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  1. Maddog10

    Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    Dropped to a 0.6 this morning. My goal was to get to scratch by the end of next year, but I'm on track to make it quicker than that. I don't think I can make it to scratch by the end of this season, but hopefully late spring/mid-summer of next year I can make it. I have the game to be scratch right now until I get on the green. HAVE to improve in that 5-6 feet range.
  2. Maddog10

    Almost had a double eagle today. . .

    Awesome! My grandfather got a double eagle once, and never had a hole in one. It was the coolest thing ever to see. He hit Driver, 3W on a par 5 and we couldn't find the ball. Looked all around the green, short, long, left, right. Finally I went a peeked in the hole and sure enough there it was. I said "Hey Papa, you forgot to look here!" I've been about 5-6 feet from one but that's as close as I've got.
  3. Maddog10

    My Swing (Maddog10)

    Wanted to re-visit my thread and post a new video. I've been working on my swing a lot this year and have been playing some good golf. I feel that my posture has improved from when I posted my original swing earlier in the year, but I would love to hear your comments. I apologize that the quality of the video is so poor in terms of providing a good view for instruction. I will try to get some videos later this week with a better DTL angle as well as a face-on, and I also will use our DSLR camera instead of my iPhone . If you can tell anything from this video though I would love to hear your thoughts. This is a 50* PW.
  4. Maddog10

    How big of an outlier is this particular stat?

    There's a guy I play with a lot at a local 9 hole course. I would say he's in his early 50's and a good single digit guy, probably a 3-4 handicap. He's got 9 aces in his career, which is incredible to me. Also, another cool stat he can claim is that on that 9 hole course, which consists of three Par 3's, three Par 4's, and three Par 5's, he has eagled every single hole. There is a correlation between skill level and having several aces. There's not nearly as much of a correlation between skill level and having one or two aces though. My wife, who rarely plays golf, got a hole in one the first year she started playing. I've been playing all my life (only 23 though) and am still waiting on my first.
  5. Maddog10

    What Is Your Anti-Handicap?

    1. Handicap: 1.1 2. Anti-handicap: 4.2 3. How long: This year 4. Improvements: Started the season around a 2.0, so I've dropped nearly a stroke and have been trending downward for several revisions.
  6. Maddog10

    First Tee Jitters

    I don't get nervous about casual rounds because I play them all the time, usually with the same group of guys... However, I'm ALWAYS nervous on the first tee of a tournament. It's probably my favorite part of tournament play though, so if I ever stop getting nervous then I'll just stop playing in them I guess. It typically works to my advantage too because I focus even more than usual to overcome the nerves. I make a lot of first hole pars in tournaments. There's nothing wrong with being nervous though, it's normal. If anyone thinks the pros aren't nervous when they step on the first tee of a big tournament, you're crazy. No matter how good you are, or how many tournaments you have played in, there are always some first tee jitters. I remember reading how Nicklaus said he gets nervous to come out and hit the opening drive of the Master's each year, even though he knows it doesn't matter where he hits it... What helped me is just learning to embrace it and enjoy that one shot where I get to be nervous instead of backing down from it. I may hit 100 shots that day (Lord, I hope not) but I may only get to be nervous over that one single shot. Enjoy it, as it's all part of the beauty of tournament play.
  7. Maddog10

    Concealed Carry on The Course

    I'm a CCW permit holder and I exercise my rights every day. I carry with me basically everywhere I go, aside from places that are illegal to carry such as bars. I elect not to carry on the course just because I don't like having anything on me while swinging, but I certainly don't have an issue with those that do. In fact, taking my gun with me in my bag probably wouldn't be a bad idea. I likely will continue to leave mine locked away in a box in my truck though while on the course just so I don't have to worry about kids or anyone messing with it. Some people will never understand why others feel the need to carry a weapon. After all, that's what the cops are for, right? Others, like myself, elect to have the added assurance that we can protect our families in the event that the police can't make it in time. By choosing this route though, it brings an additional level of responsibility to your everyday life. By choosing to be a licensed carrier, you are now under a responsibility to avoid escalating any conflict at all. IMO, drawing your weapon on a person without the intention of firing is rarely a good idea, and thus the only time you would draw would be with intent to eliminate a deadly threat. Some states require you to attempt to retreat before taking action and some don't. My state does not, but even still if a witness says that I was escalating the situation and then later used lethal force, this case just got much more murky in terms of legality. I obviously hope to never have to put my license to use. If I do though, my plan is to make it very clear that I am trying to avoid this conflict and will do so in a loud and public manner so that if there are any witnesses then it will be clear who is the instigator. That way if the situation escalates to the point where lethal force is necessary, the story should tell that I was innocent. There needs to be no "macho" or "protector" ego associated with being a CCW permit holder. That will do nothing more than land you in jail.
  8. Maddog10

    Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    Dropped another 2 tenths to get down to a 1.4... Been on a pretty steady trend this since May and hope to keep it going. Here's my H.I. history this summer. 4-1-14: 0.9 (This one was not real accurate. Didn't have 20 rounds submitted so it was heavily weighted by a couple low rounds.) 4-15-14: 2.0 5-1-14: 2.6 5-15-14: 1.7 6-1-14: 1.6 6-15-14: 1.4 My goal is to be scratch by the end of 2015. Just need to keep things trending downwards.
  9. Maddog10

    Wish me luck with my wife.

    My wife just took up the game this year, and it has been a great experience for us so far. We have a hobby now that we can share together for the rest of our lives. Amazing how quickly beginners improve in terms of shaving strokes from the score. Especially when I compare how difficult it is for me to knock half a stroke off of my handicap.
  10. Maddog10

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Played in a big tournament over the weekend with 200+ entrants. Played well for the most part but the second day was a struggle. Shot 68 (-4) the first day to get myself into the leader group and 1 shot off the lead, but shot 74 (+2) the second day to finish with a 142 (-2) for the tourney. That was good enough for 4th in the tournament, which earned me a decent script payout. Putting really cost me the second day though. I couldn't make anything, but I lipped out about 6 putts. Never made a putt outside of 5 feet. Also I made a complete mess of the front 9 by carding a 40 (+4) at the turn, and it is the easier nine on the course... Overall, if you would have told me before the tournament that I would have finished with a 142 and 4th place, I would have taken it. After being in good position to win after the first day though, I was pretty disappointed that I couldn't put together a better final round. I hit the ball well enough to go low again, but my putting just wouldn't allow it.

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