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  1. In my experience (ACER irons & woods), the club quality is excellent. Their technical staff who put the clubs together are very adept and helpful, based on my calls with their tech support staff. Clubs are actually pretty simple at the end of the day. A head, shaft and grip. You pick the shafts & grips that you want (e.g. Aldila, Fujikura, True Temper, Project X, UST Mamiya, etc. Then you choose a clubhead...note almost all clubheads are produced in the same factories in China (except for Ping). The key is fitting the 3 together with the right characteristics for your swing...
  2. Hey Chuck, I recently tried all of the major game improvement irons that are available: Rocketballz, Titlesist, Mizuno, Adams, Callaway, Ping, etc... I thought the Mizunos were nice to hit, but a bit uninspiring to look at. So the Titleist AP1s were the clear winner for my swing. The swingweight, shaft, minor offset, "unchunky" looking face, coupled with the forgiveness/sound/feel of the face was amazing. I'm a mediocre golfer and I find it hard to do any wrong with these clubs, even off-center mis-hits travel well. The stock shafts Dynalite Gold XP weigh 114g, but have a soft tip. This feels
  3. Most stock club shafts will have a softer tip section of the shaft to produce a higher ball flight - which sounds the case with your irons. This gives a nice feel for the average golfer who has a mid-swing wrist release and doesn't flex the shaft aggressively. All of the project X shafts (5.0, 5.5, 6.0, etc...) are designed for better golfers who want a piercing (lower) ball flight, because they have no issues striking the ball to get it airborne. That means the tip section will be firm and the kickpoint will be higher up the shaft. Additionally they will not torque as much. For the 'av
  4. The distance is a function of swing-speed and loft. Think of a garden hose: depending on the amount of water flow applied (swingspeed),and there will be an ideal angle (loft) that will get the water to travel the furthest distance. Too low or too high and you lose distance. For the sake of simplicity, let's control other variables (e.g. shaft is suited for your swing, ball is the same, and assume that we hit the ball in the sweet spot every-time. With a 90 mph swingspeed, here is what the lofts will produce (total distance + roll): - 9 deg = 229 yrds - 11 deg = 237 yds - 13
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