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    2018 RBC Heritage

    I was wondering why it was on tape delay. Thanks for the info. CBS. Would have preferred a Nantz-less broadcast.

    Yardages Throughout the Bag

    On good strikes, I'm in the red and yeah, pretty much across all the irons.

    My Swing (RFKFREAK)

    Changing my grip should bring some unexpected changes but I'm not against trying different things (especially with the way I hit them today ). Thanks again!

    My Swing (RFKFREAK)

    @billchao do you mean for the driver or both driver and 6I? I appreciate your entire insight, btw.

    My Swing (RFKFREAK)

    So I should dip more at the start of the swing?

    Paying for handicap scam

    Yeah, that's kind of how I read it.

    My Swing (saevel25)

    Yeah, monster drive on 11 and then, wow. Been there many a time myself, minus the monster drive part. Early in the season, though, so as you alluded, I'd chalk it up to rust.
  8. Yeah, once I'm done with school next month I'm going to incorporate yoga into my fitness regime once a week, primarily to increase flexibility.
  9. I lift 5x a week mostly in the 4-6 rep range and I never feel sore from golfing. I think it's dependent on the person and what type of exercises they do. To answer the original question ITT, I got into fitness to drop weight and build muscle to hit the golf ball further and hopefully with some instruction (which I had to sideline because of life) get better than someone who typically shoots in the high 90's-mid 100's. Golf is pretty much why I made this transformation.

    Weight loss and golf

    Having gone from roughly 275 to 190 at 6'2", I am fortunate that my swing didn't suffer as a result. It's just as bad as it's ever been.
  11. So, I haven't posted in this thread in a while because I've been busy with work and school mostly and I did virtually nothing golf related during the off-season except admire my AP2's. However, I did want to note that I used my net to hit some balls and I thought I'd likely make better contact and have better results if I swung at 80% of my normal speed and for the first time that I can think of, I regularly hit the sweet spot of the irons. So, I think I'm going to adopt that strategy when playing with @colin007 tomorrow and see how it goes. My swing speed with the driver is 105 so if I hit the irons it in the sweet spot more often at 80% speed, I think any loss in distance will be negligible. Here's hoping!

    My Swing (RFKFREAK)

    Can you elaborate? I'm not quite sure what you mean.

    My Swing (RFKFREAK)

    Took some video of some swings this afternoon. Shocking that the winter layoff did nothing to improve my swing. I seem to go way too back with my backswing on my irons. Any tips on how to work on that would be helpful. Of course, any feedback is always appreciated.

    Cleveland HB Launcher Irons

    Looking forward to reading your thoughts.

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