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  1. Day 31 - headed to a family event so did a quick 5 minutes of mirror work still on the same piece of getting the club more upright on the backswing and shallow on the downswing.
  2. I'd like to give a shout out to @boogielicious and @ncates00 for providing feedback in my swing thread to try and help me improve. Also, shoutout to @Antneye for having great taste in hockey teams. And one last shoutout to @Slice of Life, @ChetlovesMer, and @saevel25 who are super cool folks who I'm glad I got to meet in person and become friends with at the August outing.
  3. I'm not sure that's a good thing. 😂
  4. Yeah, I think for the outing (it doesn't seem like it was months ago) @iacas didn't have them yet.
  5. Day 28 - finally got to the range. Mirror work, unfortunately, didn't transfer easily to the range.
  6. So, finally had an opportunity to get to the range just as the sun went down but hopefully these vids aren't too dark. Working on trying to have the club more upright and not so flat. I think it's better but even though I've been doing mirror work, it didn't initially take at the range and I spent quite a while trying to figure out how to do while at the range. I found downswing sequencing very difficult to get the club under the plane from this position, though, that will be a focus later when I feel the backswing is more ingrained.
  7. Day 27. Busy workday so more mirror work. Hoping to get some range work in tomorrow.
  8. I've come to realize that I pretty much dislike announcers for every sport except the Mets announcers because they're awesome.
  9. OT - I just hope Trevor Lawrence doesn't decide to stay in college another year.
  10. All this means is that Jet fans like myself are quick players because only masochistic Jet fans are watching their games right now (although it could be argued that being a Jets fan is a form of masochism).
  11. Personally I think we're in unchartered territory and now, more than ever, we need some discretionary thinking about how to address these situations rather than a one size fits all approach. All it's truly doing is causing a disservice and although I understand trying to ensure now one is unnecessarily exposed, I think there's also a CYA aspect that's is a significant motivator.
  12. The school district prefers to take the easy way out and ensure there's no chance they get any blowback from a student getting COVID-19 at the event regardless of how minimal the likelihood is that they contract it.
  13. Day 25. Was going to go to the range but got lazy after being busy all day so just did more mirror work working on shallowing the club.
  14. Day 24. Mirror work again just trying to transition well and get the club working underneath on the downswing.
  15. Day 23. The last few times I've played I've noticed that when I use my driver I have movement from left to right and I came across a video from the Me and My Golf guys talking about shallowing the club so did a few of those drills to try and get back to what I was doing before when I had movement right to left and was bombing it.
  16. I should note that I injured my thigh so I'm compensating some but I'd say that my natural instinct is to start the downswing with the upper half of my body.
  17. Didn't to the range yesterday and went today just felt like seeing what a natural swing looks and feels like right now. Only adjustment I made was hinging my wrist and trying to get the club more upright in the backswing. Contact overall felt a lot better than it has recently so I've decided to be a dope and play today on a course I've never played before but that apparently is pretty tough (73.1/131) so if I score like crap, it won't feel as bad, haha. I'll do more of what you suggested here, @boogielicious, after today.
  18. Day 20. Was planning on going to the range but didn't find the time to so did mirror work.
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