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  1. jsgolfer

    The Films and Movies Thread

    Tap-in Birdie. Loved the movie, just as wacky as the first one but different enough so it just wasn’t a retread. Looks like they all had fun making it, stay for the end credits.
  2. jsgolfer

    The Films and Movies Thread

    Going to see Deadpool 2 tomorrow.!
  3. jsgolfer

    Why Don't More Clubs Paint The Holes?

    A lot probably won’t notice it one way or the other, but I like it when they do it, so I will politic for them to do it all of the time, since I’m on the greens committee. 😁
  4. jsgolfer

    Why Don't More Clubs Paint The Holes?

    We have now had the inside lip of the cups painted, on the weekends only, and I like it and so do all the member I spoke too. Really helps you see the cup from away. Doesn’t appear to be an issue with the maintenance guys, as they mov the cups every day.
  5. jsgolfer

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Our Member-Member Tournament starts this Saturday. 5 rounds of match play and then shoot-out for flight winners, getting ready for the two Member-Guests I'll be playing in.
  6. jsgolfer

    Y’all ever sneak on to a course?

    I once played a course in the middle of January in Maine that was closed, but we had an unseasonably warm January and a bunch of us went out and played it. We were playing with members of the course, but technically I guess that would make it a yes.
  7. jsgolfer

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    39-40-79 SGCC Blue Tees Greens were punched and sanded yesterday, 4 3-putts and a double. Good ball striking day, not so much for score.
  8. Post a video of your swing on the Member Swings thread, I'm sure you will get plenty of great advice from this site. https://thesandtrap.com/forums/forum/13-member-swings/
  9. jsgolfer

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Played our B-Team match against @DaveP043, Stoneleigh G&CC team. Although he didn’t get to play. Shot 40-37-77, rained like crazy for 7 holes on the front 9, luckily it stopped on 9. Unfortunately for Dave, we beat them 61-47. Me and my partner won +2, but our groups at home won by 11. So now we are 1-1. Great time though, the Stoneleigh guys were great.
  10. jsgolfer

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Played out couples member guest with @DaveP043 and his lovely wife Mary Anne. I played OK, Dave, Mary Anne and Donna carried us, and we came in a respectable 2nd with a best 2 ball net of 130 (-12), with Dave and i being the lowest HC’s. But lots of fun, good food, good beer (Heart & Soul from Crooked Run Brewery) and good company.
  11. Mine are in the back of my car all of the time. Haven't had an issue yet.
  12. So I've been struggling a little bit over the last couple of weeks with the game (HC is trending up, haven't been this high in a while). Just wasn't striking the ball very well. I was still scoring OK, but having to rely a lot on the short game from missing fairways and greens, but all scores were 78-82 range. Went out yesterday on the course trying to figure out what i was doing. Got behind our ladies Nine and Dine group, very slow, but allowed me to play around a little bit. Finally after a few holes of hitting it poorly, I was standing on our fourth tee and it dawned on me after a couple of shots. I looked at my stance and my feet were almost pointing in and then I remembered the foot flare from a TST thread and bingo, with the feet flared I started hitting the ball better immediately. Next 5 holes I flared the feet and what a remarkable difference. Number 6 our 195 yard par 3, I hit 4 balls and all were on the green, not sure I've hit that green 4 times in a row ever. Continued playing several balls on the rest of the holes and it was really quite remarkable how well I hit the ball. Played the second 9 with a buddy of mine and shot 36 with a lip out birdie from 8 feet and a three-putt. Thank you @mvmacand @iacas for all of the great tips!
  13. jsgolfer

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Played the first round of our summer 4ball tournament. Shot 38-41-79. Partner shot 85 and we won all 3 points. 5 up after 6 holes and cruised the rest of the way. Off to a good start.
  14. jsgolfer

    Golflivesmatter Stuff


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