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  1. Now that I just bought the Titleist T200 irons and just picked up the Tsi2 Driver and 3 Wood, only decision is if to get new Edel wedges, since the current two I’ve had for about 4 years.
  2. Played Disney Palms yesterday with @kpaulhusand my Dad. Had a rough start, bogey, double, bogey, double, but played better after, had a chance for even par on back 9 before a double on 18 to shoot 44-38-82. Great day with Kyle, as always.
  3. If I’m on the course by myself and I’m not holding anyone up, I practice all of the time (I’m also a member of a Country Club, so no one is going to say anything to me for hitting extra balls). I find areas of the course that I might find myself in during a round and hit a few balls (especially around the green), so I have an idea of how I want to play that shot when the score counts and that is where I find my ball.
  4. We still have three for Friday and two for Saturday and Sunday if they haven’t put anyone with us yet. Playing Disney Palms on Friday with my Dad and @kpaulhus, playing Forest Lake on Saturday with my Dad and North Shore with my Dad Sunday morning before heading back to VA.
  5. Golf in Orlando today for me.
  6. I played Shingle Creek today, as noted by @DaveP043, this is not a demanding course off the tee by any stretch, there was lots of water around but unless you were way offline, it didn’t really come into play. Conditions were great, greens rolled very well (not too fast). There are better courses in the area for the price, but we went out before our tee time and got done in about 3.5 hours, so was nice and ther weather was 70, great day on the course with my Dad.
  7. Same with our course, the trees they took down were ugly white pines, that just sucked up water. We still have plenty of trees but the 100 or so they took down aren’t missed.
  8. Nice, I’ve played all of those courses except Southern Dunes and Shingle Creek, but I’ll be playing Shingle Creek on Tuesday.
  9. Or any of these. The Top 25 Most Exclusive Golf And Country Clubs In The World Honored With Platinum Status International private clubs selected in the top 25 include The R&A (Scotland), Royal Melbourne (Australia), Muirfield (Scotland), Morfontaine (France), Sunningdale (England), Shanqin Bay (China) and Les Bordes (France).
  10. There are so few public courses in Naples, but I did play one a few years back and it was an enjoyable round of golf. Although not exactly in Naples, but it's close, near North Naples. Bonita Fairways (Bonita Springs Public Golf Club) Home - Bonita Fairways Golf Club This guy has some good info on courses. Public Golf Courses - Naples Golf Homes | Naples Golf Guy Public Golf Courses located in Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero and Fort Myers Florida. There are a little over 15 public golf courses in all of Southwest FL.
  11. I am adding now, birdied one of our hardest holes (18) for the first round of the year.
  12. I can't remember what the exact Maxfli I tried. It was one of their urethane balls but was probably a couple years ago when I did try it. It felt dead to me when I hit it, so I never tried them again. All of the balls play relatively the same for me (Pro V1x, Snell, Vice) and I like the lime green color, so it has been Vice for me. I like the red ones too (just to be a non-conformer), but they are hard to find in the Fall, unless you hit it in the fairway every time, of which I do not. Although I am playing the Yellow Pro V1x's right now, as I was at a golf course and the pro said they co
  13. The Snell is a great ball, if they had a lime green I would probably play it, but the lime green is the way to go. I’ve played the Maxfli and I didn’t like it at all. I’ve also tried the Oncore, it was OK. I have some yellow Pro V1s which I like as well as the VIce or Snell, but only buy them when I have credit to spend after a tournament, if I can’t find something else to buy.
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