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  1. So, I have a $130 gift card from the club where I purchased my set of irons and hybrid and I've decided to put it towards a 3W. They are selling a Titleist 917 F2 for $180 with a stiff shaft and a TS2 with a regular shaft for $280. I think they're demos and I forgot to note the weight of the shafts. My primary hesitation is buying a 3W without being fit for it. My swing speed with the driver is 110 MPH so I'm not sure how that translates to the 3W and what shaft flex and weight are optimal. All that said, getting a almost new Titleist 3W potentially for between $50 and $150 seems like too good to pass up. Thoughts on whether I should pull the trigger or should getting fit be a priority. Here are some pics of they clubs.
  2. Dooo it! 😂 Yeah, I carry two hybrids and because I'm not very comfortable with my 3W, I usually use the other one for longer shots because it's loft is 21°. As an aside, picked up what Titleist sent me. Very happy indeed.
  3. I bought the club at a country club that was doing the Titleist Thursday's a couple of years ago so, when I broke, I brought it back there and they helped facilitate a replacement club.
  4. Got the call yesterday that Titleist did the right hing, which I expected, and sent to the country club where I bought the club a new club head. 👍 Going to pick it up tomorrow.
  5. Should be hearing back within the next week.
  6. End of season but feeling good about my swing at the moment. Hoping to be able to put in some reps over the off-season.
  7. Well, I don't have a garage or space to practice indoors that's not at a facility so I don't think that getting a MEVO would be a wise investment. I figure I can do mirror practice over the winter.
  8. 💪 It's Titleist H1 and yes, it was like 30 degrees that morning.. Not much to tell. It was cold outside and I was warming up and hit a couple of shots with it and the club made a weird sound so I looked and was like, "F**************ck." I took it to the country club where I purchased it and they sent it to Titleist who is going to evaluate the club and make a determination on how to proceed which from what I understand, should happen within a couple of weeks. Glad to see someone out there feels my pain.
  9. Next time I'll make sure not to have any Wheaties before I play. 😂
  10. Yeah, it's the end of the season here in New York so my practice won't be anywhere near as regular but I made some big strides shooting quite a few rounds in the 90's this year so I'm excited at the prospect of potentially shooting in the 80's next year. If that happens, then the next goal is breaking 80. Haha.
  11. I've been trying to keep my lead wrist bowed throughout the swing. I feel like it's helped.
  12. Oh, ok. I don't know much about the system and thought it was your swing speed with the driver.
  13. You got a swing speed of 139 MPH? Wow, mine is around 110 and questioned how much help this would be for someone like me.
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