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  1. Your buddy Greg and I have similar games.  I can start a round and be +6 after 5 holes.  But holes 6-14 I can play my best golf.  Then the wheels come off again on one or more of the finishing holes which leads to me scoring right at hdcp level.

    Reading the initial post possibly gave me an idea:  When we play a round, maybe take the BEST 9 holes from a scoring perspective and see what a player is capable of scoring if we could duplicate scoring on the SECOND nine holes.

    Your buddy Greg could have carded 66 had he been able to duplicate the same 33 he carded on holes 1-9.  Just a thought.


  2. Now that you've brought up this topic, it appears that I play rounds under vastly different sets of rules and dependent on with whom I play.

    League night:  Our league (local rules) says you can improve you lie in the rough until the grass is growing and it's mowed sometime in May each season.  Winter/Summer rules effect.  We can always improve our lie in the fairway due to people who don't know how to fill or replace divots or the mowers went over soft areas leaving them as unmarked ground under repair areas.  Also, I don't care what my opponent does, (within reason) because regardless, I'm counting his strokes on each hole as well.  So far, I've called someone out exactly ZERO times.  It's just not worth bad feelings and straining friendships over something that is supposed to be fun and recreational.

    Saturday matches:  Our usual group of 8 plays for skins, pin shots and match play results.  We play as close to the rules of golf as each of us in a collective 4-some knows them and can agree upon during any possible ruling.  Ironically, I don't shoot any worse playing this way than playing on a league night under the more relaxed local rules.

    Wife rounds:  These are for practice.  We both take seconds off the tee if we feel like it, pick up and record bogus scores, pull them out of hazards without penalty.  Oh and a round of golf with the wife usually includes beers on the course and a nice dinner outdoors afterwards.  Again, we're just out there to enjoy the company of each other, a beautiful day on a nice golf course and spend a summer Sunday doing something we both enjoy.

    Lastly, if you're trying to take money out of my pocket there's only one set of rules and we both play by them.  Every shot.  Every hole.  This way, you're taking my money fair and square.  Oh and I'll need 2 strokes a side!  :-D


  3. All I can say is that 'good golf' is certainly a relative situation that varies from player to player and from round to round.

    I'm a 16.5 hdcp and a pretty consistent player to around that number.  That's not to say I can't shoot 82, which I did yesterday or 95 when I have 2-3 'disaster holes' over an 18-hole round.  But MOST of the time, I'm between 84-88 which is right in line with my hdcp.  When I manage to play 'good golf,' it would be the 82.  So relative to my 16.5 hdcp, an 82 is definitely good golf.

    Just to give you an idea of how GOOD the 82 was, I finished double-triple on 17 and 18.  Just kind of ran out of gas, I guess.


  4. Really fine write-up and thanks for sharing.  As a fellow 16'er, I'd have fun playing in your group of high-90s guys.  Nice to see you played the course from 6200.  Too many people play the 'way-back' tees to experience what the tour pros get during tournament rounds.  And at 6200, you still felt like you got beat up by the course.  I would have as well.

    The only regular PGA tour course I've played more than once is Firestone South course here in Akron.  Three tries from the members tees (around 6500) and didn't break the triple-digit barrier.  A 16 handicapper knows when he's plain old overmatched!


  5. Exactly.  And stealing someone's ball (it's not yours and you picked it up--its stealing) is only going to escalate the situation and likely end badly for one or more people.

    28 minutes ago, DaveP043 said:

    Amen.  I've found out that acting like an ass NEVER helps a situation, even when its a response to some other person's asinine actions.  And admittedly, I have definitely been on both sides of that equation.


    37 minutes ago, 9wood said:

    I could never do that. I don't see that as solving anything.

    Exactly.  And stealing someone's ball (it's not yours and you picked it up--its stealing) is only going to escalate the situation and likely end badly for one or more people.


  6. I've had one issue with senior players in my entire life.  Was out on a FL course with my son, 9-years old at the time.  He's a youngster and obviously just learning the game.  We're hitting shots from the fairway on a par 4 when not one, but TWO drives come screaming past us.

    I stood in the middle of the fairway, glaring back at the tee daring the 3rd guy to hit his tee ball.  He waited on the tee, looking at me, probably waiting for me to move on.  After about a minute, we moved well off the fairway and into the rough between holes.

    The group finishes teeing off and roars toward us in their carts.  One guy says, "No way a foursome should be catching a twosome."

    So I say, "So, hitting into a 9-year-old is your way of getting your point across?"  I firmly tell him that had he WAITED for us to clear the fairway we certainly would have invited his group to play through after we finished the hole.

    Without even being INVITED to play through my son and me, the group played through anyway!

    To this day, I still can't process the thinking, or lack thereof, of that group of seniors.  My first inclination was to hit the balls BACK to the tee--or OVER the tee into the woods behind the tee box.  But really, I just wanted to ask why they thought hitting into a group that included a youngster was a good idea.

    After our nine hole round completed, I talked to the starter, a senior as well, and told him what happened. His attitude was clearly in favor of the group that hit into us. The course quickly made its way onto the 'do not play' list.

    No other issues to report.  I'm 56 now and have played with guys 20 years my senior, maybe more, who play the game well, and don't act a damn fool like the old codgers we encountered in FL.


  7. Not sure if you have kids of HS or college age, Erik.  I can attest having been around both, (have 2 sons) kids don't think like adults and they certainly don't listen to dad, coaches, other adults or authority figures either!

    I followed my best friend and his son around an Ohio HS sectional golf tournament at CC of Hudson.  This young man, a HS senior at the time, took risks his dad and I would NEVER consider on a golf course.  230 yard second shot around the corner with nothing but 100' tall oak trees and the kid pulls a 3-iron and murders one from the fairway.  His dad couldn't even watch the shot.  Green side bunker his son ALMOST holed for eagle then 2-putted for par.

    Kids that age just don't have a conservative bone in their bodies. They understand the reward side of their actions more than the risk and will always choose reward.  I didn't get it while my boys were going through it, but I certainly understand it now. And don't question them about it, they won't listen and will likely do the same thing the next, next and  the next time, too.

    The OTHER thing I know is that those kids you saw doing dumb and bad things?  They don't care.  The reward was far greater than the risk of a bad score on one hole.  Kid makes an 8, he just moves on.  They don't dwell on things and certainly don't let it bother them.

    One more reality:  My son's team lost a HS playoff football game to a team they should have beaten. Just one of those games where nobody showed up ready to play well on my son's team.  Him included.  My wife says, "Oh boy, Blake is going to be devastated."  He comes home with two friends, they go downstairs with a bunch of food and play video games.  Game's over.  No sense crying over spilled milk.  They just move on.  And quickly.  Personally, I really love the disposition of kids today and wish I worried less about outcome and more about the moment!

    We can all learn something by hanging around 16-25 year old kids!


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