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  1. For me it was going to hybrids. I used to think I they were only for old guys, but now I'm an older guy and I love them.
  2. I actually hit a Titleist Persimmon 1 wood last night on our tenth hole with range balls. Went about 20-30 yards short of my normal drive. Club was heavy, but I hit it fairly straight, didn't have my normal draw.
  3. After the 3-Day member-guest, played in a couples tournament yesterday. 38-39-77 (1 birdie, 1 double) - got really tired on the back 9. Finally going to take a break today.
  4. Well we didn't play well, shot 39-39 in both matches but my partner played worse today then yesterday. We ended up in 3rd place in the flight but it was a struggle.
  5. Good luck play well!
  6. 1st day of the Member-Guest: Lost 1st match 5-4, shot 39, partner didn't help much. Won 2nd match, 5-4 shot 39 again, partner helped less. Won 3rd Match 7-2, shot 35, partner finally helped out. We are 1 point out of first and we lost to the leading team in the first match.
  7. 38-38-76 in M-G practice round. 1 double, 2 birdies. Played well. after practice round played our in-flight shootout, alternate shot.?lost on 3rd hole. Partner dumpednin water on 11 and we were done with our 5
  8. So yesterday was the last day for qualifying for the Springfield Club Championship (Championship Flight). You needed two rounds and of course I went into the last day with none due to a variety of factors. So I wasn't going to try and qualify, didn't think I would have time, but my buddy had to get in his second round and needed a marker so I went out with him at 3:30. We finished in just under 3.5 hours (Done at 7 pm ) and I shot a lovely 41-37-78 with a double and a triple. As I finish, the other guys sitting around asked me how I did, told them but said I won't be able to get in my second round, as I ran out of time. But the current club champion says take a cart and go play 18 holes, you'll get it in. So I grabbed my other buddy and took one cart, played the front 9 in 43 minutes and the back nine in 55 minutes to finish 18 holes in 1.5 hours (fastest 18 hole round ever). Shot 43-39-82 to finish 78-82-160 to qualify for the Championship flight. Won't be a high seed, but only needed to get in. 16 players qualify. Heading to Member-Guest practice round today.
  9. The Springfield Member-Guest starts tomorrow with our opening practice round.
  10. Suhweeet!!!
  11. Awesome!
  12. So I got selected again for the Wednesday practice round, 4 tickets. I wonder if getting rained out last year moved me up the list?
  13. It's a long way out, but with the way this year is flying by, I will be coming down to visit my parents December 30-January 7th. Once we get closer we'll have to set up another outing.
  14. Neither, they both are the same for me. A 63 is a 63 is a 63.
  15. played in a couples tournament today, got to play the White Tees 6,000 Yds 68.7/124 36-33-69 (-2) Lowest Score Ever at Springfield 6 birdies, most ever in one round, 13 greens , missed 7th birdie on 17 from 8 feet.