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  1. You can take a couple quick practice swings in less than 5 seconds......if that helps you, go for it. What I think bothers most people is the person that take 2-3 LONG practice swings where you addressing the imaginary ball, doing a few Ernie Els wiggles, waggles, etc., then stepping up and duffing it 5 yards. That can get taxing! In my experience, what really adds to the list of slow play is 2 main things. 1) Looking for a ball for WAY too long and 2) not being ready to hit when you are up. You can be off to the side, visualizing your shot, taking some practice swings, all that stuff,
  2. She is busy not being on the LPGA. :)
  3. A new pair of Adidas Tour360 4.0 kicks. Got the silver stripes on white/black. These are EASILY the most comfortable shoe (golf or recreation) I have ever owned. Our local Golf Galaxy had them for 149.99 (Golfsmith was 179.99) and were offering 25 bucks off any purchase over $150.
  4. Thats cause they are longer and spin less. As good as 99% of pros swing, they can make a V1x spin plenty. A regular V1 would probably spin TOO much for them......as in hitting 10ft past the pin, and ripping backwards past the hole and off the font of the green. Us mortals dont necessarily have to worry about that, though! I personally prefer the "X" as wel, though.
  5. If you are going to "try" the ProV balls, I would suggest purchasing a 4-A or 5-A rated dozen from lostgolfballs.com. They are absolutely good as new and half the price including shipping.
  6. I would definitely be curious to see those numbers. Unless the balls used for 18 holes had some kind of defect (hit a cart path, split/scuffed cover etc) I cant think of a tangible reason they would perform noticeably different. It isnt like 18 holes will "wear out" the insides of a golf ball.....especially one as high quality as the ProV1.
  7. I use the Titleist permasoft as well. Great, comfortable glove. I keep (2) in my bag at all times.....one to wear at the range, the other to wear when playing. I usually pick up 2 of them every couple of weeks at our GolfSmith.
  8. If you cant spin a NXT then you need to re-evaluate your swing and not blame it on the ball. Any NXT will spin plenty for most people.
  9. I only have experience with lostgolfballs.com, but if you stick with 4A or even 5A rated balls from them, it is EXTREMELY hard to tell the difference between the used ones and a brand new version. To each their own........but I personally dont ever buy ProV1's new.....always get them used from LGB.com and havent been disappointed yet.
  10. If you want wedges with maximum spin, you cant beat the Titleist Vokeys. Be forewarned though, they arent forgiving at all and can be hard to hit till you get used to them. I like carrying a 60*, 56* and 52* wedges in my bag. I use the 60 mainly for chipping/pitching around the green when i need the ball to go high and stop quickly. I absolutely love this club. I use the 56 out of the sand, and my 52 is perfect for the 115-125 yd range. Better for me to take a full swing with a 52 than try to take some off of a PW.
  11. Slicing is almost always caused by a swing that is over the top. The drill mentioned above is good. You can also picture in your mind the feeling of throwing a frisbee underhand with your right hand during the downswing. This feeling will force you to drop your right hand on the downswing, making it a LOT easier to swing in-to-out.
  12. You are 51? Judging by your responses and lame attempts at personal insults, I would have pegged you for more like a 16yr old whiny high school kid. What is a 6-handicap player doing acting like he knows everything? Guess you arent very good at implementing those "self taught" swing theories,eh? You really think the only difference between a touring pro and a club pro is resources?? Wow....that just screams ignorance. You do know not every successful touring pro grew up with a silver spoon in their mouth.....right? Thats just a dumb generalization.
  13. Are you completely obsessed with that article or what??? It isnt the end all be all of golf ball selection.......
  14. Hitting off of mats can hide the fact that you are hitting the ball fairly fat. The mat will give and allow you to still hit a descent looking, straight shot.....however, off of grass, that same shot would have the divot going farther than the ball. There is a reason the pros dont hit off mats.......
  15. Have you thought about the Pro V1 "practice" balls? They are the exact same as the normal ones, they just have PRACTICE stamped on one side. They are right at your price range of $30/dozen as well. Hard to beat that deal.
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