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  1. Yup, I ordered them off amazon and I saw that Golfsmith had them before they turned to Golf Galaxy. I was gonna say I have like 10 extra and would meet up with you but it sounds like you're good. I bought 2 dozen just in case when I got them off amazon BTW, I hope all is well with you. Sorry we missed an archland get together this year
  2. Well done!! Yeah, that was my experience there!! I would love to something at Far Oaks or Gateway this year since we did Stonewolf last year
  3. Sorry, I haven't been around much. Just had our second kiddo so been hitting courses etc but not much time on the computer. I played BC once this year and find it to be a horrible course in how its managed and the cost. It is not kept up very well either for the price. I would spend my money at at least 15 other courses in and around St Louis. Hope it went well with you buddy!! We need to put something together for an Archland gathering again
  4. I fully believe Nickent has made some fantastic hybrid clubs. I had 2 of them back in the day and I hit them so consistent it was hard to take them out. Clubs just dont last forever and they saw so much use, I ended up having to replace them
  5. I was like that quite a bit when I took the game back up after playing some as a kid. I have been back for about 5 years or so. I would go to the range and hit an extra large bucket of balls, mostly with my driver. The thing is, my score never got any lower and I would be in the mid to upper 90s. Once I spent more time with my 7 iron and made it a point to spend about 30 to 40 minutes around and on the green, my score started dropping dramatically and I have shot my low round this year with a 73. The reason being I am now comfortable with my putting stroke even though it is not a grip/str
  6. I would not say for me that the aiming was the most important but how I could consistently get speed correct. I have changed my grip and style a few times since getting fitted for my Edel putter and I always seem to be able to adjust for the aiming with some practice. The confidence on getting the right speed for me was imperative as its the one thing that stays constant no matter how my grip/style evolves
  7. This happened on my Edel 60* and as above, a little bit of superglue and it hasn't moved since
  8. Yup, I get asked about it all the time and use it to tell people to come here but not sure if it works or not It is my good luck charm!!
  9. I am not an expert but its difficult for me to believe blanket terms such as "spins less" or "more distance" when it comes to overall performance of a driver (or other clubs for that reason). The biggest thing one can do is be fit for their clubs. I think it does so much more than getting the correct lie, loft, length, etc. I just picked up the new Cobra King F7+ which spun significantly less than anything from Callaway. I hit everything they had with every shaft available and still hit Cobra the best (which has always been true with the exception of the Taylormade R7 back in the day)
  10. I liked stonewolf but I dont mind driving out to Winghaven
  11. I would love to see some of that in action. When are we going to do another outing?
  12. I wear Cadet XL glove and midsize grips. I feel much better since making these switches. Seems like you should go into a golf store and look at the charts to see what would work best for you and give it a try. As other said, just do one club. Seems like a fairly inexpensive test situation
  13. Cobra Bio Cell + set at 15 degrees I am very confident with this club. My 4 iron goes about 190 and my 3h goes 200-210. Anything more than that (in the 220-230 range) is this club. I have hit some very accurate shots with it and feel very comfortable with it. In the first round this season, I have plopped one from 225 out within 15 feet from the pin. I may change my driver this year but I get the feeling this club along with my hybrid (also a Bio Cell +) will be around for a long time
  14. Did anyone make it to this? I had some things come up and couldn't make it. Also, we should get a spring round get together going...
  15. Well, its been a few months since I have posted but I played for the first time in 3 months. Playing in February in St Louis is a treat!! We have had some great weather recently. Far Oaks Golf Course 39 - 38 - 77 - This is my low round!! I was putting for Eagle on 3 of the holes today (didn't get one) but had some great shots and putts. Best all around round I have ever played. Sank a 50 ft but for par on the last hole
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