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  1. Couldn't have planned it any better!
  2. Ok, got back at 9:30 last night and crashed hard for 9 hours but well worth it. First, big thanks to @iacas for setting the weekend up. I had an absolute blast and as mentioned earlier, well worth every penny. My apologies to @DrizZzY and especially @Hardspoon who was forced to ride with me for my eternal bitching at least on the front 9. No excuses but failing to get a good nights sleep really impacted me more than it should have but I hope by the back 9, I was more fun to hang out and play with. Pwning souls up at Whispering Woods! Dude, def a pleasure. Next time you gotta show us how you hit that 2 iron so well! Plus, one, dude. Next time, though, don't get in the way when I'm practicing my flop shot. Enjoyed meeting you, too, man! Please don't ever have the Buddy Christ leave us again. I'm still mystified that someone doesn't like cake or donuts?! Count me in!
  3. I was going to make a similar request if we're supposed to get there when our lessons are supposed to start. 😂
  4. So for Saturday, should we arrive at our start time if we're not in the first group?
  5. Haha, she was cool but like in other ways, COVID-19 did a number on my dating life. 😕😂. Anyway, here's a couple pics of my baby.
  6. Yeah, it was definitely on me if it had indeed been stolen as I put together my cue and did a little small talk with the young lady before we went for a drink and I wasn't going to bring my cue with me. I probably should have done the small talk, gotten the drink, and then put together my cue. Live and learn..
  7. I used to emulate him when I was like 10 years old and was crushed when the Mets traded him in 1989. The more I've found out about him, though, the more he just seems like a terrible person.
  8. The last time I went out before they shut things down here was on a Tinder date where I met a girl at a pool hall. I used to play all the time when I was younger but hadn't played in a couple of years. I'm putting together my cue (a Schön which I've had for like 15 years easy) and put it aside as I go to the bar to grab a drink with my lady friend and come back and it's gone. I'm freaking out and asking people nearby if the saw anything and no one has and as I'm looking around the hall, I see a kid who has my cue so I tell him it's my cue and he's like, "sorry, I saw it over there and thought it was regular pool stick." Almost ruined by night.

    NHL 2019-20

    Bring on Carolina?
  10. Would it be easier to pay for Saturday in cash or is a card fine?
  11. Thanks for the tip! (Although, is there much traffic at 10PM at night?)
  12. So, I decided to stay in PA because gyms are closed in NY and they're open in PA and since I haven't been able to go to a gym since March I wanted to be able to get a workout in before Saturday and Sunday. I considered getting a hotel in Erie but since I'm already driving 5-6 hours Friday night I didn't want to add to it so this seemed like the best compromise.
  13. Yeah, doesn't seem too far. They didn't have any rooms at that hotel anymore but found a good deal for a hotel in Warren. 👍
  14. Looks like I may show you folks a thing or two on the golf course. 😂
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