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  1. Hi All, ***FYI link to clubs is HERE *** Brand new to this forum and golf in general, actually. Here's the story: I'm 27 years old and live in Southern California. My parents, who are AVID golfers, live a thousand miles away. When we get together a few times a year, we basically just eat and talk, which is getting a little stale. So I figured I should take up golf so we can actually do something together to bring us closer. I've taken golf lessons before as a 13 or 14 year old (parents made me, I hated golf when I was younger) and my folks used to drag me around various golf courses during the summer, so I have cursory knowledge of both the game and swing technique. Anyway, I'm looking at buying a set of clubs and was wondering if THESE would be a safe bet. My dad said they looked like just what I was looking for, but he has no idea if it's a good deal or not. So any help you guys can give me would be appreciated. Is it a good deal? Would I be overpaying? Is it even the right set for a beginner? Thanks in advance, Benny Dee
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