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  1. Had 2 birdies today, on our Par 4, 3rd hole and our Par 3, 6th hole, which is a tough hole to birdie.
  2. Which one you using? And I voted to allow, golf is hard, if it helps go for it.
  3. I bought the driver and 3 wood earlier in the year, Great clubs, i don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
  4. Anyone else watching online at the Masters.com? I never really went into the online version more than watching the featured groups or the bundle of holes they show, but you can watch every shot hit by any player, by clicking on that player and selecting the hole you want to watch. And they will show you each of their shots plus a track of each of the shots, pretty awesome.
  5. Hopefully we can figure something out, maybe even see if you can do an Aimpoint while you're here. I'll talk to my pro this weekend and see what he thinks.
  6. Works for me (I'll be doing the custom wedge), when will they be available and when are you free to come down? I'm sure, @DaveP043and @GolfLug would be up for some golf at Springfield and Stoneleigh. I could also see if there are others at my club that might be interested in new wedges, as well.
  7. For sure, would it be possible for you to come down to do a fitting?
  8. SMS Wedge The Edel Golf Swing Match System wedge to offer golf club adjustability in a wedge fitting for the first time. Our testers showed a 44% gain in accuracy. The line has four distinct wedge grinds, endless custom fitting and... I think it is time to buy some new wedges, when they are available.
  9. Justin Thomas, -15
  10. Our course, has been back to normal for many months, no noodles in the holes, rakes in the bunkers, and the number of rounds have been up dramatically. Clubhouse is still masks inside, but bar is open, seated dining is open and they have made all kinds of changes to outside seating to make it more comfortable in the cold weather. So there have been lots of people at the course and I only know of one staff member who has had Covid and they got it from a family member on a trip to the outer banks.
  11. US, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, and South Korea
  12. At our club, they are on different weekends and play from different tees. Not sure the logistics of playing both the same time, maybe it’s just to save another weekend for normal play. But I would guess that the senior champion could win both, if they are the low scorer after 2 days for the senior play and after 3 days for the championship play.
  13. I too voted no, although I’ve played some courses where all of the OB was changed to lateral hazards to speed up play and I didn’t find the course any easier.
  14. Just finished playing : 35-41-76 (+5) No Birdies, no doubles and a no sixes round.
  15. Savannah Ga and Bluffton SC,, Mar 29-April 3rd Playing on Skidaway Island and then Berkeley Hall Golf Club, CAn’t wait
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