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  1. I'll give you $50 for it. You'll more than double your money! 🙂
  2. Ok, you convinced me. And the plus is allegedly a nearby Dick's has one (exactly one) in stock. I ordered the f9 for curbside pickup. With my coupon and rewards, out the door for under 100 bucks. Now I'm just concerned their inventory is off and they really don't have it on hand.
  3. Lol, the reason I'm looking is that since I don't hit my hybrid much I gave my Cobra (don't recall the model) to my son for his school season. I am in general a fan of Cobra since they seem to be as good as but less expensive than a lot of the competitors.
  4. I'll check, but I should also mention that I have a bunch of Dick's / Golf Galaxy rewards and a $20 coupon I was planning on putting to the club. But I'm sure there are other things to be had at the retail store.
  5. I've actually bought several things from Callaway preowned and am a huge fan. But their stock and newer hybrids is nonexistent. Last I checked there wasn't a single men's RH epic flash.
  6. I'm in the market for a new hybrid and am looking for suggestions. Let me start by saying that I am a notorious cheapskate and always looking to maximize value. So I started out looking at a generation older club to save some money and was debating between the Ping 410 ($169 new) and the Callaway Epic Flash ($199). I had kind of settled on the Callaway figuring that the fact that it was a bit newer and adjustable where the Ping wasn't so therefore worth the extra $20, Then I started to wonder is a new Callaway Mavrik might be worth the extra $50 over the Flash. Unfortunately I don't know if I'll have much luck demoing the older clubs as the stores tend not to keep older demo clubs around. Best I could probably do it tape up a new club, so I'm not sure I can tell much from hitting them. So, can anyone provide any feedback on the clubs I'm considering, or are there better options?
  7. I think I'm close to having things "click" for me but I'm still struggling. Things are feeling better on the range, and for stretches on the course, but I tend to fall apart at some point during a round. It feels like aliens have taken over my body. I think maybe im getting armsey and not starting with my hips. How can I combat this?
  8. I'm trying out a new swing feel and am looking for input. Here's a slow mo video face on and DTL. Sorry for the lighting conditions.
  9. Thanks all. Again, for clarification, I'm not taking about pitch shots around the green. Im questioning my strategy from the 50ish yard area where it's a half to 3/4 swing. Sounds like my using my 56 is not out of the realm of what a lot of folks do so I'll stick with that.
  10. I've been using my 56 degree sand wedge about anything that's too close for full swing (at least until I get to chipping range), but I'm wondering if maybe I should be using my 50 degree gap wedge instead. What do most people use for these types of shots?
  11. The think slow-mo on my phone only records for a few seconds. Not nearly enough time for me to hit record and get to the ball before it ends. I guess I can play with it and see.
  12. So I did another4 "range session" today and did my best to get a DTL and head on video both at regular speed and what slo-mo capabilities the app I use has to offer. For some stupid reason the slo-mo, which wasn't that "slow" anyway, added more personal info that I care to post so I'm not including that.
  13. Yes, if you have someone there to take a video for you. I'm somewhat limited in that I'm using a tripod and app that detects and records my swings.
  14. I remember checking out V1 before deciding on Zepp but can't remember why I chose not to use it. Does V1 automatically detect your swing and start recording?
  15. I've been waiting for the Caddytek rangefinder top go on sale at Costco, but today saw the Mg600s that has the lock confirmation that the Caddytek lacks. Does anyone have experience with both or either that could help?
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