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  1. Add me to the Rejected list
  2. I learned long ago, when I was in the air force, that if you waited for no sound you would never hit a shot. Fighter planes make a lot of noise when they are taking off, landing and generally flying around.
  3. The conditions were horrible, bunkers were unplayable, and greens were atrocious. Just not a fan of tricked up courses, hence why I can't stand Tobacco Road either, even though I played lights out there. Number 1 was the start, couldn't tell what club I needed to hit off the tee. I could see a green over the junk, but I couldn't see the fairway over the mound. I think the 14th hole was the one that finally did me in, I had already played enough holes where I didn't know where I was going. I could go on and on, but I think we have a Mike Strrantz thread here already. Just wasn't a fun experience for me. Wouldn't spend a nickel going back. Rather play Viniterra.
  4. Royal New Kent was probably the worst golf course layout I’ve ever played. But then again, I’m not a Strantz fan.
  5. Since I've played most of my golf in Maine and VA, here are my thoughts. MAINE Best Courses You Can Play 1. Belgrade Lakes GC, Belgrade Lakes (m) 2. Sunday River, Newry (m) 3. Kebo Valley, Bar Harbor (c) 4. Ledges GC, York (m) 5. Sugarloaf GC, Carrabassett Valley (m) (m): modern (c): classic All of these are great courses, I'd move Sugarloaf up to No. 2 and drop the ledges to 5, but that is just a personal preference. I would add a couple more to the list. Samoset Resort called the "Pebble Beach of the East" is a awesome course and Aroostook Valley CC is another gem (although the course is technically in Canada). It was built during prohibition, the course and Clubhouse are in Canada but the parking lot is in the US. So the Canadians have to go through customs to play the course. I like both of these better than the Ledges. Point Sebago is another that is a really nice course. VIRGINIA Best Courses You Can Play 1. The Omni Homestead Resort (Cascades), Hot Springs (No. 76 c) 2. Highland Course at Primland, Meadows of Dan (m) 3. Keswick Hall and Golf Club (Full Cry), Keswick (m) 4. Golden Horseshoe (Gold), Williamsburg (m) 5. Kingsmill (River), Williamsburg (m) 6. Pete Dye River Course of Virginia Tech, Blacksburg (m) 7. Independence, Midlothian (m) 8. Riverfront GC at Harbour View, Suffolk (m) 9. Bay Creek (Palmer Course), Cape Charles (m) 10.The Club at Viniterra, New Kent (m) 11. Laurel Hill, Lorton (m) 12. Bay Creek (Nicklaus Course), Cape Charles (m) 13. Potomac Shores GC, Potomac Shores (m) 14. Westfields, Clifton (m) 15. University of Virginia GC (Birdwood), Charlottesville (m) (m): modern (c): classic Best Resort Courses Omni Homestead Resort, (The Cascades), Hot Springs Highland Course at Primland, Meadows of Dan Golden Horseshoe (Gold), Williamsburg Full Cry at Keswick Hall and Golf Club, Charlottesville Kingsmill Resort (River), Williamsburg Bay Creek GC (Nicklaus Course), Cape Charles Best Residential Courses The Virginian, Bristol (p) Ballyhack, Roanoke (p) Creighton Farms, Aldie (p) Independence, Midlothian (p) I've played 1, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, & 14. The Cascades course at the Omni didn't really wow me, had too many hokey holes to be high on my list. But no issue with the rest, I might put Ballyhack on the list, but it is a tough course and a lot of forced carry's so I could see it not being high on everyone's list. I'd like to play Primrose, I hear it's spectacular. Keswick I try and play every year. Both Bay Creek courses are very nice, I think I like the Nicklaus course a little better.
  6. I wear a glove, except when I'm putting but I take it off after every shot. It last longer that way.
  7. I've only ever played 2 country clubs that didn't want you to change your shoes in the parking lot. Both were very high end, but I've changed my shoes in the parking lot at my car at every other private course I've played. Even Congressional didn't say anything about that. I used to think I would not enjoy playing the same course over and over, but doesn't bother me either. And yes, Stoneleigh is unique to say the least.
  8. You must not be in Northern VA, where I live.
  9. This is me to a tee and I'm not wealthy even in the slightest bit. I prefer country clubs to muni's just for the conditions and pace of play alone. Plus the weekly tournaments and interclub matches as David noted, are lots of fun and allow you to play many different golf courses. Plus when my course is closed, they will get you on other country clubs in the area, so I have no issues playing other courses all year. The course (Tom Fazio course) I'm a member at had no initiation fee, and is under $400/month and I have no monthly minimums for food. As David noted here as well, there are Country Clubs that are elitist and snobby, there are a couple in the DC area, but to characterize all like that is unfortunate. As most courses I've played at are nothing like that and I've never had a bad time at any of the even so-called snobby courses. You can get out of a country club anything you want, just play golf or have all of the other amenities. But if you go into thinking it is a bargain, it is not. And although he was being tongue and cheek, 5+ hour rounds on the weekends are very common in my area.
  10. Has anyone tried using this service? How It Works Golf is hard enough-getting the best golf clubs for your game shouldn’t be! $30/month for any drivers. they have, and you have to keep it for 3 months.
  11. Ah, just looked it up, the A Force?
  12. I saw this last night, definitely an easy birdie. I think the only MCU characters missing were deadpool and the X-Men. What rumor?
  13. Days Gone - Love It Sons of Anarchy meet the Walking Dead with fast zombies (Freakers).
  14. I hit the lottery two years in a row for Wednesday practice round tickets (2017 and 2018).
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