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  1. Personally, I can't stand playing in soft spike golf shoes. I switched from some FootJoys to True Tours when they came out and will never go back. This year I am playing in some Nike Free 4.0 trainers and am in love. My feet feel solid on the turf, walking the greens I can really feel the contours and at the end of rounds my feet feel as good as they did on the first hole.
  2. I have KBS Tour shafts on my irons from when I got them fitted. But I've been thinking about trying some other options as they do hit pretty high. I have hit PX before and the heft was noticeable, which I did not like.
  3. I recently made this switch as well and its worked out fantastically. Before, I had the club somewhat diagonally through the palm. I've always used a neutral to slightly weak grip but the position in the hand was just killing me. Only reason I even looked into this was because my distance was just awful and I guess over the last year or so I had progressively put the club more and more into my palm. I remember hearing about Tiger and how he was trying to get the club more into the fingers so one day I tried it. Effectively, I'm holding the club like an umbrella but in the fingers and my palm p
  4. Ordered new UST Tour grips as well as an air installer adapter. Can't wait.
  5. I have a Tiger Shark on mine and its fantastic.
  6. Try using the flat stick if the greens are that hard. Or play bump n run shots.
  7. It wasn't 52* though. Aren't they saying loft at impact was 21*, so he de-lofted the club? Or am I understanding that wrong?
  8. 50* Vokey. You can tell, too, it has the most visible wear on the clubface. I use it for about 99% of my greenside play and its my absolute money club from 85-105 yards. I also love my 8 iron as its my most used for approach shots and chip and runs.
  9. Tough to find "the best" in my area (Fresno/Clovis, CA). Some of the private courses I haven't played although Fort Washington seems to be the best from what I hear. Stevinson Ranch, about an hour from here, is probably the best I've played. Especially when there is wind protecting the course...tough SOB. Diablo Grande is nice too but have only played the Legends, not Ranch course. I know everyone, for good reason, is high on Cypress or Pebble but Bayonet & Black Horse is pretty damn awesome. And I love Torrey South. Just got back from a trip to Georgia and for those that live th
  10. Par 3 183 yards back pin location. Hit a sweet 5-iron with a little fade, been working on that shot a lot lately. Landed 12 feet from hole. Proceeded to 3-putt
  11. Shot 88 (43/45) today, on a course I shot 84 two weeks ago. Was really hoping for a flirt with 80 but my game was just not there today. Horrible day chipping and four 3-putts (including a par 3 from 12 feet). Ah well, its only March.
  12. Had a similar run-in couple weeks ago. Invited a co-worker to join my friend and I for a round, this was his first time playing. I'm always aware of pace of play and letting others play through if the situation calls for it. Well, we tee off on #1 with nobody behind us. New guy is doing the typical things - topping, whiffing, chunking - so I keep an eye behind us the whole way. We get to the green and then I notice a threesome teeing off. We putt out and walk to the 2nd tee where I watch them take their approach shots. We tee off and, because #2 is a longer hole, they catch up to us, waiting o
  13. Just curious if anyone else is gaming the xFIXx full time? One of my playing partners gave me one to try during a round and I loved it. I usually play an e6 or V1x so initially I had some funny thoughts about the xFIXx. But damn, they feel good off the putter, I'm able to get a bit more distance, and have not noticed much, if any, inability to spin the ball. With the e6, often I played a shot factoring roll because I almost always had 10-15 feet of roll after the ball mark. With the xFIXx its been ball mark and stop. And the icing on the cake: $18/box at Sports Authority and the ball holds up
  14. From my personal experience, the traction in wet weather is not an issue. My buddy lives in Oakland and we play courses in SF and all over the bay area, both of us wear TRUEs, and we have played in some foggy, nasty weather with lots of slippery conditions. Not one time has one of us slipped on a swing or walking on a weird lie. Now, these are the original version shoes but I suspect the 2012 traction gets similar results. If only I could get used to barefoot running with the Vibram five fingers. Playing golf with a "barefoot" shoe has changed my experience for the better, no question.
  15. FINALLY ordered my phx white/blue to upgrade my original white/black True Tour. The thing is, my original pair is holding up so well I was hesitant to even order the new ones. I have put A TON of mileage in my TRUEs (got them back when they only took pre-orders), even wearing them to work on occasion (on my feet for 12 hour shifts, feel great). My original pair will be relegated to a range shoe when the new ones come in. Can't wait, these things look beautiful.
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