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  1. I think I'm close to having things "click" for me but I'm still struggling. Things are feeling better on the range, and for stretches on the course, but I tend to fall apart at some point during a round. It feels like aliens have taken over my body. I think maybe im getting armsey and not starting with my hips. How can I combat this?
  2. I'm trying out a new swing feel and am looking for input. Here's a slow mo video face on and DTL. Sorry for the lighting conditions.
  3. Thanks all. Again, for clarification, I'm not taking about pitch shots around the green. Im questioning my strategy from the 50ish yard area where it's a half to 3/4 swing. Sounds like my using my 56 is not out of the realm of what a lot of folks do so I'll stick with that.
  4. I've been using my 56 degree sand wedge about anything that's too close for full swing (at least until I get to chipping range), but I'm wondering if maybe I should be using my 50 degree gap wedge instead. What do most people use for these types of shots?
  5. The think slow-mo on my phone only records for a few seconds. Not nearly enough time for me to hit record and get to the ball before it ends. I guess I can play with it and see.
  6. So I did another4 "range session" today and did my best to get a DTL and head on video both at regular speed and what slo-mo capabilities the app I use has to offer. For some stupid reason the slo-mo, which wasn't that "slow" anyway, added more personal info that I care to post so I'm not including that.
  7. Yes, if you have someone there to take a video for you. I'm somewhat limited in that I'm using a tripod and app that detects and records my swings.
  8. I remember checking out V1 before deciding on Zepp but can't remember why I chose not to use it. Does V1 automatically detect your swing and start recording?
  9. I've been waiting for the Caddytek rangefinder top go on sale at Costco, but today saw the Mg600s that has the lock confirmation that the Caddytek lacks. Does anyone have experience with both or either that could help?
  10. Can anyone recommend a good app for recording my swing without someone to help? I use Zepp currently, which is pretty good but lacks a slow motion option.
  11. Sorry, my ability to get videos of myself is pretty limited. I can probably get a face-on, but I usually get slo-mo by reducing the play speed on YouTube.
  12. I've been Playing Golf for: 6 years My current handicap index or average score is: infinity My typical ball flight is: inconsistent The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: pull hook Against my better judgement, I'll go ahead and put a couple of video up, but first a little about me. From the get-go I've had two big issue; I ginormous over swing, and not getting my hips through. I do take lessons, but not as often as I'd like. The videos below were from two days this week with a couple of new thoughts I'm working on. I think these are about as good as I can expect right now, but I can't repeat it. Videos:
  13. That's the theory, but I've had little success with it. My sad little brain would always start the same way abs make some correction half easy through to get to where I want to be. I've had much more luck thinking about how to properly start. Not really, because in order to throw the club down the target line from a normal back setting position you have to shallow there arms and go almost side arm, like a good golf swing. It feels good, I just totally lose that feel when I get over a ball.
  14. I've heard it's more throw the club at the target than right field, and I have played with that in the past but for some reason it never really clicked with me. Lately I've been toying with the feel of getting to my backswing and dropping my right elbow to my body, and that seems to be working. Maybe I'll bite the bullet and go ahead and post a couple of videos.
  15. Thanks, that's what I'm thinking about going to. Typically I have more success with thoughts about starting the swing rather than results, but nothing seems to be clicking for me on this one.
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