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  1. tcnbtx


  2. Hey Lihu: These three links have some very helpful information. Thank you.
  3. My longest iron is 6 iron. I use Ping G30, 22 and 26 degree hybrids to fill the gap between my 19 degree 5Wood and 6 iron.. I find the hybrids much more forgiving and I can hit them much higher and longer than the 4-5 irons. If I need a low punch, I'll use my 6 iron. I practice that low 6I shot each time at the practice range.
  4. Awhile back, I was helping my club pro setup for a short game clinic for juniors. I wanted better ways to practice these shots. He made the following suggestions: 1. Short game practice hitting multiple shots from same spots is important to develop your technique and develop touch for distance. Once you can hit 4-5 shots within a small circle, go to another location and shot. 2. Sometimes when the course is not busy, play 9 or 18 holes by yourself in the following manner. Play the hole as normal, but every time you hit the GIR, then ALSO toss a ball off the green at a location that
  5. I believe many of the golf courses that I played started converting to soft spikes only in 1996 or early 1997, so I used the for about 18 years playing golf. I had a friend modify my spikes to extend them to about 3/4 inch long, then I used them mowing my yard because of steep side hills. I used them for awhile in Texas when mowing my yard to aerate the lawn as I mowed. Those shoes were so heavy and stiff.
  6. I had right hip replacement in 1996 (at 46 years old), and I was back playing golf in 3 months. The hip cap will need to be adjusted sometime in the next year; but overall, it has worked well for 18 years. With dedicated physical therapy and exercise, your hip will be very much improved and with it, you will be greatly improved. In addition, I understand that the procedure is much improved today versus when I had mine done. Good luck to you.
  7. I regularly marshal at my local golf club, so I've got to know the asst pro fairly well. My wife got me a three lesson package for my birthday; but before I started, I asked my pro the following: 1. I'm currently a 12.5 HI and want to get down to 9 HI next year. Can we do that without large swing changes? (My goal/objective) 2. Can I get a playing lesson with you ( 9 holes) for you to evaluate my game and what we need to do together before any other lessons? (Evaluation of baseline) I knew because of my hip, knee, and rib injuries, that I would not devote hours of practice, tryi
  8. The combination of silver dot ( 3.75 upright) and 1.5 inches longer seems a lot, even for someone 6-5. Do you tend to hit shots toward the hosel or pulled shots? I've been told that this is harder on the graphite shaft than center or toe strikes. Also, if you were interested in steel shafts you might consider having "sensicore" inserts added at the tip. These dampen the vibrations quite a bit.
  9. I have a few suggestions - not really about practice time. 1. If you play at different courses, see if you play one course better than the others. For myself, I regularly play three different courses, but on one course I score several strokes better, even though the courses have almost same rating/slope. 2. With a 18 handicap, you might really gain a lot from a playing lesson with the local pro. He might be able to help you with strategy, alignment, and managing your regular misses. Again, I've done this several times, with immediate improvements in my scores on the course immediately
  10. A good friend of mine got a left knee replacement last year and he says it brought back his freedom - walking and better golf. I have an artificial right hip and I know that my life would be impossible without it. After your rehab, your quality of life will definitely improve. Good luck to you.
  11. My local course in New Braunfels Texas was reopened last October after 13 month renovation. The renovation included several holes changing number (old 9 became new 18) and all holes had physical design changes to the fairways and greens. It took about three months after reopening before Sky Caddie was updated with new information. The club pro or staff must contact the device company (e.g. Sky Caddie) for them to schedule their staff to remap the course. In the interim, you can use the existing software mapping for holes if the greens did not change location. If tees changed, then you wi
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