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  1. 2018 WGC Match Play

    That is funny! boo yah!!
  2. Why Don't More Clubs Paint The Holes?

    Someone on the green’s committee thought it would be a nice touch, so after discussions with our greenskeeper and he said it takes minimal time and the cost wasn’t excessive. I’m on the greens committee, everyone on the committee thought it would be a nice added benefit. So they are going to start doing it sometime next month. I’ll let you know what I hear from other members
  3. Why Don't More Clubs Paint The Holes?

    Our course is going to do this starting this year, once the golf season starts.
  4. Winter Depression Thread

    I just went out and shoveled around the vehicles, the wet snow has been melting and making a pond beside the cars. Had to make a path for the water to drain away. It was almost up over my shoes.
  5. Winter Depression Thread

    Our course will be closed until the snow goes away, for sure.
  6. Winter Depression Thread

    True, but it still sucks.
  7. Have finalized my Master’s trip. Let’s hope the weather is better than last year. Leave Saturday the 31st and drive to Pinehurst. Playing Pinehurst #9 in the afternoon and staying at the Pine Crest Inn. Drive to Columbia SC on Sunday and we’re playing Cobblestone Park Golf Club at the recommendation of my buddy @coachjimsc And we’ll drive to our rental house near Grand Harbor Yacht & CC after golf. Monday we’re playing Musgrove Mill Golf Club in Clinton SC and then Tuesday, we’re playing The Patriot Course at Grand Harbor and hopefully @coachjimsc will be able to join us for the round, as our wives are going for a massage. Wednesday for the Par 3 tournament and hopefully no thunderstorms this year. Drive back home on Thursday.
  8. Winter Depression Thread

    4-8 inches here in the DC area, yuck.
  9. Club Championships - Match or Stroke?

    Ours is match play, has been that way for ever, you have to play a 36-hole qualifier to get in the Championship bracket. The best players have typically won the club championship. Sr. Club Championship is 36-hole stroke play. I like match play and stroke play events. I think they do match play becasue it’s a load of fun to watch the finals. There are usually 20 or more spectators watching the finals. Not sure there would be that with stroke play. We have a 36-hole stroke play Presidents Cup in which the winner is automatically in the match play championship.
  10. Rude Fans at PGA Tour Events

    But then someone will buy their allotment and sell them on the course to other patrons for a higher price. But in general, there are very few knuckleheads who are annoying the Players and limiting the enjoyment of the majority because a few people can’t act appropriately, isn’t the way to go imo.
  11. Rude Fans at PGA Tour Events

    You'll always have some knuckleheads at any tournament. Not sure how you would limit the alcohol at the events. There is far too much ground between all of the places that serve food and beer. As long as they don't yell in the pro's backswing, grow a set Rory. I wish they could oust the people that yell baba booey after every drive or some other nonsense that they yell out.
  12. Got My Masters Tickets

    Correct, but then I got selected again for the same day the following year, so it seems like they took that rainout into account for the lottery the next year.
  13. Got My Masters Tickets

    We can only hope, not sure it could get much worse than last year.

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