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  1. What do you think of Mark Crossfield?

    He actually moved to JPX improvement irons to get more distance and make his game easier. He will also tell you why irons are going further now - jacked up lofts and longer shafts. He has also said many times that whatever club you use it is about having the ball hit the middle of the face and have a straight clubpath at impact. The guy gives out tips and advice for free, why knock him. It is only an opinion he gives and he advises you to try out stuff and get your own opinion on it. Any plain easy to understand instruction is ok in my book.
  2. What'd You Shoot Today?

    I played Consett (UK) in 2 over par one day and George Washington (UK) in 30 over par 2 days later!! Isn't golf a strange wonderful game . Hitting ball well off tee one day, and then turned into woody woodpecker next time out with tree seeking pull off tee. GW was first time I'd shot 100 in over ten years. Next time out was 5 over, and won midweek sweep at Hobson (UK) - like I say strange game .
  3. I would like Dufner's Swing for long game, but not his short game or putting stroke!! (I have that already ) I would take Tigers short game and putting over anyone else , the only thing I have of his is a bad back and the ability to pull the ball left. Prettiest swing out there has to be Luke Donald. Even if I couldn't score well I would like Luke's swing and short game so he's my choice.
  4. What do you think of Mark Crossfield?

    He has 2 channels now one for brief quick tips to answer viewers questions and a longer weekly fix which addresses several issues. He puts things over quickly and usually has a few different ways of trying to fix something - we don't all learn the same thing the same way. He also likes to have a laugh and I think some of people commenting take him the wrong way, he did post a video of himself shooting a nine on a par 5. How many other coaches would do that? :-) If you know a lot about golf then a lot of his stuff you will know, but its not aimed at you - its aimed at folk who can't get the ball round a course or suddenly struggle and can't fix it.