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  1. I haven't explored it much but it seems pretty cool.
  2. Yup, I'm still consistently hitting the gym 5 days a week.
  3. So, after a layoff of like 6 months, I played a round of golf last Friday and wow, was it bad. I didn't keep score but I imagine I shot in the 120's or maybe even higher. So, I went to the range to film my swing and here were the results!
  4. Hey, all. So, I just finished my first year of grad school and am looking forward to dedicating some to posting here and golfing again. I'm still in the 190's weight wise as I never did get down to the mid to high 180's like I wanted. Too many delicious food eating days led to a yo-yo cycle that kept me pretty much between the mid 190's to mid 200's. At 6'2" tall, that's not a bad weight at all, but I'm going to try and redouble my efforts now. Anyway, look forward to virtually "hanging out" with folks from the forum again!
  5. Still snow all over the place in Albany. Blah - I fear I won't get my first round in until May. :(
  6. I'm def going to make an effort to film more of my rounds. Ofc, I'm hoping I get out enough to begin with!
  7. Hey, all. I know I've been MIA but I just wanted to check in and wish everyone a happy new year. My schedule should slow down some now that I'll be going to school part time this semester. I'm happy to report that my body transformation continues. I ended up losing 80 pounds in 2016 and got down to 196 pounds. Hoping to slim down a bit more before working on putting some muscle on. I'll be posting progress in this thread for those that are interested!
  8. As they said on the broadcast, odd decision to use driver there when he didn't need to.
  9. I'm so locked into this right now. Love seeing Tiger back doing pretty well.
  10. Thanks, fellas! :) I'm probably twenty pounds leaner now than in the pic in post #320. At 16% BF or thereabouts at the moment and hoping to get to around 10% in December!
  11. Hey, all. Life's been hectic between work and school and I've played very little golf lately. Hoping to be around a bit more, though!
  12. I don't like him but I respect the hell out of his game. He's got no fear and seems to have nerves of steel.
  13. Yup and yup.
  14. Reed could make this interesting with this shot. But he didn't. Should be an easy two putt.
  15. Ricky's not doing a good job of dispelling those arguments that he's overrated. He's certainly not playing like one of the most elite golfers in the world.