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  1. So, I think I have the start of the downswing ingrained and am getting more and more comfortable getting the shaft vertical on the backswing. I have been trying to get my weight over to my front foot to start the downswing and laying the shaft down but it looks like it'll take a lot more work as I had difficulty making good contact with the ball, hitting it both fat and thin. The last two swings I recorded I tried to stay behind the ball to try and get the reverse C finish that my instructor had previously told me was one of the things that would be needing address.
  2. So, I feel like I had a productive range session today. I think I got most of what my Evolvr instructor was trying to convey in our last few lessons last year. I'm planning on hitting the range tomorrow and after that, provided I see similar results, I'll probably sign back up. I feel good about my backswing on the irons but driver needs work. I probably could try and flatten my wrist more at the top of the backswing but at this point, focusing on that doesn't allow me to have my shaft more vertical than my natural inclination is. So, if I can ingrain that principle, then I'll focus on the wrist.
  3. I guess I misinterpreted it and rather than being a PGA simulator it's a simulator that has PGA courses on it. I hear ya, but if I use it like once a month for like 15 minutes it won't be a huge expense on a day it rains or what have you. Beside, I figure it'd be good for my game to know my carry distances.
  4. So, one of the local driving ranges around here has a PGA simulator. I rarely go to this range and hadn't noticed it before and asked the guy working the desk if it also had a driving range feature and he said it did and that it measured swing speed, launch angle, spinrate, etc. I asked him how much it was and he said $32/hr prorated. He was kind enough to let me try it out and I took a few swings and I've attached the results below. I'm thinking of using it as a tool to improve my game but I'm wondering if it's spitting out true numbers. I'm not the best at interpreting the numbers so I was hoping someone might be able to chime in and tell me based on these numbers whether or not the simulator likely provides accurate data or not. Thanks!
  5. Forgot to post the two rounds I've played so far this year so I hope it's ok that I post them now. Last Saturday was brutal. Topped shots, penalty shots galore, and driver distance really suffered. For a day that was sunny and in the 70's GameGolf registered my total distance with my longer drive being 235 yards and some in the 180's and GG has my average Driver at 245. So, driver was a bit disconcerting but I attribute that to my swing overall being a mess. This is apparent as I had 0 GIRs and 0 pars or bogeys. The only thing I really didn't feel terribly about was my putting as most of my first putts I left close to the hole and got the ball out of the bunker on my first attempt on the two occasions I found myself at the beach. Score: 134 Putts: 38 GIRs: 0 Penalty Strokes: 9 Pars:0 Bogeys: 0 Dbl Bogeys: 6 More than Double Bogey: 12 Played again on Wednesday and although the score was still really high, I topped fewer shots, and had fewer penalty strokes (only 8 this time!) - so, improvement, right? . I listened to the last few lessons I received last year before playing and tried to incorporate those pieces which at the end of last year I felt good about. So, taking that swing on the course without really practicing it beforehand I believe explains the occasions when it felt I forgot how to swing a club which unfortunately occurred more times than I wish and included mishitting my driver on the second hole for a total distance of 92 yards (not a typo: ninety-two yards) and for a whopping 73 yards (yes, seventy-three yards) on the 9th hole. My max drive was 201 yards but my best driver was 185 yards on a steep uphill hole but I doubt it would have gone my average of 245. All that said, I did avoid playing two rounds without getting a GIR and actually recorded my first birdie of the year, ! I again felt the best part of my game was my putting. Score: 117 Putts: 35 GIRs: 1 Penalty Strokes: 8 Birdies:1 Pars: 2 Bogeys: 2 Dbl Bogeys: 4 More than Double Bogey: 9 Overall, for both rounds, they obviously sucked, but I think that a few practice sessions at the range working on what I was working on last year and getting that down before taking it on the course will bring those scores down.
  6. I'm still hitting the gym consistently 5x a week. Played 18 holes on Wednesday and then back day on Thursday (yesterday). Was a bit worried about putting too much stress on my back until I get back in the swing of things so dropped weight and reps and worked on form. Deadlift: 275 x 6, 285 x 6, 295 x 5 Barbell Row: 170 x 6, 160 x 7, 160 x 6 Lat Pulldown: 120 x 8 x 3 Lat Parallel Grip Pulldown: 60 x 10, 65 x 8, 65 x 9 Barbell Shrug: 225 x 10, 225 x 8 Rear Delt Cable: 17.5 x 15 x 3 Calves raises.
  7. View this round on GAME GOLF So, shot a 117, 17 strokes better than my opening round last Saturday. Still working on getting my swing back but felt that I had improved a bit (except for the occasional topped shot). Driver still a mess except for 1 drive today. Penalty shots still an issue. But, seeing progress. I think a few more range sessions would do a world of good before going back out there.
  8. So, went to the range after work and it was windy and cold which ended up with me just wanting to finish the balls more than concentrate on things. But after I got finished I re-watched my last few lessons from my coach last year (because, why watch them before I actually hit balls ) and as I posted about before, my coach had said to: Keep my left wrist bowed Keep my lower body quiet from to A1 to A2 But he also said in the ones three that I had forgotten that I should have also be working on Ensuring that shaft is steep and pointing at or inside the ball on the backswing, Keeping my hands low at the start of my backswing. Not retracting my right elbow on the backswing. I think my failure on so many of these things related to my backswing that I had been doing last year and what I had been working on has made it impossible to have a workable downswing and really has contributed to my swing being quite awful. This is the last one swing.
  9. Agreed, this is a great post-round interview. He comes across as human being rather than this public figure and truly thankful that he's able to do this again. Agreed, he also comes across as very humble.
  10. Why don't they do it outdoors anymore?
  11. Depends. For Jeff Bezos, it's peanuts, haha.
  12. There's probably a long list of people that would be willing to do that. Haha
  13. Haha, I think the same thing but now I'll tune in to watch the ceremony and probably end up sitting on my couch watching the post tournament coverage and not get to anything.
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