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  1. Anyone enjoying the drink tonight?

    Hardywood Gingerbread Stout - Christmas in a Bottle.
  2. Palm Springs in January

    Why wouldn't you want to play with him? I'm a Member of a club, that in order to play, you have to play with a member, and @DaveP043 is a member at one as well.
  3. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    This guy thinks the change is great. https://sports.yahoo.com/golf-kills-off-dumbest-rule-sports-tattletale-viewer-145303893.html
  4. Not sure if this is where I'm supposed to post pictures with the Newport Cup Trophy, but now that I've handed it off to @DaveP043 after having a couple of beers with him and his lovely wife Mary Anne at the Union Street Pub. Here is the after golf festivities at the Hickory Tavern enjoying a nice IPA. Getting ready to leave the condo and hit the road home. On my way to one of my favorite restaurant near my office, Sweetwater Tavern. And lastly on our back deck after the snow, end of the golf season. And now it has been passed to Dave. He has the picture of the passing of the torch, so to speak. Again, the Newport Cup was a blast, I can't reiterate enough at how great an event this was. Thanks again to @iacas and @mvmac for putting this together and to all my playing partners, @coachjimsc @DaveP043 @bkuehn1952 @cipher @NCGolfer, it couldn't have gone better and to all our playing opponents, @phillyk @Pretzel @Golfingdad @DeadMan @mchepp @kpaulhus it was a pleasure meeting you all and the golf was awesome. I look forward to getting to see you all in the future. Cheers Jerry
  5. Central FL Meet Ups

    Bummer @kpaulhus @jetsknicks1 What day do we want to play and what time? I'll be making the tee time next week. Let me know if anyone else would like to play. @Gator Hazard any chance you want to join us? My Dad will be playing. And possibly my wife depending on the day.
  6. New Snell MTB on the way in 2018?

    I believe that the 6 dozen deal is down to $147
  7. Central FL Meet Ups

    http://www.thegoldenbearclub.com/ Will be requesting a tee time next week? @kpaulhus and @jetsknicks1 are in, anyone else?
  8. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Good day on SGCC today. Played in our normal weekend group. 34-39-73 4 birdies, 1 Double, 1 3-putt 9 GIR's
  9. On sale at TGW for $69 https://www.tgw.com/golf-shoes/shop-all-golf-shoe-brands/true-linkswear-golf-shoes/true-linkswear-mens-true-elements-hybrid-golf-shoes
  10. Courses without "real" senior tees.

    I'm sorry but this is just crazy. This reminds me of the guy I played with one time when I was pushing a cart. He says nice cart, lots of ladies use those. And I say yeah, this lady kicks your ass every day, so I guess maybe you should get one too. Whether it says the tees are ladies, it doesn't mean that men can't play them. Maybe if you guys started playing them, others would too and speed up play and everyone would have more fun scoring better. When I get to the point where I can't play the longer tees, I'm moving up. And no I wouldn't need a skirt. I play in tournaments where at 50 they let me move up a set of tees because I was in the "senior division". They didn't have to ask me twice to move up.
  11. Courses without "real" senior tees.

    Why, I just don't get this. They aren't ladies tees anymore, it's just a color. They are just forward tees? Play where it's fun. Are you not a man if you play from the the so-called ladies tees? Our "so-called" senior tees are the forward tees and they are green. The red tees are actually further back. When we do tournaments, the seniors play the green and the ladies play the red, would you not play in such a tournament? My dad who is 73, plays from the red or green tees with my wife, he has way more fun then playing the white tees (and shooting 100). Most scorecards these days even show the Men's/Women's slope and rating from each tee.
  12. Reviews - Frogger Golf Accessories

    Ratings (out of 5): Latch-It System Quality: 4 Value: 4 Effectiveness: 5 Innovation: 5 The Gear (Towel, Brush, Phone Holder, and Gear Holder) Quality: 4 Value: 4 Effectiveness: 4 My Review: We received several items from Frogger, (a towel, brush, phone and gear holder along with their latch-it magnet system). These are relay cool gadgets which allow you to easily take your items with you and then snapping them back into place when you return with them. Below is the towel, which by the way is awesome. I used to carry around a towel and then would end up draping it all over the cart or my push cart, but with the latch it system, I just connect it with the magnet, turn the latch to secure and away I go. No more losing the towel as it falls off my bag, plus the blue color stands out and I don’t forget them when I toss it on the green. Really an ingenious idea. The brush, which I should probably use more, is shown below. Again, the latch-it system allows easy access to the brush. If I carried my bag, I’d have to move it. Maybe it would fit on the other side along with the towel. Very sturdy brush, no issues with cleaning my club grooves. As for the other items, the latch it for the phone and the range finder are also great. Everything is easy to find and not cluttered all through the cart or the bag. Really great items. Now I haven’t had the change to attach these to my push cart, but I wouldn’t see why it would be any different. Just strap it on your bag, push cart, or golf cart and go. The phone holder shown below, opens and closes extremely easily and holds the phone securely. Just be aware that the bottom opening didn’t fit my aftermarket cable, as the end was too big. But worked perfectly with the IPhone cable that comes with the phone. The frogger latch-it system and gear is another winner. In fact I’m going to buy a couple of the items for my wife, who always seems to be losing her rangefinder and cell phone in her purse or golf bag.
  13. No Traffic Signs, Lights - Shared Spaces

  14. No Traffic Signs, Lights - Shared Spaces

    Complicated and hard to balance is an understatement. +1 to more free flowing situations.

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