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  1. I like the Logo as well.
  2. Musicians who golf

    Never noticed until today that your avatar picture is from the Mars Hill CC.
  3. Musicians who golf

    I've started playing the piano when I was 5 and have played the bass guitar in lots of local bands over the years. Never really thought about that helping my golf game, as I've played with many other musician's who were terrible at golf (more bad, then good). I'd say I was the outlier.
  4. How many wedges

    I have this same setup, except my yardages are 135 PW/125 GW/115 SW/105 LW and wouldn't change anything either. And my PW is a 46 degree
  5. Anyone Use a Lightning Detector?

    I thoug the quote was that ev en god can't hit a 1-iron
  6. I'm sure there are plenty of players that can hit a ball 300 yards, but not sure they can every time. So if someone says they hit the ball 300 yards every time, my B.S. meter goes up. If there is a person who can do that, who isn't named Rory or DJ, I've never played with that person in my 35+ years of golf. At least none who could do it every time. I think most people remember the one or two times they bombed it and forget the other 12 drives where they didn't. I've hit a drive 300+ yards, downwind and downhill and hit the speed slot, but I certainly can't hit that every time, in fact, I probably average around 260, but I don't hit that far every time either.
  7. Anybody use a Chipper?

    I've been trying to talk my wife into one of these for years, she can't chip worth a darn and is too stubborn to use a putter from off the green, because I don't do it. She's had chipping lessons and I try to help her but I can't get her to not decelerate most of the time. She skulls lots of chips.
  8. Ft. Belvoir Course in Virginia

    I thought of Laurel Hill, but since he only could play 9 holes, that's a far better track to play all 18.
  9. Ft. Belvoir Course in Virginia

    Try Greendale, it's a decent muni track operated by Fairfax County Park Authority and it's not far from Ft. Belvoir. Haven't played it in years, but was enjoyable enough. Should be able to do 9 there.
  10. Ft. Belvoir Course in Virginia

    If you want to play a military course, Andrews AFB was much better.
  11. Ft. Belvoir Course in Virginia

    My wife played this a couple weeks ago in a Career Ladies golf tournament and she said the course was in horrible condition. I've heard from others that the course was in terrible shape as well. Way better courses in the area to play.
  12. The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Didn't have the same game today. 38-39-77. Hit 8 greens, Made a birdie and an eagle but a double and too many bogeys make for a bad round and it's was over 5 hour round, brutal day waited on every shot.
  13. Are you a picker or a digger

    I'm a digger but my beaver pelts get smaller as I get further away from the wedges.
  14. The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Yeah hopefully they'll fall tomorrow, great day of ball striking and putting wasn't bad just need to get the ball closer to the hole, can't live on 20 footers. Didn't really have a long par putt all day.
  15. The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Sr. Club Championship first round. 36-37-73 16 pars 2 bogeys hit 16 greens just couldn't make a putt. Burned lots of edges but find myself 6 back. There was a 67,69,70 and 71. I'm 5th, with my 73.