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  1. I just moved to west hollywood, anyone recommend courses in the area? Thanks!
  2. All "tour" model irons usually have less offset than their "novice" counter part. This is the case for Titleist Ap1 vs Ap2, Callaway x vs. x-tour, Taylor Made Burner XD vs. TP irons.
  3. I played some IX tours the other day, my impressions were that it's great of the tee, maybe 10-15 yards longer at least than the prov's that I usually play. They track a great line when putting, but don't hold as much spin as the prov's. Also, it's been a while since i played them but I seem to remember the HX tours rolling a little better on the greens. Any opinions?
  4. So I'm wondering what people would recommend for courses in the Nor-Cal / San Francisco Bay Area. I life in SFC. I personally play Monarch Bay San Leandro and The Met in Oakland. I like longer courses (7000+ from the blacks or tips) and fast greens. Any other recommendations?
  5. The 775's - way too much offset for my liking, the NS steel shafts even in stiff are too soft. Plus something that bugs me - there's a thick red line across the back of the 3-4-5 irons, and it's scratching off after about a month of use. I saw a bunch of returned ones at the Golf Mart by house and they all had the something or worse. Don't want mine looking like that after a few more months.
  6. Any golfers here from the SF bay area?
  7. hmm.. I took a look at them today, offset doesn't seem too bad.
  8. Ahh man I hate aeration. I think it really screws with the line and in the end is a waste of greens fee. Can't stand it.
  9. I think Fuzzy Zoeller is a punk.
  10. Need some new irons that are forgiving, but I hate excessive offset.
  11. Which sf bay area do you play?
  12. As long as it doesn't disrupt. I'll probably be talking crap though hahaha
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