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  1. 1. 3 2. 1/2/3 I play mostly with 6-10 HC's but play with lower or a little higher at times. 3. 2 Our 2nd/17th holes have lots of errant balls as there is a steep hill and hazard to the left and the 17th FW is not a bad place to play your ball from for the 2nd hole which is a par 5. 4. 1
  2. Played Springfield today, my normal rounds of late, played ok on the front and much better on the back. 40-36-76 No Sixes Round, 2 birdies on back 9. 5 5 4 3 5 4 5 5 4 - 40 4 4 4 4 4 5 3 4 4 - 36
  3. Had a weird round today, 40-37-77 which is in my normal range, except I had no bogeys in 18 holes. 4 doubles, 2 birdies and 12 pars. Started Birdie, Double, double, double and then lost a ball in the dusk on 18 for another double.
  4. Shot 38-38-76 this weekend in our rain shortened Sr. Club Championship, ended up in 4th place gross but won the net portion of the tournament. Didn't hit the ball off the tee great, but 28 putts makes up for a lot of poor drives.
  5. 6 under 30 on the back 9 at Bangor Muni, 2 eagles and 2 birdies.
  6. Golf game is starting to come back, finally. Springfield G&CC Blue Tees 38-38-76 No Sixes Round
  7. I agree with Dave, both Congressional and Riverbend are my 2 favorite courses in the area. Riverbend is my favorite Virginia course. After that it would be Baltimore CC - East Course and Caves Valley. Number 5 would be tough, TPC Avenel or Trump National would be the choice for the courses I’ve played, if I had to make a choice, it would probably be Trump as I’ve played that many times and I like the new routing they did..
  8. Was it Greystone in Whitehall MD? I believe the 10th hole used to be like that, but it’s now the 1st hole when they switched 9’s.
  9. I was a member of Penobscot Valley CC in Orono Maine, many moons ago. Hidden Donald Ross gem in Central Maine. But he has his name attached to another course nearby, Lucerne Golf Course. Urban legend is that the Owner of the Lucerne Inn, at the time, got him to come over and stick a couple of stakes in the ground for some tees and greens locations and then he never came back. Not sure if that is true, but that's what all the old guys I used to play with said. I've played the 9 hole course many times and it just doesn't have the feel of all of the other Ross courses I've played, so it doesn't surprise me if he wasn't there during the construction.
  10. It's been a while, but I had my first no sixes round in quite sometime. A few years back, it was a daily occurrence, but first one in a long time. Hopefully I'm on te way back to play better. 5 5 5 3 4 5 4 5 5 - 41 4 3 4 3 5 4 5 4 4 - 36 - 77 Started on the back 9 with a 36, played last 4 holes, 4 over.
  11. I voted yes, although I really don't care one way or the other. I'm with @David in FL , it's a gimmick and I don't see a lot of people using this.
  12. Penn National - Founders Course - Blue Tees 41-39-80 Nice course, really liked it, played pretty well for first time playing it.
  13. Congrats and The Ninja Foodi Grill is awesome, I use this almost every day.
  14. Rejoined Springfield G&CC last Thursday, played my first round back at he old stomping grounds and actually played decently, which had been a struggle. Hopefully the decent play will continue. 41-39-80
  15. @coachjimsc Practice swings, we don't need no sinking practice swings. LOL
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