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  1. I was B-fit for Bridgetone Tour B-330-S golf balls. Russell Knox - 13 Tommy Fleetwood -13 Soren Kjeldsen -13
  2. I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR Driver! Ian Poulter - 3 Shawn Stefani -3 Brendon Todd -3
  3. I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver Graeme McDowell - 16 Mikko Ilonen Kristoffer Broberg
  4. With a slight fade into the wind and a fairly high ball flight, I don't see going long as a problem - and I may not get another chance at an eagle this good for a while - and I still think I could scramble for a par from within 25-30 yards if I mishit the 3W just as easily as from 100 yards out with a layup - the larger reward outweighs the smaller risks - Maybe that's why I'm an 11 handicap - I"ll play for the shot - Go For It ! (I may not remember my scores, but I can remember my eagles!)
  5. Hit the 3 wood - slightly open stance, aim at the left edge of the green; a slight fade into the wind will fly less than the usual 245 yds, maybe 225-230, not roll much at all with higher ball flight, - sounds like a perfect set up for the shot of the day - go for it. With no wind, then 5 wood/hybrid, straight set up, aim for center of green.
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