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  1. This. Listen, I enjoy a good hard physically played game, but when you see guys on the ice making plays that are just so pretty, it makes the game so much more enjoyable to watch.
  2. Agreed. He shouldn't be in the league.
  3. Agreed, or could have made yearly subscription spread out over 12 months if people didn't want to pay the one time cost annually.
  4. So, resurrecting this thread again. I haven't had the ability to play a round yet this year because life nor really do much of any practice, however, there's an old saying that attributed to Einstein (but I don't think he actually said) which goes "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." So, this year I've decided I'm going to do some in-person instruction with @iacas which I expect to help tremendously. Not only do I believe that the time investment (driving to Erie is anywhere from 5-6 hours) will help motivate me to practice more, and ke
  5. Glad GG is still working for someone! Haha
  6. Day 2 - some mirror work focusing on the backswing which is my priority right now.
  7. So, you can still tag using the device but have to have your phone connected via Bluetooth while playing and upload it from the phone?
  8. 😂 I haven't played a round this year but after reading that last few replied I'm fully confident after playing my first round i won't be able to upload my round. 👍
  9. Day 1. Took a lesson with a new instructor. Not sure how much faith i get in the guy, though. 🤣
  10. Maybe...but at the time it made me feel more comfortable.
  11. My understanding was the efficacy was in the 70%-80% range whereas Moderna and Pfizer was greater than 90%. Either way, because I had the option of which way to go, I went with what I felt more comfortable with.
  12. Good point, I should have said "if." I also haven't followed the rollout that closely and haven't informed myself much on the rollout of the vaccines in different parts of the country. I've only really followed the rollout in NY where I live. Yup, where I live, we have all the choices available to us which is a luxury.
  13. Yeah, but if you don't have to risk it, why would you when there are other options available? I personally stayed away from J&J b/c it wasn't as effective as the other two so even though I had to get two shots, I was ok with it because I'd rather be more protected.
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