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  1. I think I have a unique story for getting into golf. I was a sophomore in High School and we had a substitute teacher one day and there was a morning announcement for anyone interested in playing golf to go to the cafeteria. So of course, I say I'm going to play golf (I had no intention of playing) and leave homeroom, so I can screw around until first period. Walk down the hall, see a couple of buddies and go into the cafeteria to shoot the shit and the golf coach (who was also my biology teacher) comes up behind me and says, so Mr. Scott you're playing golf with us this year. He used to be the basketball coach, was about 6'7" and I stammered and said yes. So there I am during the day thinking how the hell am I going to play on the golf team, I have no clubs, never played before, I guess I could've just bailed but somehow Mr. Norris scared the bejesus out of me at 15. So I went to my best friends house, his Dad was a big golfer and he took me to the basement, grabbed an old bag, gave me a mismatched set of clubs (I'm not sure if more than a couple matched), went to a bucket grabbed some balls, gave me tees and said there you go, all set to play. Went to the school that evening to hit balls into a net in the gym, went that weekend to play golf with some friends, broke 100 and have been hooked ever since.
  2. @boogielicious The X2 Hot Pro has an Aldila ATX75H, The X2 Hot, has the Aldila 60R, and the Big Bertha 7H, has the Recoil 460 F3 So I’m all over the place.
  3. Yes I carry a 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron, PW, GW and 2 SW (54 and 58). I typically don't carry all of the lower hybrids (usually just the 3H in my bag). As for an 8 hybrid, i think i saw an article once that said there is diminishing returns for making a hybrid with the higher lofts. But I can't find it, for some reason I thought the guy who was in the artcile was a TaylorMade designer, but I am getting old and CRS. My Bag Driver, 5 Wood, 3H, 5H, 7H, 6I, 7I, 8I, 9I, PW (46), GW (50), SW (54), LW (58), Putter for a total of 14 clubs. I may add back in the 2H as I don't really hit the 5 wood that well. I have the duck hooks at times with this thing.
  4. I didn't see this until this morning, I'll take a look when I get home tonight. But they are the standard shafts that came with the clubs, but they are probably lighter then the original Diamana shafts that you had. I have all Callaway hybrids. X2 Hot Pro - 2, 3, & 4 and then X2 Hot 5 & 6 and a Callaway Big Bertha 7 hybrid (adjustable) I know the 7 hybrid has this shaft on it, UST Mamiya Recoil 450/460 Graphite Iron Shaft, I think it's the 460 but I'll see when i get home.
  5. As @GolfLug and @billchao noted, i have a plethora of hybrids in my bag. I don’t have the pull hooks that others using them do and I find them far easier to hit out of the rough. They do go high, but i can adjust to bring flight down if i need to and i find that with the higher flight, they just stop where they land. I went to hybrids a few years back when i was having the dreaded shank-steaks and found a comfort level with them and never went back. I do get funny looks from most golfers when they play with me, especially better golfers until i beat them with my bag of funny clubs. I have hybrids down to the 7 which i can loft up or down a degree. But I dont carry the 6 hybrid anymore, as the 7 is versatile enough to cover that gap to the 5. I still carrry a 6 and 7 iron though, as i hit the hybrids longer than the corresponding irons.
  6. Played and beat Resident Evil 2 Remake, very cool game. Very difficult but awesome game.
  7. 1000-5000 was my selection. I averaged 150 rounds per year over just the last 7 years and I've played 360 different courses with a lot I've played multiple times. So I would guess I have played around 3000 rounds of golf in my lifetime (37 years).
  8. I'm not sure why you'd want to play this club. It's pretty useless for most shots and not very versatile. how often are you hitting flop shots? The skill to hit this club, even remotely consistent, is typically a skill that few have. I too used to have a 64 degree wedge, but after a couple of fat shots and a couple of low skulls, I figured there are better ways to skin a cat. If your other wedge is a 52W and then you jump to a 70 degree. That's a huge gap. That gap, in and of itself, would be hard to overcome on most days. But good luck to you if you want to try and perfect that club. It's not going to save many shots a round I'm afraid.
  9. I'll be going to Nashville in July for a conference, any TST'ers in the area have recommendations for courses to play. I see the Hermitage Golf Course has two courses which look very nice. Any others I should seek out?
  10. jsgolfer

    2019 Newport Cup

    I'll add on to the others, only having played once, it was a blast and I will definitely be applying again. Erik and Mike do a great job with this event and it is definitely one of the best golf related events I've ever played in. If not the best. Great people and fun competition.
  11. What Happened to Monday - Netflix - Easy Par Very entertaining movie, thought Naomi Rapace was excellent in the role as the 7 sisters. Yeah there are some plot holes, but the rest of the movie was a fun ride.
  12. I watched this as well, and really liked it, birdie for me too. Sometimes I wonder where all of the bad reviews for movies come from. I found it entertaining and I love Mads Mikkelson.
  13. He doesn't play anymore, but Gary McCord was a douchebag on the golf course. Tom Watson wasn't the most pleasant person either. Back in the day, I thought Colin Montgomery was an ass, but I never really rooted against any particular golfer.
  14. The Mule - Birdie Clint Eastwood was great, really good movie.
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