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  1. I'm not really sure. I would probably guess 85 octane.
  2. Just payed $1.10. Lowest that I have paid in a long time It is kind of nice being able to fill up for $37 versus $120. This is in Wyoming.
  3. $1.44 right now here. Kind of funny, the gas station across the street from was $1.99.
  4. I paid $2.06 this morning and the price jumped up to $2.97 this afternoon. Oh the humanity!
  5. I agree with a lot of things in here, too many to list actually but disagree with a couple. Children are lead by example. Parents need to get away from the saying, "do as I say, not as I do." A spanking never hurt anyone as long as it is within reason. Timeouts only work when used appropriately. This means sitting a child in an empty hallway with nothing to look at but the wall and taking away things that mean something to them. Sending them to a room full of toys, cellphones, video games, tv or computers does NOT work. One of the reason you see most
  6. Gas here has just hit $2.99 per gallon Last I checked (I could be wrong) but minimum wage in Denmark was roughly 109 KR ($21.50 USD) versus $6.55 USD in America.
  7. This would be a question that your co-worker would need to call the insurance company on. Policies differ so much any more. My policy actually covers my kids even when they are in the military (even though military has their own). I have seen some cover kids up to age 23 regardless of student status. Bottom line, they need to call on this one.
  8. I use 3balls.com . Everything I have bought is in better condition than what they have said
  9. First thing I notice is that you have open tags. Line 386 (sidebar div) - The div tag is left opened. Line 476 has an open tag There is no closing tag for Looks like the theme may be broken, this is at the bottom of the source:
  10. Went camping over the weekend and played in the water.
  11. I got mine the other day as well. So is it safe to say that this grip will fit on a driver? It was marked 580 which I assume means .58? I just don't want to remove a perfectly good grip just to screw up putting this one on because it is too small. On a side note, I got my golf balls from Callaway around the same time as my grip even though I was never successful with a code lol.
  12. or how about when the music you used to listen to is now considered classic rewind music
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