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  1. I love the 13th hole. Such a great risk reward hole. 11 is probably my least favorite. It's too long now, everyone bails out to the right because they are hitting such a long shot into that green. If they shorten it up, it would allow the players to try and go for the pin. But so few actually hit the green, it's far too boring for me.
  2. At the beginning we had some hiccups, but it's been working well recently. My wife complains, at times, about some reloading of shows. But she hasn't mentioned anything about the slow lag time towards the end of the shows. I haven't noticed that either, but I have PS VUE, not Sling TV. I'll ask my Dad, he has sling TV and hasn't mentioned that he is having these problems. I don't like the interface with the roku devices we have with the PS Vue, but the interface with my PS4 is great. What I really like with the ROKU is the access to all of my Apps to watch shows on channels that I don't get, better than the PS4. I'm saving over $100 a month right now, everything so far are minor irritations.
  3. Only got to play 12 holes yesterday, started bogey-bogey and then played 3-under the rest of the way. hopefully my good play will continue this weekend as we have our first tournament of the year Saturday and Sunday.
  4. This part of the article is about my hometown, I grew up a Member at Bangor Municipal, when I was a junior golfer, the fee was $75 for the summer. I've played in the GBO twice as an amateur. Finishing 5th and 7th in consecutive years and beat my Pro's in the pro-am each year. Had my lowest tournament score of 68, playing in one of the pro-am's. I got to meet Ivan Lendl a couple of times at the GBO when he was trying to become a professional golfer. I guess I disagree that it's a sad little event or sagging town, it does pay $9,000 to the winner, same as the Maine Open. I like the guy in jeans and sneakers on the range beside him. I've hit thousands of balls on that range. But great read. "The Greater Bangor Open has been contested since 1967 and had perhaps peaked in 1971 when Lanny Wadkins collected the $600 first prize, just a year before he'd be named PGA Tour Rookie of the Year. Wadkins is now too old to compete on the Champions tour; the Greater Bangor Open, the self-described "Best Tournament in New England," was showing its age too, a sad little event on an outdated muni course in a sagging town that has never recovered from the decimation of the state's once-prodigious lumber industry. But professional golfers have a gambler's mentality when it comes to entering tournaments, and even though it meant a long trip to Bangor, there was just enough cash and competition available to attract players from Florida, Kentucky, the Carolinas and Ontario. Most would move on to the Maine Open and the New Hampshire Open the following week."
  5. 37-39-76 bogeyed 16,17&18. Ugh!
  6. I haven't found this to be the case, unless I hit it on a cart path. I've been playing this ball regularly and haven't found any issues with it's durability, any more than any other ball. I played this in a tournament last weekend and shot 73 and played the same ball the entire round. In fact, we have our Board of Directors tournament this weekend and I'll be playing it then. I used to go through Pro V1-x's and Snells just as much as the Kirkland's, or any other ball for that matter. I never use a golf ball for more than two rounds anyways.
  7. I'm going on a couple months of cord cutting now, my cable bill now is $140 (Fios Internet + PS Vue + CBS All Access), instead of $280 I was paying for the last 4 years. My wife didn't like it at first, but she is finally starting to get along with it. I love it, 64 channels is plenty with the PS Vue (if I didn't want the golf channel I could lower my bill even more), it's got pretty much everything I watch. Plus you can watch so many shows on demand the next day.
  8. I ordered 4 2-dozen packs. Looks like I'll have Kirkland's for the summer.
  9. Wolf Creek is a really good golf course.
  10. I played Black Bear a couple years ago and it was in awful shape. Decent layout though.
  11. For anyone who is in the market for wedges, rockbottomgolf is doing a buy 2 get one free deal on some selected wedges. https://www.rockbottomgolf.com/search.php?search_query=feature1-042517
  12. The Dead Zone, The Shining, Cujo, Silver Bullet, Salem's Lot, Sometimes They Come Back
  13. Dave, What time are you thinking festivities will start on Saturday at your abode?
  14. Played out B-Team Inter-club match versus the previous years Champions, Chantilly Golf & CC, we came away with a win. Our teams were +5 at home and -3 on the road, so a good win, but it was tough. I shot 37-36-73, 2 birdies, 4 bogeys. Even though I played well, we only won by +1 over the 18.
  15. Another good round yesterday. Played a match against one of our better young players at the club. Played $5 Nassau and ended tied. He shot 35-38-73 and I came in a 37-38-75, both had 3 birdies. He gave me a stroke a side. Guy hits it 40-50 yards past me consistently and if not for a three putt on 9, I'd have won the front, back and overall instead of a tie.