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  1. I was B-Fit for Bridgestone B 330S golf balls. 1. Rickie Fowler -8 2. Matt Kuchar -7 3. Keegan Bradley -7
  2. So to wrap things up. I played two rounds today. Dropped my handicap to 9.6 so I achieved my goal. Now close the thread
  3. I'll be at the range all day today. Soooo yeah. Well Eric I know you don't like me and that's fine. I guess with all the good and that bad I've got from this site I can't say it was a waste of time. But I learned a lot and I'll take what I've learned and leave. Thank you for all those who have great advice and @mvmac for the lesson. I really appreciated everything Except the sarcasm and harsh criticism.
  4. I don't see why it matters what the thread is called. It's been around for a bit and has enough posts where the title is irrelevant because people know what's here. Either day I see it bothers some people so I think I'll just limit myself to my swing thread and reviewing this thread for info
  5. Hahahaha yeah I was doing great off the tee and swung to hard on a par 5 with red staked right side and pushed it just enough to go in the hazard. Still made bogey tho haha and same with the next except it was a pull. And the 3rd was water on my approach shot. But ya without those penalties it would be my first round in the 70's in years
  6. played a round after work today with some buddies. shot my lowest score since i started playing again back in september. i shot a 39-43 82. i hit 8/14 fairways 9/18 greens and 33 putts. but 3 penalty shots. i had back to back birdies on 3 and 4 and another on 10. i was pretty excited except i missed 4 putts under 5 feet for birdies. i stayed calm and didn't get crazy trying to kill the ball and i made much better contact. i'll be at the range tomorrow for awhile. should post a video on my swing thread too.
  7. Haha yes staying out would be best. Funny thing is. On champions #4 I aim for the creek because I either hit pushes or draws but on that hole it's always a perfect draw right in the crap. Good to know I can drop either side
  8. That's awesome. I never knew you have a choice as far as canals. I hope to play that course a lot more so thank you for the info. And wow I'm going to have a heck of a time typing yeah and not ya lol. That's a huge habit of mine
  9. Ya. I guess I'm not completely used to wind play. I'm afraid if I play the wind to much I'll end up way off haha.
  10. I also did think that lateral hazards were dropped from the last point of entry. Is this not the case
  11. the wind really was the main factor in most. Not all. But I had some great drives and the wind took them off course. For wind reference. I hit my 3 wood 260 normally. On one hole down wind. It's a 388 yard par 4 I hit my 3 wood in the green side bunker. Haha but I found my ball in the water on 10 and pulled it out with my putter. 2 I saw splash in the water in the canal. And the other was in the water on this par 5 which I also pulled out since it just rolled in lol.
  12. Sorry I guess I was just lumping all tee shots as OB on here. To be more specific I hit 2 OB and 4 lateral hazard. Sorry. I just said OB to kinda generalize which I realize is kinda dumb on my part. The first I hit OB was on a par 3 and I scored a 7 for that hole. The next was a par 4 which I scored a 7 on as well.
  13. i think my swing is going back steep and causing me to come over the top again. i think range time and mirror work will help me work on stuff so mirror is what i'll be doing till friday haha
  14. well i had 8 at norman course and 6 yesterday haha so those were terrible. had 2 at yucaipa. my tee shots have gone crazy, but monday i hit 10/14 fairways lol just need to figure it out once i get everything else headed in the right direction lol
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