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  1. Spieth v McIlroy - The Millenials' Tiger v Phil?

    Hi Gunther. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh on Rory. I just think that he needs to acknowledge the crowd a bit more, especially after picking the ball out of the hole, regardless of the score at the hole. But he has improved I guess.....
  2. Bubba Watson....Fan or not a fan?

    Thanks, Boogielicious. You're right about the accent but, when it's not in print, I might use a stronger term than willy!
  3. Spieth v McIlroy - The Millenials' Tiger v Phil?

    Excellent post! A few years ago, on this side of the Atlantic, we thought that Sergio would have had 7 or 8 Majors by now..... I don't think Tiger will equal or surpass Jack's Major total BUT , ironically, that's because of Tiger himself! I'm not a big fan of Tiger but he raised the bar so high that anyone wishing to compete with him had to take raise game to his level and now, so many have done so! The reason that those other guys are so good is very much down to Tiger. He'll be the victim of his own success, in a way. With regard to McIlroy and Spieth, their rivalry has the potential to be the next big one but I'm not sure that it will be. At present, I don't think McIlroy isn't playing enough competitive golf to be the player he could be. If I were his sponsors, I wouldn't be at all happy with how few tournnaments he plays. Spieth comes across as a nice kid on the course and in interviews. Rory only seems to do it in interviews. He has a way to go with his demeanour on the course.....
  4. Bubba Watson....Fan or not a fan?

    I have to say that I dislike Bubba. Why? I hate the way he feeds us this crap about Jesus. Religion is a bit like having a willy. Great if you have one but don't go around shoving it down other people's throats! We had Zack doing the same at the '07 Masters and Webb Simpson doing it at the 2012 US Open. They thank their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, for their success. What about the other poor clowns who play every week against them? Does Jesus hate them when Bubba or Zack or Webb win? It's like, if you don't have Jesus, you ain't gonna make it! Also, Bubba came over to France to play on the European Tour a few years ago and behaved like a spoilt idiot. He said it would be his last time playing in Europe. How I wish he hadn't lied to us! (Hope Jesus didn't pick up on him there or he'll never win again!) In my humble opinion, he's a gifted golfer but an absolute moron!
  5. What Do You Do for a Living?

    Hi all. Newbie here. Primary school teacher from south west Ireland. Good golfing country! :)