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  1. jsgolfer

    Toronto, Canada Golf

    Getting ready for the flight on Saturday, looking forward to meeting and playing some golf with @paperclip.
  2. jsgolfer

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $10M

    I’d watch it.
  3. jsgolfer

    Athletes in Every Sport are Better

    This^^ In 1930 when Ben Hogan turned pro, the US population was 123,000,000, in 2010, the population was 310,000,000. This just makes the pool of players larger, and with the money they can make now, there are just more and more athletes that are playing. And 70 years down the road, I'm sure the players will be better as well. You'll always have the great players, it's just that the rest of the players will continue to get better, as the pool of players keeps increasing. As for Babe Ruth, he was the best player of his era and one of the greats of all-time, no slight on him. But I would say it is actually the opposite, that playing back in the day made the players not as good. If a pitcher is going an entire game, he's got a better chance of his arm wearing out, than a modern day relief pitcher who throws 100 mph and comes in for a particular batter (Lefty-Lefty match-ups as an example). And having the talent pool condensed would also lead me in the opposite direction from your opinion. I'm going to guess that back in 1930, there were lots of good players that didn't play professional sports because they made more money elsewhere or had to work the farm or whatever. So the players of that era didn't play against the best players all of the time. Most athletes back in the day had to work another job, as professional sports didn't pay that well. What does this have to do with OP? They get smoked every Sunday because the lineman and linebackers are just bigger, faster, stronger. There are always athletes that would transcend an era here or there, but overall the players are just better now. As others have noted, Hogan, Arnie, Jack and others are the outliers, they probably would be better with modern equipment, diet, etc, but there are just more better players in the field. That's the whole crux of this. There are more people playing at high levels, which means there are more better players overall. It's really that simple.
  4. jsgolfer

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Decided to give the wrist a whirl on the golf course today. Played the entire round with the wrist widget on. And suffice to say, it worked like a charm. Played pretty well and wrist doesn’t hurt and had a no-sixes round. 4 4 5 5 5 3 4 5 4 - 39 4 3 5 3 5 4 4 4 5 - 37 - 76 1 double (on par 3 4th hole) and 2 birdies
  5. jsgolfer

    Cutting the Cord…

    I just switched from the PS Vue to Fubo TV. I really like it a lot, has more sports than the other streaming services.
  6. jsgolfer

    2019 Masters Lottery

    Mine too!
  7. jsgolfer

    How Hot Is Too Hot to Play?

    I played last year in 106 degree weather in Scottsdale, that was damn hot. Played in the 100 degree in 90% humidity and that was worse. Can do these once in a blue moon, but wouldn’t want to do it very often.
  8. jsgolfer

    Toronto, Canada Golf

    Cool,check for a PM.
  9. jsgolfer

    TFCC Tear

    Thanks Nate.
  10. jsgolfer

    TFCC Tear

    Hey Marv, That’s not the pain I had, it was right on the left side of the left wrist, right by the ulnar bone, and I did have some tingling in my pinky, but that has gone away. I’m wearing a WristWidget right now which is helping a lot. https://www.wristwidget.com/ Thank you and yeah, I’m giving it some rest that is for sure.
  11. jsgolfer

    TFCC Tear

  12. jsgolfer

    TFCC Tear

    Went to orthopedic doctor yesterday, looks like I have TFCC tear in my left wrist. My wrist had been hurting for a while, but got really bad on Sunday. So out of commission fo a little bit, ugh.
  13. I’ll be at the tournament on Sunday. Hope it’s a great finish. Have tickets to the Charles Schwab tent.
  14. jsgolfer

    Titleist DCI irons

    One of my best friends used to game these back in the days. He was a very good golfer, would be a decent set for a spare.
  15. jsgolfer

    Toronto, Canada Golf

    Glen Abbey is closed the entire time I'm there as they are getting ready for their tournament, bummer. Playing DiamondBack Golf Club on Thursday the 19th at 11:06 am and waiting for confirmation on Greystone Golf Club for Friday the 20th.

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