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  1. So I have a buddy who is going out of town for a week after Thanksgiving. I told this buddy that I would be happy to come to his condo to pick up his mail and water his plants, and he happily agreed. Well this buddy lives in a condo that borders a golf course. And this buddy has a golf cart for the course. And here in the gulf, my town has an average November/December daily high of 68 degrees and sunny, and people here are fanatic about golf. So where in a more Northern state a golf course would be cold and deserted this time of year, this course has two foursomes on every hole, one on the tee and one on/near the green. I also happen to know the grounds crew all leave by 2pm. So, here's where I'm going with this: I can get an used adult size full santa suit, complete with hat, beard and boots online for about $60. And a velvet deposit bag for $20. At round-about 4pm, right around the time of the daily high, and therefore the busiest time on the course for a deep south winter, and a time when any grounds employees are long gone, I strike: I put on the santa suit at my friend's place, get in his golf cart and make a round through the course, Each group of golfers will be approached by me, a Jolly santa on a golf cart with a deposit bag "collecting for the children's hospital. Figure I get an average of $5 per person (A LOW estimate) and 4 in a group, two groups on a hole, $5 x 8 x 18 =$720 I "collect" for "charity" in a quick 30 minute run. Now multiply that by the 6 days I'll be doing this for. Now we have a VERY CONSERVATIVE $4,320 I just made in holiday cash. It could work easily: Figure you're a golfer, and a guy dressed as Santa with a deposit bag comes around on a golf cart identical to the ones the course rents, wouldn't you think he's legit? Further, unless you're a complete Grinch, of course you want to help the children's hospital, right? Not to mention you don't want to be "that guy" in the group who is the only holdout, do you? So each person gladly hands me cash. And here's the best part of the whole scenario: I would be in complete disguise, so if someone finds out later that I wasn't for real, no one could identify me or even give a description of what I look like outside of the Santa getup. Have you ever taken your kids to see the mall Santa? Would you have recognized him if you saw him again in his street clothes? Exactly. So, perfect crime and easy holiday cash? Hypothetically of course.
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