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  1. First, hello I am new to golf and started playing about 6 weeks ago. I hit at the range about 5 times a week and have now played about 7 rounds in the last 2 weeks. I do not keep score but normally get a few pars, and a putt for birde (i always miss) a few times a round. So what I mean is, I can get the ball in the air and in the general direction it needs to go. I have been playing at a local muni where I get a half off price after 4pm. Every day I go though, the course is filled. I try to play as a single, and if I do, I cant even play through because there is a group everywhere on the course. It takes 4.5 hours a round with a group or without. On a very hot day, and probably some luck, I was able to play an open course and finished in about 2-2.5 hours. A 4.5 hours round with a random group is sometimes fun, other times not so much. Either way, it takes way too long. I am starting graduate school at UT this coming week, and I will simply not have the time to play 2 rounds of 4.5 hour golf a week. I will have time to play 2-2.5 hour golf several times a week though. My question is: when is the best time to play on the weekdays ( I assume less busy) and how can I play quickly as a single? If the course is filled my understanding is that there is no way to play a quick round. I also do not have a lot of spare cash to be paying premium tee times. I am new to this sport and it is frustrating the crap out of me because of the time. I have played enough already to know that it does not need to take a foursome 4.5 hours to play a round. This happens because people are idiots. How is sitting at the side of the green, while i am wait to tee off, the time to be counting strokes and recording scores? How do I get through a par 3 and the foursome in front of me has only hit 2 tee shots? Why does everyone need to mark their ball when its not an obstacle? Why can people on opposite sides of the fairway / hole not hit and take a practice swing at the same time? I see the golf course as just that, a place to play golf, not a social get together, not a vacation, or a leisurely stroll through the grass. I have been placed in groups where they actually say something to me about playing "ready golf". Sorry but my time is more valuable than waiting for you to walk to your ball just to follow the proper rules. One guy would use a distance finder for every shot. Any advice on how to play quickly is appreciated. I would love to continue playing through school. Thanks