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  1. I had Giga clubs but now I have the Cobra Amp Cell irons,$250.00 on eBay and if I need to change anything it wouldnt kill me since they were cheap. BTW,, I love the clubs absolutely love em!!!! Look at Cobras drivers like the ZL, adjustability built right in to find your swing. Is this the end all cure all, maybe not, but our learning curve just got easier to manage with these clubs
  2. I had the TRX irons from Giga Golf and ended up sending them back. They were just a tad too heavy a head for me. They are nice clubs though and you can get them built to your fit. But I have to say that I just bought the 2013 Cobra Amp Cell irons and I really like them. On eBay they were $225.00 Thats cheap!!!! I honestly think that the clones are really nice, especially the Giga golf stuff and they have great customer service. But they just didnt feel great to me. And the cost of the Cobras was awesome and I love the feel of these irons. A little lighter stick all together and for me I can get the pop on the ball with a faster club head. I love these irons
  3. My major concerns in going with the hybrids are more a yardage and loft thing. I hit my #6 to 215 and with the #3 I get out to 230. I hit my long irons well but I think that I could get 230 or there abouts with more loft and a softer landing with the hybrids I am guessing. Maybe I should get a 3H and just set back in my stance to de-loft it. By the way, all of this conjecture is due to the fact that I haven't yet filled out my new irons to the #3 and #4
  4. Thanks Chris That really puts a light on it for me.I do hit my irons well, but the different shots they might hold for me is worth the try. Great post
  5. Hi to the group in advance I have always carried irons from 3 to whatever, now I am thinking of adding a hybrid or two to the mix for a couple reasons. One: Same distance with more loft Two: better out of the rough. For those of you who have been solid iron players who swapped out long irons for hybrids, Why and to what? What did you swap out for the hybrid? And do you still have say a 2 or 3 iron for the low stinger? Thanks
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