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  1. Honestly, your chances are minimal and border on impossible. The number of tour pros who picked up the game at age 13+ is going to be tiny. I can't think of any examples off the top of my head but would be interested to hear of any that others can think of. I would wager that to become to PGA tour pro you would need enough talent to get down to a +1 handicap fairly soon after puberty and getting there without much in the way of coaching. Having that level of natural ability would leave room for top coaching to take you down to a +3 and beyond (the level needed to even have a sniff of gett
  2. Agree 100% with EJ. The instruction with evolvr is the better than every single instructor I've had in person lesson with any A LOT cheaper. 30 mins with a local pro may set you back $70 so I would say you owe it to yourself to give evolvr a shot for 2 months and see how you get on.
  3. I shall remember the name for when I'm next looking for lessons, thank you!
  4. Pull ups 3x8 Bent over rows 3x10 Weighted chin ups 3x8 T-bar rows 4x12 lat pull downs 3x12 seated bicep curls 3x12 hammer curls 3x12
  5. @Mr. Desmond 's video is exactly the one I was about to post after I read the OP. Despite being a bit of a long video to watch it is very informative. It's not a shot I play on the course yet though for two reasons: I don't practice enough short game to have the confidence in the shot nor do I have any feel for distance with it I often am not playing a urethane covered ball than will check up as I'd want. I am guilty of just playing whatever balls I find
  6. Now that is cool. But it looks like an easy maze to get through
  7. Bench press 3x10 (first time going really heavy but for a lot of sets like this. Really enjoyed mixing things with this, got the idea from a powerlifter friend) Incline DB press 4x10 Cable flys 4x12 Dips machine 8set drop set Overhead tricep extension with DB 4x10 Cable pushdowns 3x12
  8. Welcome! I will echo @David in FL in that that's some impressive speed with the relatively short club. Have you tried hitting a driver recently? I suspect that if you are swinging better than ever you might have success with the driver of you try it out again
  9. @jballard388 , If your ball speed was correct at 170mph then you could maybe squeeze you 10 more yards with optimal launch numbers but for a 155-165mph ball speed then that would be a good carry distance. A good tool to play around with is flightscope optimizer, it lets you plug in some launch numbers and see what happens! http://flightscope.com/products/trajectory-optimizer/
  10. Yesterday's results where pretty crazy! Fingers crossed Liverpool can take 3 points this afternoon to capitalise on Man city slipping up against stoke
  11. I recommend you heed this advice @webb1522 . This game is hard but it is a lot of fun! I would say as someone new to the game forget about birdies! Play with the mindset of bogey is good, par is a bonus but try to keep anything more than double bogeys off the card. One of my favourite sayings I've heard is simply, "Par is good, just make pars"... I think it came from Mark Crossfield actually
  12. Thanks for the advice. I do backup but probably not as regularly as i should... I currently back up the system to my external hard drive once a fortnight and both my system image and my data onto dropbox every week. I do often forget though.
  13. Now that I can get a solid state drive (SSD) with 250GB storage for under £120 (about $200 for everyone else in the US), I'm seriously considering upgrading my laptop with one. I've read numerous reviews that seem 100% positive, you get faster boot, longer battery life, cooler and quieter system. Currently looking at this one: http://www.amazon.co.uk/SanDisk-SDSSDHP-256G-G25-Internal-2-5-inch-Device/dp/B0093HMLAS/ref=sr_1_1?s=computers&ie;=UTF8&qid;=1409399401&sr;=1-1&keywords;=250gb+ssd For me the only downside is I have a lot of media on my current hard drive, about 300GB
  14. Listening to Royal Bloods album, a great rock album IMO. They are doing very well here in the UK. Also just purchased Ed Sheeran's new album on recommendation of my sister. I'll give that a listen this week.
  15. I usually warm up by stretching for a minute or so. I then hit putts for 5 minutes to try and get i feeling for the green speed that day, although we all know a lot of putting greens play nothing like the greens on the course... I'll then move over to the warm up nets just behind the first tee and take some easy swings with my gap wedge, working my way up to full shots. i'll only hit maybe 10 shots but without much time in between, it's not practice after all. Then i feel ready to play. On the first tee, i'll usually take 5 practice swings or so though just to make sure I'm loose. I fin
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