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  1. Does anyone have the draft order? Usually you get an email with it. Since i was not there for the draft and didnt receive the email im clueless.
  2. Congrats sir! Been playing for 3 years. Came within 4 inches the other day. It was moist and moved about an inch from where it landed. I played the wind perfectly. Nobody there to witness it. Not much to witness actually.
  3. I would try this seeing that i have early signs of arthritis. Work with my hands + loving golf = bad mixture. Some times.
  4. Ball forward head back 4 or so inches weight on back leg. Fixed every driver issue i have ever had.
  5. So Aug 7th is set in stone? Cant make it. But i'll set my rankings as best i can.
  6. PM sent Cant remember my yahoo log in, new PC etc. Guess you can log in using your gmail account now. Cool.
  7. In 9 years Fat Al has had one good season (a contract year) and refuses to play in a 3-4. Over the cap? Quote: "The Texans are "in the mix" for free agent Nnamdi Asomugha, sources tell the Houston Chronicle. The problem for Houston is that Jets are now reportedly nearly $10 million under the cap -- and that's before they restructure contracts. It's going to be hard to pry Asomugha away from Broadway and coach Rex Ryan if they can't even offer the most money. The Texans may be better off turning their attention to free agent Johnathan Joseph. " http://www.rotoworld.com/playernews/nfl/ I dont know how we do it, but i love it.
  8. Ping, 21 degree. I love that damn club. Off the deck, rough, fairway.
  9. They Jets never, and are still not after giving Holmes the highest guaranteed money for a WR over the cap. As of 11:28pm on Wed its between the Jets and 49'ers. Maybe the Texans too. The rumor offer the Jets gave this morning was 12 million. Asomugha is sleeping on it all. Before last night i would have laughed at the thought. About 7 hours ago i really thought it would happen. Now, i still think its going to happen. And nobody, especially Tom Brady is going to do **** against us.
  10. #Jets are in negotiations with Santonio Holmes, per source. Also talking with Nnamdi Asomugha. Could they pull off a daily double? #nyj http://twitter.com/#!/RichCimini Exciting time to be a Jets fan. It has been for a few years actually.
  11. I work nights so i just go out alone. If not alone with someone either retired or ditching work. A stranger. I have one friend who is a free lance artist who plays with me sometimes. Not a huge fan of going out on the weekends either. I met great people.
  12. I carry 12 clubs and am not looking for the 13th
  13. Thanks Kyle. Im going to make an appointment with that guy. I paid 350 for the set a few days after the G10's came out. I dont feel like buying a new set anytime soon. If different shafts or lie angles give me even the slightest edge it will be worth it. Thanks for the response. And if i did get a new set, it would be fitted at the get go.
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