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  1. i just got the TM burner draw. hte club is amazing. i used to be driving 200-230yds tops with a lot of slice. with teh burner all of my drivers are straight as an arrow and i probably average 240-250yds a drive. my last 2 drives today were about 280yds and 300yds.
  2. strongest: putting and chipping weakest: long irons and sometimes driving
  3. no, but i consider it a hole-in-one after your first "hit" from the teebox not always your first stroke.
  4. i'd consider anything hit from the teebox straight into the hole a hole-in-one no matter how many other shots you've taken.
  5. 4: 160 5: 150 6: 140 7: 130 8: 120 9: 110 PW: 90 they arent very far because i usually just take a slow, relaxed swing and focus more on accuracy than distance.
  6. i try to keep it organized with my driver up top and then my woods in descending order followed by irons in descending order with wedges and putter at the bottom, but half way through around eveything is all out of order.
  7. i think its too expensive if people say that $60 is a good price. i cant afford to pay over 20$ for only 9 holes because im only 16. the place i usually go to is i think a decent golf course. everything is maintained nicely, but there arent any water hazards or bunkers. for only $11 for 9 holes on the weeend, i cant complain.
  8. i just went today and it was $5 for a medium bucket with around 100 balls. a problem is that i got a lot of scuff marks on the bottoms of my woods from the turf. what is the best way to clean all of the marks off of my clubs?
  9. you can get a 68degree wedge at pinemeadowgolf.com for only $20
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