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  1. Titleist Introduces New 718 Irons

    Nice! Have you broken them in yet?
  2. My Swing (RFKFREAK)

    More than 30 but thanks for noticing, @amishboy51! Thank you, sir! I feel as though I've made a breakthrough!
  3. Albany area.

    We should play a round sometime, @Elmer.
  4. And got my sticks!!! Super excited and playing a round tomorrow so we'll see how I do!
  5. Titleist Introduces New 718 Irons

    Playing a round tomorrow! Super excited for sure! :)
  6. My Swing (RFKFREAK)

    Never saw this response. Thanks, @RandallT! Couple of new swings. Working with my Evolvr instructor on my path.lately. In this video I think my clubhead is too far inside of my hands at A2, I'm crossing the line at the top of my backswing, I'm not keeping my head still, and my hands aren't far enough forward at impact. The latter two issues are probably keeping my from getting more distance as I don't think my weight is far enough forward. One bright spot, I think my left wrist at the top isn't cupped and in this swing, it looks flat and I didn't even think about it - the position is natural. :)
  7. What keeps you from playing more golf?

    Lack of time vote here. I work full time and am in grad school full time, so even getting to the range is tough. About the only thing outside of work or school that I do is the gym at 5:30-6AM, grocery shopping, laundry, eating, and sleeping.
  8. Titleist Introduces New 718 Irons

    I just got my irons!!!! So excited!
  9. Titleist Introduces New 718 Irons

    We didn't discuss my swing speed or my ball speed. IIRC, he said my spin numbers were approximately 7,000 RPMs and the roll out was only a few yards (I want to say like 5). Sorry I can't be of more help. I probably should have jotted that info down.
  10. Titleist Introduces New 718 Irons

    Well, I was more partial to the AP2's so I told the fitter I wanted to try those out because I had read that they were more forgiving than the 714 AP1's and I figured that I'd hit them and go from there. And it might just have been that day but I hit them really crisp. The fitter said I really didn't need help with distance as I was carrying the 7I about 155-160 which have 34° of loft as opposed to the stronger loft of AP3 (31°) and AP1 (30°). Combine that with the help I've received from my Evolvr instructor which has led to more consistent contact and because I felt I didn't need the distance help, these irons will be best suited for me and as I (hopefully) continue to improve. My current set is about ten years old and I plan on using these irons for quite a while so my thought process is, "invest in the game I hope to have in the future and not just in the irons that will most help me now."
  11. Taking care of new clubs

    Def not rich. Part of it was a birthday gift and decided to splurge and dedicated resources that I had allocated to an Edel putter towards the irons instead. Bag would be overboard. Def got fitted. Was actually fitted by one of the Titleist reps on their Titleist Thursday events.
  12. Taking care of new clubs

    Yeah, they're forged. I know they're beat into the ground but I care about their looks. Thanks for the advice about getting the lofts and lies checked every year.
  13. Taking care of new clubs

    Yeah, I don't expect them to remain pristine, I would just like them to look as good as possible and wanted to know what I could do to further than along. I don't necessarily think I'd care about what others think about my having head covers too much, tbh. And whereas a a bag like the Ogio Silencer sounds like a great option, it would be fiscally irresponsible of me to spend $175-$250 on a bag right now.
  14. Hello, everyone. So, after over a decade I finally decided to buy new irons rather than continue to use the box set I bought from Sports Authority (are they still in business?). The new irons are scheduled to come in in about a week and a half and I had a couple of questions I was hoping people might be able to help me out with. 1) When I get the irons, is there anything I should do with them before I use them to practice or play? 2) Is there anything I can or should do to, for lack of a better phrase, keep them looking pretty and shiny? Thanks for any advice!
  15. Justin Thomas workout

    Yeah, that seems about right. I on the other hand have a hearty appetite and have to be careful lest I go overboard too often and suffer the results, haha.

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