in the business, they have a hand brake also.
  16. Anyone else think the naming of holes is ridiculously pretentious? Oh well, I guess it suits the venue.
  17. No ball washers, no rakes, foam thingys, some courses are online transactions only
  18. I like the box and would LOVE for automated balls and strikes to replace the human element of an ump. Especially those strikes high in the zone, we gotta get more guys swinging for contact and not just for hitting home runs.
  19. Make sure your driver face isn't dented....
  20. I got a cheap memory foam from Overstock, I think it was maybe $599 for the California king that I need. Gusta.
  21. Yeah I don't see any reason to play a ProV when there are so many comparably performing balls at a much cheaper price point.
  22. I view OB like I view playing out of divots, ground under repair.... 🙂
  23. I feel like there are a lot of people who don't realize/think of that, which makes me question their mental capacity for decision making across the board.
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