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  1. Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ. Still in your time zone, relatively close and golf-a-plenty! Beautiful courses and priced accordingly. Oh, you said not too hot. Sorry! dave
  2. First season with my SP-4 (think that's the correct model #) so here's a review after using it a half dozen times at 4 different courses. It takes about 3-4 minutes to boot up and establish satellite connection, sometimes longer depending on strength (or lack of) of signal. It goes through a pair of AA batteries in about 3 18 hole rounds. Yardages are only as accurate as the information gained when the course was mapped. Example: I've noticed that laser marked yardage plates on par-3 tee boxes say one thing, the SP-4 says something else ... usually OVERstates yardage. Yardages from the fairways on approach shots appear VERY accurate to me. Twice, I've booted up the device, had 4 satellite signal strength and gotten literally NO yardage information on the device anywhere on the course during an entire round. Rechecked websites which indicated the course(s) as 4-star mapped. Go figure. Still learning the ins/outs of this device and beginning to use features like how far my drives are(n't!) going from tee to ball in fairway. Kinda fun and should result in some better swing decisions in the future. Recommendation: Whatever you buy, something that is easily rechargeable (maybe even from your car) will eliminate reliance on batteries. The battery issue might make me NOT want to use the device in the future. dave
  3. The 22* should be plenty of distance. And thanks for the tip. All current clubs have the RE AX 65 shafts which seem to get the ball up well. The only clubs that don't fly well for me are 5 and 4 irons and the 5-wood. Driver works extremely well with high launch and good carry. I'll check out the Rescue TP. Thanks again. dave
  4. Hey Puggy: If you know the range of putts you miss regularly, it's easier to practice to improve. For example, you might miss 2-5 putts in the 3-5' range over an 18 hole round. This was my case. My practice involves 3 balls from all 4 sides of a hole alternating 2', 3, and 5' putts. I make all 3 balls at each 'station' before I move on. Really helps confidence during the round that I've 'been there and done that' which helps them to go in when you need them to go in. From there, I work on longer putts, always trying for that 'inside 3' range' lag. Reducing 3-putt greens is a great way to reduce overall score as we all know. Then, I'll take stock of my short game to see what distance range I'm leaving those off-green shots. For me (sadly) it's usually 5-10'. Then, practice a bunch of 10' putts and try to get the make range somewhere close to 50%. However, this usually doesn't transfer well to the course! Up and downs on regular basis is something I'm trying to get better at. Good luck. dave
  5. First post for help. Appreciate any input. I have used the search function here, (helpful) and done some research. Research = too much info = mass confusion. Play Taylormade gear and happy with brand and results. However, so many hybrid models out there and don't want to leave a big 'hole' in my bag of clubs. Currently have R7 driver and R7 5W. Taylor RAC OS2 irons, 4-SW. 5W is getting increasingly more difficult to get desired results from fairway or rough. Taylormade Hybrids? I don't even hit the 4-iron much at all anymore either. Would I benefit from one 'go-to' hybrid or do I need two? Maybe an 18* and/or a 22*? My normal ball flight is medium height and usually R to L a bit. The longer the irons and fairway woods get, the lower and more left they go. I'm hoping the hybrids will promote straighter, higher flight. Confusion: Which MODEL and LOFT of the TM hybrid should I consider? So many models is leading to mass confusion. Higher/Straighter and not leaving too big a hole in my bad is the goal. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and insights. Much appreciated. dave s
  6. just read a fantastic and very well written article at ESPN.com on what Jack is up to today. Most already know that Jack's company designs courses around the globe. The article follows Jack on a couple day business trip and provides good insight to how he works and what he does. Try to give it a read if you can. Fantastic article about how he balances the work/family equation. dave
  7. Here's a link to my home course: http://www.golflink.com/golf-courses...course=1278156 Great public links course that was redesigned about 5 years ago. City owned and operated. Proof positive that you don't have to spend $30k a year to play a nice track! dave
  8. New member here. Great site. Hope to get a lot of direction, especially on some new gear to put in the bag! My occupation is setting up global shipping programs for one of those large, fast carriers who strives to deliver our gear very quickly and without incident. dave
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