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  1. I don't play a set yardage gap per club. I hit the ball very high. My buddy who drives the ball shorter than I do hits his pitching wedge ten yards further than I do mine. A lot of people on here talk about people inflating their yardages, but the thing that bothers me the most is when someone comes on here with honest yardages, everyone gets butthurt that they don't hit the ball as far. I figured I could come on here, post up and read some cool stuff. But a lot of you are so quick to shoot someone down out of....? Jealousy maybe? I dunno. Why don't my short iron yardages make sense?
  2. Yes. I get a lot of roll out on my courses here. Fairways that sit in the sacramento heat are very nice to low spin drives. And as far as calculated carry distance just by looking at swing speed? C'mon man. There are so many other factors that need to be observed. I'm not saying it's all BS, but these charts don't apply to everyone. Sometimes it's just the way a person turns their hands over, angle of attack, shot shape, and current course conditions. I get warm weather and sun for 8-9 months of the year. And as far as my swing speed goes, that's when I swing smooth and try not to rip it. We all know that we try to kill it sometimes.
  3. Quote: What I don't understand is why the proportions are so skewed depending on the people. I murder my irons but compared to the new guy above. My driver is very weak. What is your swing speed like? I'm a big guy ( 6' tall/ 230lbs muscular/ average build ), using a low-spin driver (SLDR, previously amp cell pro) and my swing speed is about 110. Mind you, I do occasionally catch some drives off the toe that go 260 or so. But when hit flush, on the upswing and on the center of the club face, I average 300 or so.
  4. I don't mind defending my distances. There's no point in me lying on a forum anyway. Not here to try and impress, just here to talk golf and absorb more information. I will be posting up driver/ long iron/ mid iron and wedge shot videos soon. Next time I get to the range I'll try to record. Thanks everyone.
  5. Driver: 290-310 3w: 265 3h: 245 4i: 225-230 5i: 200-210 6i: 190 7i: 175 8i: 160 9i: 145 PW: 130 GW: 110 SW: 90 LW: 75 Irons are pretty accurate. Driver depends on conditions. Just picked up the TMaG SLDR this week and put it to the test yesterday. I was averaging 315 or so off the tee when hit flush and centered on the face. Courses are still pretty dry here in northern cali so I'm getting good roll. Oh btw.... FIRST POST.

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