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  1. Drove the green and left it here. Proceeded to 3-putt for par. 🙄
  2. The email address I have to their support unit is support@gamegolf.desk-mail.com so I hope that still gets to them. And just got a message that the email wasn't delivered.
  3. Anyone know if they moved their support page site because when I click to get help with the Live device, I got this.
  4. I don't have a GHIN bc I don't see the need for one but if I did I'd keep the advanced stats since I already do.
  5. You guys are inspiring me. Haha
  6. Maybe, but their responsibilities are to protect golfers as much as they can while they're on the course. There's only so much you can be protected when getting food which, to be fair, is a truly essential for us as opposed to golfing. I played a course in Massachusetts yesterday which set tee times at 15 minute intervals and it was def more enjoyable.
  7. Yeah, that's what I do now. I just realize you could upload from the app if you're tagging the device and not using the app while you play. Yeah, the clip broke off the device. The device itself still works. If it's not too much trouble for you to look I would appreciate it.
  8. Tag on the app rather than using the device and not sync it before the round starts?
  9. Yup, for me, there's no difference between the Classic and the Live because the app just stops syncing. So, like I said, buying Live was a waste of money for me. Somewhat sucks because when I really tag a tee shot, I like to know instantaneously how far it went, haha.
  10. The problem is that there are going to be people who will touch the rake, ball washer, etc. and then won't use the hand sanitizer, either because they forget, feel they don't have to, or feel pressure from a family member or friend not to use it. If the idea is to limit the spread then you'll be a lot more effective minimizing the number of opportunities of the virus being caught by someone by touching a surface. I also think that not having these things is a reminder that things aren't back to normal and there's no doubt that there will be those who think things are if they can do things just as they used to before COVID-19. I view it as a minor inconvenience all things considered.
  11. What do you mean it lasts 8 hours? I'll sync it with the device and it'll shot me on the app when I tag the device but then, for example, on hole 7, it will no longer show on the app when I tag the device and the app will register that I've only played 6 holes.
  12. View this round on GAME GOLF Score: 100 GIR: 3./18 - 17% FIR: 11/14 - 79% Penalties: 4 This was a fun, yet frustrating round. My tee shots were on point, I hit all the fairways on the back, and 7 of my 9 drives were of 260 yards or more. However, I couldn't hit a wedge to save my life. 5 times the ball seemed to roll off the club and spray to the right leading to multiple penalty strokes. That led to me questioning my full swing and on the short par 5 14th hole, mishitting my tee shot with a hybrid, pulling another hybrid left into the trees, chipping out, striking a 7 iron with no confidence and putting it into the drink, and following that with a PW into the same pond. Put up a 10. From the middle of last year into the beginning of this year I've always had at least 1 wedge shot that sprays off the club. Not sure why but yesterday it really impacted me and was the impediment to my putting up (for me) a good score.
  13. Played a round yesterday and today - both times uploaded from the device with no issue. GG Live has been pointess for a couple of years now I'd say. I sync the app with the device every time I play, but at some point during the front 9, the app stops registering my shots when I tag the device and shows a partial round that's unsigned. Waste of money. I also had the part of the clip that is supposed to be on the belt break while playing today and at this point I'm wondering since it appears they're in the hole whether they'll be able to do anything for me. I'm curious how he did that and did it download as an Excel file?
  14. So, I have a $130 gift card from the club where I purchased my set of irons and hybrid and I've decided to put it towards a 3W. They are selling a Titleist 917 F2 for $180 with a stiff shaft and a TS2 with a regular shaft for $280. I think they're demos and I forgot to note the weight of the shafts. My primary hesitation is buying a 3W without being fit for it. My swing speed with the driver is 110 MPH so I'm not sure how that translates to the 3W and what shaft flex and weight are optimal. All that said, getting a almost new Titleist 3W potentially for between $50 and $150 seems like too good to pass up. Thoughts on whether I should pull the trigger or should getting fit be a priority. Here are some pics of they clubs.
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