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  1. I currently play 710 ap2s 4-pw and was considering switching to the mbs in my 7-pw. I like the look and feel of the mbs in the shorter irons and can get a pretty good deal. do you think the two irons are too different for a combo set?
  2. I have been shooting like crap in high school matches. We play super easy courses and should be shooting 39-41 easily. At my country club which is a much harder course i easily shoot 42-45. My dad says i try too hard in the matches to play good. Is that even possible and how does it hamper my playing? My lowest round in 3 matches is 48! I am a freshmen and i am the 4th guy on the team. The top 3 shoot around par. Is it that i am trying to impress them and that affects my playing? Any info would help greatly!!
  3. Its not my swing. I hit 7/8 fairways. I don't really hit my 3 wood too well but other than that it was pretty good. My bunker shot had a bad lie and when i hit it over the green i had another bad lie (the course we play at sucks)
  4. So my school played a scrimmage against another school in my town, which i have a lot of friends at so I wasn't nervous at all. It is an easy course but in terrible shape. I was even through four holes and took a nine on a par 5. My drive was near OB but i punched out, hit a bad 3 wood shot, then another bad shot which landed in a bunker and gave me a crappy lie. Then from there on out i only parred one other hole and got a double bogy and a triple. Do you have any tips on how to keep my score down and minimize my error?
  5. My school golf team plays at a shitty course with terrible greens. The greens themselves aren't the worst part (they are bumpy and don't break like they should) its the fact that i am used to good greens. Also chipping is insanely difficult for me because i am used to having pretty good lies and now its usually dead grass or dirt or something difficult if i miss a green. This is causing me to shoot 46, 47, even 48 as opposed to 40, 41, etc. do you have any suggestion as to how i should attack these chips and putts? ( i am the fourth man on the team and i want to play like it, also i am a fresh
  6. I recently joined my high school golf team and am on the squad. The greens are terrible, they are slow, don't roll, and don't break like they look. This has really affected my score because i have had to change my short game and my putting a lot. Putting is terribly difficult because its the opposite of what I'm used to. Any tips for greens like this? also short game tips would be appreciated. Every time i try to bump and run the ball just stops and it is insanely hard to save par.
  7. I am currently a freshmen and am signing up for golf. I have been playing for a year and a half and am shooting about high eighties, low nineties. I am a 17.2 handicap. My school has never won any titles in mens golf (except once in like 1968). I just don't really know what to do or how it works. My team has 3 really good seniors and i would probably be the fourth man considering no one else golfs regularly like i do. I am curious as to how high school golf works and what experiences some of you have had with it.
  8. Hello everyone. I am currently a freshmen in highschool and i want to join the golf team. I am currently shooting low nineties (consistantly) usually with a 44 or 43 on either the front or back nine. I know i will have a spot for sure if i can get to mid eighties by frebruary. Any tips for shaving a few stories, or if you played high school golf?
  9. I currently play 3 wedges (pitching wedge 46, 54, and 58 degree) i will be switching in december to a 52, 56, and 60 degree due to the huge gap i find myself in. should i play a hybrid or a five wood in my bag?. i hit a 4 iron 180 yards and a 4 hybrid about 200 and a 5 wood 220. if so which hybrid would you recommend because i think that would be a better choice.
  10. i am getting an oban kyoshi purple shaft and wanted to know how much the titleist 913 d3 head alone costs?
  11. i have pretty much narrowed it down to yellow, orange, or red. What are your opinions?
  12. honestly knock off putters work for some people. My father has tried multiple putters (new scotty camerons, taylormades, and ping) has always came back to his 20 dollar knock off putter that he loves. Choosing a putter is all about feel and what you like. I personally prefer the feel of my scotty cameron but if i found one with better feel that was a knock off i would be fine with using it.
  13. my uncle who is a terrible golfer picked up an R1 recently and i will say it has definately improved his driving. as for you i am assuming you are a better player and would go with the titleist. i also have the choice of the two ( i can pick any driver head i want i just narrowed it down) and am thinking of the titleist 913 d3 with the OBAN kyoshi purple and am excited to see how my numbers are when i get fitted :D
  14. I am going to be fitted for a shaft around december and im looking at the OBAN kyoshi purple and am pretty sure that will be the shaft i choose, but i am also getting a new head. Currently all i can think about it the titleist 913 d3 as apposed to my rbz tour. Wondering what you guys think though! what heads would you recommend/ use?
  15. only heard good things :D im thinking of going with lamkins on my irons net re grip, the tour wraps are just "too grippy" if you know what i mean
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