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  1. FredP

    Steel in fairway woods ?

    Ahhh,I think I understand. Going from graphite to steel you should go one notch stiffer, so to speak, to make up for the increase in shaft weight (which will slow the swing ?). Did I get that right ?
  2. FredP

    Steel in fairway woods ?

    Thanks, kind of what I was thinking, I wasn't expecting a 20yd difference, 10 wouldn't have surprised me. The club I'm thinking of re-shafting is a Rocket Balz 3 w/a stock Regular Flex graphite. I get good distance but I'm all over the fairway. I was thinking of going to a TT Multi-Step Lite with 1 hard step or a TT DG/SL with 1 hard step. I have no trouble getting the ball in the air, just looking for as much consistency as I can and preserving the distance. The Factory graphite shaft is definitely not the greatest.
  3. Anyone out there using steel shafts in their fairway woods ? I have a #3 Rocket Balz w/factory reg flex graphite. It's a great club as far as disance (180) and ability to launch the ball, but I'm finding that it isn't as accurate as my old Callaway S2H2 that I replaced (steel shaft). I was thinking of going to a TT/DG/Reg. Any thoughts ? F
  4. FredP

    Shaft Advice

    Nope, it's not under warranty, I got it used, but I want to stick with it. It's a good club and works well for me. It's a solid club, good distance, good control. As I said my only issue is that it launches too high. I'm hoping to bring the trajectory down and pick up a few yards and some more roll-out. Still torn between the NV 55/R and NV 65/R. Any advantage or disadvantage to either ? Fred
  5. FredP

    Shaft Advice

    Thanks. That was my feeling also. I did contact Ping and they're pushing me to use their Ping Tour 169. I'm thinking that this is just a sales pitch. Will probably go with the Aldila. I'll likely have Golfworks do it. Fred
  6. I need to re-shaft my Ping G20 10.5 driver (good driver), the factory TFC169D Regular flex developed a crack, and it's out of warranty. While I'm at it I want to bring the trajectory down by using a L/M launch shaft and I'm torn between the Aldila NV55/Regular and the Fujikura Fuel 50/Regular. Specs on both are similar, and I had an NV65 in my older Taylor RX360 which worked well. I'm leaning towards the Fuji but a guy I play with makes clubs and he says the Fuji is no better, just more expensive, almost double. I never had a Fuji shaft before. Also, the tip on the Fuji is .335 and the G20 hosel is .350 so the Fuji will need a shim. Any opinions on which shaft might perform better and what difference will a shim make ? Thanks, Fred
  7. Advice: There have been lots of posts on this subject, but it's still confusing. I play a Ping Eye 2 iron, blue dot. The clubs are great but I've got to re-shaft and re-grip due to their age. I've been having some back problems lately and I was thinking of adding 3/4" to the shaft lengths just so I could stand a bit more upright at address and swing. Will this small adjustment change the lie angle significantly or am I over-thinking this small modification. Yes, I am aware that the swing weight will increase maybe 2 points or so but that's OK because Ping Eye 2's are a C9, so maybe I'll end up with a D1 (correct ?). Thanks, Fred
  8. Hi all, New to this forum and I need some suggestions about shafts. I'm 56 yrs old, only been playing for a year or so. I started out with a borrowed set of Ping Eye 2 knockoffs w/TT-Lite Stiff shafts that I liked but had to return them. I found a set of Ping Eye 2 Blue Dots on EBAY and bought them. The heads are mint but the shafts and grips are in bad shape. I want to reshaft & regrip. I got Ping fitted and they told me I was a regular flex shaft w/a Ping ID8-White grip. I borrowed by brothers set of Ping G15's w/regular flex shafts and I'm all over the place. My swing tempo is a bit faster than average so I'm guessing that I need a stiffer shaft. When I hit the 7-iron with the stiffer shaft I hit it 155 yds, with the regular shaft I get maybe 145 and erratic. Someone recommended a TT Lite XL but I'm thinking it's is too stiff. Can anyone recommend a nice steel shaft that's somewhere between regular & stiff ? Something just a bit firmer than regular. Thanks, Fred

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