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  1. Do you have Sciatica?

    Hi all, I have suffered back pain for some years now, sometimes major sometimes minor. The inversion table is great, best used 20 minutes a day every day and there is no need to flip upside down just a few degrees off horizontal will do. The best thing I did was to extend all my irons to a length of 28 inches. What a difference this has made to my back, I now play upright so not to put any stain on my back. I have had to play around with my swing but now use a long slow swing that places no stress on my body. I can now play a whole round without needing to quit out early and its improved my handicap, or should I say the lack of pain has improved my handicap. I will try and post a short video of my swing as soon as I can find time.
  2. Single Length vs. Varying Length

    Hi all, I have quite a serious back problem within the lumber region and found playing golf (which I love) becoming more painful and some days impossible. I have since bought a set of 2012 MD st2 irons costing £99.95 in their sale and extended every club SW - 4Iron to the same length of the 4 iron, With the longer clubs I can stand upright over the shot, never needing to bend my back and letting just the arms provide all the power, Place the ball as you would normally for each shot, this also makes squaring the club easier. If you keep the backswing close to the body (don't worry about keeping the lead arm straight) up to the 12 o'clock position and then swing through the ball under the clubs own weight off the shot goes, when you get this part right then you can try to muscle the ball a little. The idea with extending the clubs was to eliminate any stress on the lower back and I have achieved this. My handicap has gone from 28 down to 22 in six weeks (I never said I was good) this is probably down to playing pain free rather than being a better golfer. I have not changed anything about the clubs apart from the length, I bought club extensions and new grips and did the work myself and I am very happy with the results. By the way the clubs may send the ball only a few yards further but it will go much higher. Please refrain from telling me this is all wrong, I am aware of this but extending the clubs works for me and it keeps me to just one swing plane which I never have to change so I never have to worry about further back injury. If you wish to try this for yourself then go to your local charity shop buy a 4 iron and a 9 iron just swap the shafts and try it, (for tips look on youtube) what do you have to lose.