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  1. Hitting on the upper part of the face is not a bad thing, it reduces spin and get more carry when combine with hitting up.
  2. If my tee is high, I have a tendecy to hit the bottom face of the driver. Does that mean my driver is going too UP? Caused by standing up too soon?
  3. Thanks Michael for the in depth explanation, it's has clear a lot of the confusion. I watch the video again, from the top to right forearm parellel (P4 to P5), the forearm has not release much, from parellel to P6 it has releasequite a bit. The transition takes part from P4 to P5 and probably I have assume the right forearm actively release during this period. You mention "feel like the lowering or extending down, not feeling narrow, it's going to feel lower & releasing its bend downward", that should occur on P5 to P6 actively?
  4. I see some difference on Dana's method. On the transition, he said to have the weight (presure?) still on the right leg creting a bowing squat position, also mention not to have the right forearm coming down as the move is by the pivot. This seems difference with the teaching on "how to create lag..." where it was mention that we should lower the right forearm on the transition, and move the pressure forward, then move up to create power.. It seems to me that Dana's is using a Right Anchor pivot on the transition, and he is saying this is the right thing to swing or create power. Maybe
  5. I read from the other forum that you may require a minimal distance (ball to net & ball to mevo) for home's golf net. Do you have any problem with that?
  6. Does anyone got Flightscope Mevo? Wonder if it worth to get one for $500 + $25 for the special balls (for the measure of spin rate). Since it is new so not sure if it is accurate and durable, but with the spin rate it will be helpful for the driver swing.
  7. Of the other pitching method "How to flight your wedges and short irons" and the pitching of using the bounce, one is using the bounce more, the other is using less hinge, seems very different method. When should we use which?
  8. Dear @mvmac , When doing the backswing, left knee gaining flex, right losing and straighten a bit, which direction is the left knee going? I see your left knee not moving much to the right. Does that due to more weight on the left. I see many other players move their left knee more to the centre, however, does that also move the hip to the right (slide)? Attached is a graphic by golf digest on Sam Snead showing the left knee more backward on the top. Thanks.
  9. It was suggest that we should use wedges with the highest amount of bounce, otherwise your swing will be adjusted by the club. If you are a sweeper, do you still purchase a high bounce wedge such as the "edel's driver"? such that you can learn the right swing.
  10. Why are we still listening and responding to "freedrop"? What I see is, advice is support by with facts, video, detail explanation etc.. in here. Even for personal question such as "are you a pro" is answered, nothing to hide. Augment is good, but only with reason, not by quoting something. With "freedrop", there is no answer, augment with no support, never agree anything.... So why are we still listening? Please just ignore ...
  11. Mike, I would like to learn more about why some early extension is a good thing. Will that change the angle of inclination, but increase the speed (what is good on some early inclination)? Thanks.
  12. I have the same feeling as you. From the top I need to move my right forearm and shoulder at the ball together with the hip slide. From the video, I have no casting or losing the angle of the right wrist and the hip is moving forward. This has bother me for somethime since all has claimed moving the hip is the first move, using the ground... but I need to do both (arm and hip together) otherwise sometimes my arm not move at fast to impact resulting open face to the right. If you move the shoulder diagonally to the ball the hip has to move forward. So, can both come down together as the
  13. Do you have any way to make sure you align parallel to the target? I have no problem except on t shot with the driver. I place the driver head first with a target in front of the ball with feet together, ball in front of the left foot. Once I open my leg, usually end up close to the target, even worse sometimes the ball is too far back and the ball go straight right. My friend use to put the driver accross the shoulder to confirm the parallel left alignment, any other method?
  14. Is it helpful when performing this drill by using a higher tee, making the need to hit up as the drill want: hitting up with belt moving up?
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