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  1. jsgolfer

    The Films and Movies Thread

    The Mule - Birdie Clint Eastwood was great, really good movie.
  2. After my Florida trip, I am now up to 360 courses played over 23 states and 3 Countries (Canada, Mexico and Philippines)
  3. jsgolfer

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    @kpaulhus and I on the course. Wish our scores would’ve been a little better. 44-40-84 mission Inn Las Colinas too many bad shots today. But loads of fun!
  4. jsgolfer

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    39-37-76 New Course at Grand Cypress, white tees Maybe my new favorite course in the Orlando area to play. Really enjoyed it, plus did my first game golf round, which I managed to have to have to renter most of the back 9 as my phone died on me. Only thing with the drives, is that the course was wet and it was windy, most of my driving distance was all carry, didn’t get a lot of roll today.
  5. jsgolfer

    Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie

    To each his own, it could've worked for another holiday but it wasn't set during another holiday. I'm off to Florida to play some golf in the warmth. Yippee-ki-yay
  6. jsgolfer

    Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie

    I don't agree the only reason it is a Christmas movie is that it only takes place at Christmas. This is "Home Alone" with lots of guns (LOTS). The story is about a guy who is flying across country to win back his estranged wife and kids during the Christmas Holiday and meets her at her Companies Christmas Party before they are supposed to see if they can reconcile. And he ends up being the underdog, out-manned guy who saves Christmas for a lot of people. Plus when I think of Christmas, Die Hard always comes to mind. It's not the festive Spirit of Christmas fare of It's A Wonderful life, but to each his own.
  7. jsgolfer

    Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie

    Christmas movie for me.
  8. jsgolfer

    Orlando Trip January 2019

    So me, @kpaulhus and my Dad have a tee time for Friday at Mission Inn - Las Colinas at 12:01 PM. Looking for a fourth? @David in FL, any chance you can play?
  9. jsgolfer

    GAME GOLF Live now on sale! Worldwide!

    Thanks looking forward to using it and seeing the real data.
  10. jsgolfer

    GAME GOLF Live now on sale! Worldwide!

    I wasn't sure if this is the right place to post, but I just received the Game Golf Live for Christmas. I'll hopefully test it out while I'm in Florida next week.
  11. jsgolfer

    Your most useless Christmas golf gifts.

    Add me to the list who has received the stupid potty game. Still in the box in storage, I need to throw that thing away.
  12. jsgolfer

    Tee or No Tee?

    I always tee it up. Imagine getting to play an entire round where you could tee the ball up on every shot if you wanted too? Would you say nah, I'll play it as it lies. I would highly doubt it.
  13. jsgolfer

    Shorter Rounds?

    I just downloaded the this app to check it out, not sure anyone has used it, but there are a couple of courses in my area that use this service. There aren't a lot of courses yet, but maybe if there is a market more courses will opt in? PLAY & PAY BY THE HOLE - eGull Pay - The Golf App That Let’s You Play & Pay By The Hole! Short on time but want to squeeze in some golf? Use eGull Pay, so you play as many holes as you want & only pay for what you played! Try it today!
  14. jsgolfer

    Faksakes' Experiment

    If you happen to get better left-handed without any instruction, more power to you, but it certainly wouldn't be common sense to infer that all instruction is worthless. I've never had a real lesson and play pretty well. But I certainly wouldn't consider my play a referendum on instruction being good or bad. And maybe I would've gotten better with some good instruction, I just never wanted to take the time. But good luck in your endeavor, I don't think you will find too many allies on this site that will agree with you that all instruction is bad if you get to be a better golfer left-handed without instruction, bad back or no bad back.

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