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  1. Well, thanks everyone for providing their opinion. It's more or less what I expected and to be honest, it's how I would react to this sort of post as well. No, this isn't spam. I am for real and understand the odds against finding "some random person" online to invest in me. I'd guess the odds would be similar to that of actually making it on TOUR. Either way, I posted this so I can get as many views as I can and so chose this site and GolfWRX as they're the two golf-related forums that get the most traffic. Thanks to everyone who read/posted.
  2. Hi, my name is Jin Jeon. Like many that have had the opportunity to play competitive golf, I’m interested in pursuing a professional career . My story is a bit different and I’d like to share it with you. Growing up, I played most sports but wasn’t interested in golf. I gravitated towards baseball and got good enough to play at a semi-professional level and get offered Division 1 scholarships. But eventually, reality caught up to me as my college coach told me I would sit my first year and it’d be an uphill climb to earn regular playing time at a mid to high level d
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