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  1. I agree it's unlikely. It was more of a scenario presented for argument's sake, rather than the likelihood of it happening. It's a funny game though, there is still a chance that he'll get into some groove that happens in golf sometimes, even at a late age. The chances of it happening are much less -- but there is a possibility still.
  2. This thread will hit 400 pages (not posts, pages) soon. It asked one "either/or" question. I predict the posts will dramatically slow down as Tiger gets more wins. The only thing keeping it going are the 18/14, then 18/15 guys. It's pretty silly that these guys are so number dependent that even probably 18/17 (and if Tiger were to have no other wins but majors during that time to get to 17, he'd be at 83 total wins). And with 17 Majors, 83 wins, and they'd still only be about number of majors. And overnight they'll disappear if it becomes 18/18. Then somehow one player who wasn't the GOAT at 3pm that 18th major Sunday, is 3 hours later unquestionably the GOAT at 6pm? The player is the same. The question isn't "Who won more majors?". The question is who is the greatest -- and that is in essence a question that considers ALL factors -- who they played against, whether the player they were playing against choked it away the last few holes (Isao Aoki 1980 US Open), quality of their other wins, amateur careers -- the best assessment is to take everything into account. It's the drones who parrot 18/15 like stats and can't think with a bit more nuance (about golf and everything else in life) that make this world a worse place.
  3. To be exact, he has 16 starts in the PGA Tour that he can have (I assume regular tour events where he would be eligible) to earn $613,550. I don't know if he has a set time limit on when he needs to complete them by.
  4. Wait. Who the F*k are you, Drew? I'm not talking about opinions. I'm talking about the best way to evaluate anything, whether it's horseracing or Miley Cyrus' ass. You can consider one thing (like the size of the a*hole), or everything. The better way is to consider everything, and that is what my point is and that is not a matter of opinion. But from what I can tell, you've got Miley beat.
  5. So if Tiger beats every record that Jack has, only then you will conclude that Tiger is better? Way to go out on a limb with your 1000th post. In horseracing, there is a debate on GOAT as well. Man O' War (20 wins out of 21 starts and winner of the Belmont and Preakness, sire of Triple Crown winner War Admiral) vs. Secretartiat (Triple Crown in 1973 and still holds to recrod time for the Kentucky Derby and Belmont). There have been horses that have more wins, and many horses that have been undefeated. But there's really no question who belongs in the GOAT category. It's one of the two above. Please learn to think on your own. It's not just numbers of major wins. You play golf. It's possible to take into account other factors. Who had more quality wins? How good were the other competitors in their respective era? Who had the better swing? Who hit it farther and straighter compared to his peers? Who had the better short game? It's better to make a more comprehensive and knowledgeable assessment than waiting until every single record is eclipsed and then wating until Phyllis George tells you that one is better because they have more majors. Have some courage.
  6. By the time Tiger's done, there will be a clear consensus. Once he passes Snead and then runs up the total even more, it will be difficult to still argue for Jack. And I say that as someone who dislikes Tiger. And somewhat dislikes Jack as well. And yes, I've seen Jack play, including his 86' Masters win live with his silly big putter.
  7. It should be pretty obvious now to everyone what is going on. The injuries are long past (it's now been a year and half almost). Since he has 16 tournaments to make over $600K, he needs to be playing well from the get-go. He is practicing but I'm guessing that his game is nowhere near where it should be. So he is delaying and delaying. The problem with that is that being out of competitive golf for a longer and longer time, it will be more and more difficult to get back to a level where AK is at the level where he can compete with everyone who is there in peak form. I saw him last live at the Wyndham 2011 and he was struggling pretty bad (badly missed tee shots, being way short on par 3's, etc.). I was a fan (less so now), but I think that he will have the sixteen tournaments that he has to start playing at some point and that'll be it to his PGA Tour career.
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